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(Updated June 5, 2017)

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Walmart US

Free 2-day Shipping With Select Order

Expires: 1/30/2021

Walmart US

VUDU Spark HDMI Streaming Media Player with Bonus $25 VUDU Credit Now: $24.96

Expires: 4/16/2021

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Tips and Tricks to Save More at Walmart

If you thought Walmart’s already low prices were where the savings ended, think again. There are all kinds of ways to save even more at Walmart, simply by cashing in on their free 2-day shipping or earning crazy rewards every time you shop with your Walmart credit card. Still want more? Our researchers have uncovered the easiest way get more bang for your buck at Walmart. All you have to do is read on.

  1. Clip your way to better savings. Yes, Walmart will accept coupons on top of their awesome low prices, rollbacks, and clearance sales. They have an entire page on their website specifically dedicated to manufacturer’s coupons. You have the option the use the coupons to shop online at Walmart.com, or to go through a quick verification and print out your favorite coupons for use in-stores. And yes, Walmart also accepts manufacturer’s coupons that aren’t from Walmart.com. So if you score big on some coupons but aren’t sure where you can use them, you definitely can at Walmart.
  2. Better start reading that Sunday paper.Ever get annoyed by all the flyers and coupons for stores you never think you are going to shop at? Well, you might want to reconsider, if you are a regular Walmart shopper. Walmart accepts most competitors coupons, as long as there is a manufacturer or store name and an expiration date printed legibly. So if you find a great deal at Target, you can carry those savings right on over to your favorite Walmart products.
  3. Rollback the prices, maximize the savings.At this point, I’m sure we’ve all seen those Rollback commercials, with that absurd smiley face bouncing around all over the store, magically reducing prices. What happens is that when Walmart isn’t selling a product as much as they’d like or they have an overstock of something, they will run a Rollback sale. During these sales, prices are reduced to what a product might’ve cost six months ago, or a year ago, or when it first hit the shelves. These are usually super useful products, like toilet paper, detergent, and even electronics, so be sure to keep up with this great opportunity for deals on everyday products.
  4. Layer on the savings with clearance prices.Rollbacks, coupons, and clearance sales? It’s not too good to be true. Whenever non-perishable products like clothing, furniture, sporting goods, and home solutions hang around in the store too long, Walmart will run a clearance promotion and slice as much as half of the cost off. Things like bookshelves, blenders, bikes, and more from last season need to go to make room for new designs, so you can take advantage of steep deals on products that are still brand new.
  5. Save time in the store with free in-store pickup.We all shop differently. Some of us like to meander about the aisles, some will adamantly never spend more than 20 minutes in a store. This deal is for the latter. Step 1: Shop online for clothes, furniture, paper products, and even some food products like canned goods. Step 2: Clip all your coupons at checkout. Step 3: pay with your card online. Step 4: stop in your local Walmart for free pickup at Customer Service. It’s that easy, and it’s free.
  6. Too busy to stop by a local Walmart? No problem, just use their free shipping.That’s right, free shipping. When you shop online, most Walmart products now offer free 2-day shipping on orders over $35, right to your door. When you order before 2pm, you’re guaranteed to get your items in 2 business days. Everything from pet goods, baby needs, electronics, and health and beauty care. Walmart offers completely free standard shipping on almost all of their products, and free 2-day shipping on millions of their most popular items. This way, you never miss a deal, no matter how busy you are.
  7. Hey, it’s not a free-for-all...a few coupon exclusions to note.There are a few coupons exclusions, believe or not. Here’s a brief run-down of what Walmart will not accept at checkout:
  8. Checkout coupons that remove a dollar or cent amount off an entire basket purchase.
  9. Coupons from the internet that require absolutely no purchase.
  10. Competitors coupons that offer a percentage off, dollar/cent amount off a specific retailer, buy-one-get-one free coupons that do not specify a price, or double/triple value coupons
  11. More than one coupon per item
  12. Coupons for items that they do not sell. Why you would try this, we’re not sure, but we suppose there is a story behind every rule.
  13. Not happy? Returning is quick and easy.Walmart has a fairly easy and open return policy. Most Walmart products purchased online or in-store can be returned no-hassle within 90 days. With a receipt, returns will be refunded to the original payment form (cash, credit, or debit). Without a receipt, just provide a valid, government issued I.D. Then, you will either receive a cash refund in the return value is less than $25, or store credit if the return value is equal to or greater than $25. A few items are always all-sales-final, though. These are: ammunition, firearms, pepper spray, UTVs and ATVs, dirtbikes, go carts, gas powered mini bikes, prescription drugs containing Pseudoephedrine and Pseudotropine, and diabetic products.
  14. Swipe your way to even more savings.Sign up for a Walmart Credit Card (a MasterCard) and save even more on great Walmart deals. All Walmart Credit Card holders are automatically enrolled in the new 3-2-1 savings program. In this program, you’ll save 3% on all Walmart.com purchases (including Walmart Pickup and Site to Store purchases), 2% on all Murphy USA and Walmart gas purchases, and 1% at all Walmart stores and anywhere MasterCard is accepted. All savings are delivered to your credit card account monthly as statement credits. When you apply online or in store, you’ll save 10% on that day’s purchases (for savings up to $25). Walmart also offers a Walmart Business Credit Card for business owners and companies, and well as a Walmart Community Credit Card, for non-profit organizations such as charities, hospitals, schools, or religious organizations.
  15. Streamline your checkout experience with Walmart Pay.Of course, there’s an app. The Walmart app allows you to shop online, have things shipped to your home or in store, and pay quickly and easily. For those of you who still likee to shop in-store, though, there’s the Walmart Pay feature. This lets you store all of your Walmart gift card and credit card information on the app. Once you are done shopping, head straight to any checkout lane and checkout as usual. Then use your phone to scan the QR code at the register and Walmart Pay will automatically charge your gift card or credit card. The screen will show when the transaction has been processed and a receipt has been sent to you, and you’re done. Checking out is now a quick and easy scan away.
Saving at Walmart is now easier than ever with all of their payment solutions, tech advances, and coupon policies. We hope you use these tips and tricks to go easy on your wallet, but not on the things you love whenever you shop at Walmart.

Get More for Less at Walmart

Sure, Walmart has some of the best department store and grocery store prices out there. Maybe you’re fine with those savings, maybe you’re not interested in even better deals. Or maybe you are. If things like 3% savings on all Walmart.com purchases, competitor coupons, free 2-day shipping, clearance deals, free site to store pickup, and more sounds really good to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out our Tips and Tricks to Save More at Walmart section for all the best deals that our researchers have meticulously unearthed to spend less while getting more.

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A Word About Walmart

Walmart is named after its founder, Sam Walton. He began with a single department store in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1962. The rest, as they say, is history. Walmart quickly spread from the south and midwest of the U.S. to both coasts and beyond. Now, the Walmart company has nearly 12,000 stores all over the world and is easily the most well-known department store in North, Central, and South America. Their popularity can be attributed to their low prices, making great products and the freshest, best groceries accessible to all.

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