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(Updated June 26, 2017)

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Tips and Tricks to Save More at Walgreens

Walgreens is one of the leading retailers for prescriptions, health and wellness products, and photo services. You’ll find that their prices are not only competitive, but also often better than other similar retailers. And with frequent promotions, mailings, coupons, and seasonal deals, Walgreens is a no-brainer for the best sales and highest savings.

  1. Stretch your dollar more with free shipping!Finding a great deal doesn’t need to be blemished by exorbitant shipping and handling fees. Here at Coupon Surf, we think that shipping should be always be free. Luckily, Walgreens does offer free shipping on orders of at least $25. We’ve found that it’s very easy to total an order of at least $25, if not more, when you choose from the wide variety of Walgreens items. Refresh your daily-use health and wellness products, bundle it with some snacks, film, or other products, and have them shipped directly to your front door without paying an excess fee or surcharge. Plus, all prescription refills ship for free to your house! Expedited shipping options are also available from Walgreens, but will incur an added charge.
  2. Find new sales and savings every week.Visit the Walgreens website to find the weekly ad. It features hot new sales, coupons, and promo codes every week. You can find super discounts on just about anything in the store, online or onsite. Looking for something specific? You can search the weekly ad by categories or product. And for those with a Walgreens reward card, you can have the coupons clipped directly to your account for easy in-store use. Included in the weekly ad is also information about ongoing sales that are available to anyone, with or without a Walgreens reward card. Check the weekly ad frequently to save the most when you’re shopping. You’ll get some great Walgreens deals, whether you’re refilling a prescription, picking up some last minute health products, or snagging your favorite late night snack.
  3. Check online for frequent promotions and seasonal sales.The weekly ad may be one source of hot discounts and savings, but the Walgreens site is another great place to find new deals. Check out Walgreens.com for information on flash sales and seasonal promotions. You can find anything from free shipping and discounts. You could even get free shipping and discounts combined for specific types of orders like reorders. This is a great way to stretch your dollars a little more and capitalize on the great savings Walgreens has available.
  4. Sign up and save even more.Join Walgreens’ Balance Rewards program and receive their Balance Reward card. You’ll also receive a whole slew of free perks and rewards just for shopping as you would normally. You can earn points for anything you buy, which usually averages to 10 points per $1 dollar. While the max you can redeem at once is $50 for 40,000, they add up quickly. And they don’t expire for three years or if your card is inactive for over six months. As a bonus, certain products give you extra points. For example, 30-day prescriptions give you more points, while 90-day prescriptions give you even more. You can sign up for AARP if you’re eligible, and get even more points. For those who want to go the extra mile (sometimes literally!), you can even earn more points for making healthy choices like walking a certain amount in a day. In addition to the rewards system, members receive exclusive paperless coupons, offers, and other members-only price discounts.
  5. Get even more free savings by signing up for the newsletter!Walgreens offers even more exclusive savings to those who sign up for their free newsletter. This is a great way to be the first to hear about upcoming sales and promotions. You’ll also receive exclusive coupons and promo codes. And in time for cold and flu season, you’ll be the first to find out when Walgreens is giving free flu-shots.
  6. A free app that makes claiming your savings faster and easier than ever.Download the Walgreens app for your smartphone or tablet. Then you can view weekly deals, quickly see your exclusive offers and coupons, and manage your balance rewards account. While you can redeem your points online and in-store, the Walgreens app offers an easier and more convenient platform to swiftly redeem your savings. It also makes finding clipped paperless coupons a whole lot faster. You can also shop, order and refill your prescriptions. Plus, you can access Walgreens photo services through the app.
  7. Learn about your prescriptions before you buy them.We know prescriptions can be expensive. We also know they can seem challenging to understand. Sure, they come with a packet of instructions, risks, and numbers to call in the event of a problem. But these are usually filled with medical jargon and legal terms. Fortunately, Walgreens demystifies prescriptions. Just visit the Walgreens website for their Health Answers. You’ll learn great information about your prescription, health conditions, lifestyle, and more. You can even find out how to set up an automatic refill on your prescriptions. And get advice on how to better manage symptoms, pain, and other problems. This is a great way to feel more confident about managing your health and prescriptions.
  8. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!Walgreens offers a 30-day return policy for online and in-store purchases. Whether there’s something wrong with your purchase, you bought the incorrect item, or you just don’t need it, you can receive a 100% refund or exchange if the item is returned within 30 days of the original purchase. For those without a receipt, a return can be made for the lowest sale price and put on your Walgreens card. (By law, Walgreens cannot accept returned prescriptions from in-store or online.) Rest assured your pictures can be perfect with the Walgreens photo center 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re at all displeased with the quality of your digital prints, Walgreens will provide you with a full replacement or full refund.
  9. Check inside for more free rebates and coupons.We know that not everyone likes to shop in-store. We also know that shopping in-store isn’t an option for everyone. But Walgreens has countless locations in every US state. So for those who can make it into a Walgreens at least once a month, look near the front of the store for their monthly coupon book. It’s put out by Walgreens and packed full with savings. Look through the pages for all kinds of coupons and rebates.
  10. Peel a sticker for free products.Walgreens is famous for its “try me for free” products. This is especially popular in the hair care aisles, where you’ll find at least a few shampoos and conditioners boasting this peelable sticker. Simply peel the sticker to reveal the free rebate and redeem later at your convenience.
  11. Join the club and save on thousands of prescriptions.Sign up for the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club to make your prescriptions more affordable. Whether you don’t have insurance or you simply need more coverage, the Walgreens prescriptions savings club is a great way to bridge that gap. It does have a yearly membership fee of $20 per individual or $35 for families. You’ll discover special discounts for thousands of brand-name and generic prescriptions. It even works for pet prescriptions. Members will also receive other bonus discounts like a 10% savings at the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic, and more.
Be sure sure to use all of the tips and tricks from Coupon Surf. Check out Walgreens’ website and sign up for the free rewards account to stay current on promotions offered throughout the year. Earn and redeem points for your usual spending. And if you’re not sure what medication you need, how to handle your condition, or simply how to improve your health and lifestyle, check out the Walgreens’ Health Answers section for information and guidance. Combine our guide with the Surf’s coupons to increase your wellness and your savings at Walgreens!

Get More for Less at Walgreens

We have gathered some of the best resources and the advice of coupon gurus to compile the Tips and Tricks buying guide to Walgreens savings. Included are countless deals, ways to find free shipping, great discounts, and other tips to find promotions and savings. We know how expensive prescriptions and wellness products can be, especially when you need to refresh your supplies every month. Let our guide help you save even more so you can afford the prescriptions you need. With Walgreens savings, you’ll even have a little left over to treat yourself. Don’t miss out on a sale, a coupon, or a special. Start your journey to a better you with Coupon Surf’s buying guide to Walgreens!

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A Word About Walgreens

Founded in 1901, Walgreens has over a century of experience as one of the leading names in health and wellness products. They fill prescriptions, provide health information, and offer photo services. You can find a Walgreens in all 50 states, many of which are open 24-hours for your convenience. In addition to countless, easily accessible retail options, Walgreens allows its customers to shop online. Make Walgreens your one-stop shop for health, prescriptions, and wellness needs. And remember their photo services, whether you need your pictures printed or want to purchase disposable cameras and film.

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