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(Updated June 26, 2017)

Verizon Coupons


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Expires: 1/1/2030

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If you love Verizon, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Verizon

Verizon ranks at the top of the list in reputation and reliability in the U.S. You’ll find that their prices are not only competitive, but also often better than other similar providers. And with frequent promotions, mailings, coupons, and seasonal deals, Verizon is a no-brainer for the best sales and highest savings.

  1. Stretch your savings with free shipping!Buying the phone or accessories that you want shouldn’t be blemished by exorbitant shipping and handling fees. Here at Coupon Surf, we think shipping should always be free. Luckily, Verizon does offer free shipping to its customers. Get free 2-day shipping on device and accessory orders of at least $49. We know it can be frustrating to spend another $50 on top of your wireless plan, but we’ve found it’s very easy to reach that total without having to buy unwanted accessories that you’ll never use. Buy your phone, tablet, or other device, a charging cable, and a case or screen protector, and get free shipping right to your house. Expedited shipping options are also available, but will usually incur a fee, as will orders shipped to Hawaii or Alaska. You can also have your item shipped to a nearby Verizon store and pick it up for free. You can use the money you were going to use on shipping to double your order, buy that protection plan, or put toward next month’s phone bill.
  2. Bonus savings with the Verizon military discount.Active duty and veteran military members chose to serve and protect their country. Verizon serves them back by providing a stellar military and veteran discount. You can receive 15% off your monthly Verizon bill and 25% off select accessories. Active service members need only register with their military-issued email or paystub, while veterans can use their ID, retiree account, and other forms and documents. Verizon also offers special deals for their Verizon FiOS services, exclusive to active and retired military members. In addition to saving more as a grateful thanks for your service, Verizon takes special consideration of military members who want to join the Verizon team. They value your skills and leadership qualities, and often look to hire veterans. Then you can save even more with your Verizon employee discount!
  3. Patience can mean huge seasonal savings.We know how tempting it can be to run out and buy a new phone when it’s time for an upgrade. But it’s worth waiting for certain holidays and seasons. Verizon offers exclusive seasonal deals and promotions. You can save up to 30% on brand new phones, accessories, and featured devices. Especially notable times to buy are Christmas, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Put that holiday money to good use and get the device you want for a price that won’t put a damper on your seasonal cheer.
  4. Turn your old devices into more savings!You’re probably familiar with the cellphone graveyard that’s in one of your drawers. It might go back as far as the flip phone, and it contains all the phones or devices that were replaced by a newer and better device. Instead of letting those collect dust, turn them into savings! Verizon accepts trade-ins of almost any phone and device. You receive an amount based on the age and condition of the device, but some are worth as much as $350. That’s plenty to buy that new phone you’ve been looking at, or severely reduce the price so you can giggle gleefully the whole way home.
  5. Abandon dead weight and you can save on every line.Your current wireless contract sounded like a great idea until you saw how much it cost every month. Now it seems like you’re stuck with it, and it’s sucking your bank account dry. But Verizon rewards customers who leave other companies with credit toward their bill or new phones. You can receive up to $150 per line just for making the switch. Switch the whole family and you could be rolling in savings, just for dumping the dead weight of your old provider. Use those savings to buy newer devices and better services.
  6. Visit often and check out new deals.The deals and special offers section on the Verizon website is a great place to find exclusive deals on cell phones, tablets, and other devices. And with Verizon’s intuitive filters, you can look for the kind of deal you want. Looking for free phone offers, or buy one, get one deals? No problem. You can also find specific offers for Android and Apple products, accessories, and tablets. Combine this with a trade-in and you could save as much as $400!
  7. Check the app for more opportunities!The My Verizon app is an easy and convenient way to access all of Verizon’s services and catalogs right in the palm of your hand. Whether you don’t have time to go to a Verizon store or can’t hop on your laptop, you can monitor your account and bill with the My Verizon app. You will also have access to seasonal deals, promotions, and other Verizon savings opportunities. Choose from potential savings on all of the top brands, from Apple and Android to Blackberry and Samsung.
  8. Stay connected to service and savings with social media.As you may expect, Verizon is very active on social media, offering personalized customer service and top deals. If you have an issue with speed or a question about promotions, the Verizon Facebook page @verizon is particularly responsive. They sometimes offer replies within less than an hour! You can also find them on Twitter and Google+. And Verizon’s own newly designed “Verizon Community” features detailed answers to questions plus your own dashboard and personalized content.
  9. Shop with confidence.We know how taxing it can be to buy a new phone, upgrade your account, add a line, or even buy a few accessories. The possibilities for error are enormous, especially when you have to wade through all of the technical jargon. Luckily, Verizon offers a 14-day full-refund return policy for all of their products and online orders. Return shipping isn’t included. While this may not seem like a lot, it’s worth checking Verizon’s website for potential promotions. You may find some like a limited-time 30-day return policy with no restocking fee.
Be sure to use all the tips and tricks from Coupon Surf. Check out Verizon’s website and get the free My Verizon app to stay current on promotions offered throughout the year. You can also use the website and My Verizon app to search Verizon’s new and certified pre-owned catalogs. And if you’re not sure about your phone, have any questions, or need support, Verizon offers technical support online and in-store. Whether you need to escape an oppressive phone bill or just need a change, you can save hundreds per line just by switching to Verizon. When you combine our guide with the Surf’s coupon codes, you can buy the phone and plan you want without breaking the bank.

Get More for Less at Verizon

We have gathered some of the best resources and the advice of coupon gurus to compile the Tips and Tricks buying guide to Verizon savings. Included are countless deals, ways to find free shipping, discounts, and other ways to find promotions and savings. We know how expensive staying up to date with the newest smartphones and tablets can be, and how many you need if you want to keep everyone in your family happy. We also know how costly it can be to get the unlimited data and messaging that you need. Let our guide help you save even more, so that you can have extra to keep your smartphone or tablet safe with stylish accessories. Don’t miss out on a sale, a coupon, or a special on your journey to a better, more connected you with Coupon Surf’s buying guide to Verizon!

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A Word About Verizon

Originally founded in 1983, Verizon Communications, usually referred to as just Verizon, is a well-known American company that specializes in wireless communications. And while you may best know Verizon as one of the most reliable cell phone companies, they also provide internet services. You’ll also find a wide variety of related accessories and products. With a little over a few decades of experience, Verizon has since expanded to have thousands of stores across the United States. The Verizon name has also become synonymous with quality and guaranteed service, whether you’re hiking in the woods or driving through the mountains. Verizon provides services for personal use, enterprises, and commercial use, and can easily and efficiently furbish anyone with quality wireless products and communication services.

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