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(Updated May 22, 2017)

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If you love TicketCounter.com, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Ticketcounter.com

Making a wild night in Las Vegas unforgettable seems like a difficult task, but it somehow becomes easier when you’re saving money. You can’t go to Vegas without seeing a great show. So keep reading to learn all the ways Ticketcounter helps get that experience while saving you money for all your endeavors. Find out about their guarantees, featured locations, and their secure purchase methods.

  1. You’re basically guaranteed to have the time of your life while you save. The people at Ticketcounter.com want to make sure you get the most out of your money when you take that Vegas trip. Whether you’re dying to see your favorite pop star or interested in checking out a variety show, each ticket purchase has three Ticketcounter.com guarantees. First, you’re guaranteed the best seats available. You won’t be stuck in the rafters when there’s plenty of standing room in the pit waiting to be sold. Ticketcounter.com makes this promise along with a money back guarantee, which means you can’t go wrong. Secondly, you’ll find a lowest price guarantee with every purchase. This is because Ticketcounter works very closely with all the acts and venues in Vegas in order to get you the greatest deals. Finally, and most importantly, Ticketcounter.com has a satisfaction guarantee. You won’t have any regrets about treating yourself to an awesome act. With all of these guarantees under their belt, Ticketcounter promises to help make your Vegas trip unforgettable without breaking the bank.
  2. No middle man means great prices on Vegas shows.No matter what show you’re dreaming about seeing, Ticketcounter.com wants to make sure you’re comfortable with every purchase. They have a direct and dependable relationship with all the producers and property owners for every show and venue, which means there isn’t any middle man. And their ticket prices come directly through the box office of the show without any third party sellers. This guarantees you get a quality ticket at an affordable price. They also accept all major credit cards with a secure checkout process. Ticketcounter’s unique and personal booking system will help save you cash for gambling, all while giving you peace of mind when you’re buying tickets online.
  3. Treat Ticketcounter like your insider source for great deals.The directors at Ticketcounter.com aren’t just a bunch of businessmen trying to make deals. They’re all deeply involved in the show market in Vegas and know exactly what’s hot and exciting. With all that experience in, and knowledge of, Vegas showbiz, Ticketcounter is able to offer the best market prices, deals, and savings. The best part? The price you pay at checkout is final. That’s right, there’s no markup on Ticketcounter prices. The earlier you book, the better prices you’ll get. So check out the current acts as soon as you book your flight.
  4. Discounts are built-in to every purchase.Even the hottest Vegas shows and concerts might not offer direct deals or discounts off the bat. It all really depends on the show you plan on seeing. Don’t worry, Ticketcounter has you covered when it comes to finding those savings. They fight for the deals that they make, and the evidence is in the price. If you don’t see any discounts on Coupon Surf for a show or venue you want, you aren’t out of luck yet. Depending on the venue or act, you can search for the best prices by section or seat category available. You can see exactly where you’ll be sitting and the price you’ll be paying all in the same place. The guy sitting next to you at the concert probably paid a lot more if he didn’t use Ticketcounter to book. And as soon as you make that purchase, your seat is locked in at the box office. So you can rest assured you’ll be good to go when you get there.
  5. Sit together and save.Ticketcounter.com has a specialty in group sales. You don’t have to pick and choose your favorite friends to tag along when you can easily bring them all. All you have to do is select your show in the list of Ticketcounter shows available and click on the Group Sales link. Just fill out the online form with your info and your group size as well as any other special requests. Ticketcounter will contact you and help make all the arrangements you need, taking the pressure off you as the group trip planner. But wait, the group savings don’t stop at concert tickets. The group sales online form also asks about other interests, like tours or hotels. Ticketcounter’s sister site, Reservationcounter.com, specializes in booking affordable Las Vegas hotel rooms. That’s right, your entire weekend getaway to Vegas can be covered just by filling out a little online form. Talk about a time saver.
  6. Last-minute cancellations? Not a problem.Let’s say you’ve already booked an awesome comedy act for date night in Vegas, but you both came down with the flu. You won’t have to worry about losing your money when it comes to making a cancellation. Ticketcounter offers a no-hassle cancellation policy. You have up to 24 hours before showtime to make your cancellations and get your money back. So you can cancel and get a refund in short notice.
  7. Keep an eye out for featured venues and more savings.Since Ticketcounter is working to expand their affordable deals in venues all over the country, you can find a growing list of discounted tickets in cities other than Vegas. For example, you and your kids will love a great deal for Universal Studios in Orlando. Ticketcounter will let you know about the upcoming prices that will be available soon and the current ticket options. An example might be a 5-day pass for about $330, when the regular price would be closer to $400. When you’re booking a big family vacation, every dollar saved counts. You can stay updated and find out all the details and savings about these other venues on the Ticketcounter.com menu.
  8. Subscribe to their free newsletter.If you find yourself forgetting to check Ticketcounter.com for the latest deals and hottest Vegas shows, there’s a more convenient way to stay in the know. Signing up for Ticketcounter.com’s newsletter is the best way to find out about the most exciting Vegas events going on right now. These updates will be sent to your inbox, which gives you an excuse to browse showtimes at work. Be the first to find out the next date for your favorite band’s Vegas show and steal those seats before they’re gone.
  9. Light up your newsfeed with Ticketcounter on social media.You know you have your phone or tablet nearby. Take a break from planning your party and follow Ticketcounter.com on your favorite social media platforms. Not only will you find the latest shows and deals, but you’ll also have a connection with other Ticketcounter users. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, you might find fan pictures from the best seats, reviews of variety shows, and much more. Following Ticketcounter may also help you learn a little about the Vegas area if you’re not familiar with it. No matter what social media app you prefer, you won’t be missing out on all the riveting experiences Vegas has to offer.
When it comes to booking Vegas shows with Ticketcounter, there isn’t a wrong way to save. If you don’t see the discounts on shows that you want on Coupon Surf, be sure to use these tips and tricks to maximize your savings. Getting your tickets on Ticketcounter.com will make your next Vegas trip one you’ll try not to forget in the morning.

Get More for Less at Ticketcounter.com

Checking Coupon Surf for all the coupon codes and promos for Ticketcounter.com is a great way to snag some Las Vegas show deals. But did you know there are even more ways to save? Your Vegas getaway won’t break the bank if you take a peek at the “Tips and Tricks” buying guide. You’ll find insider deals that were gathered by our researchers, like grabbing group sale prices and finding the best price on Vegas hotels, tours, and much more.

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Ticketcounter.com is an up-and-coming booking site for all the exciting shows available in Las Vegas. They are built on the idea that getting the best seats to your favorite concerts shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Ticketcounter.com teams up with the hottest venues in Vegas to bring the most affordable ticket prices at the time of booking. The founders of Ticketcounter.com have years of experience in online booking, which means you’ll always find the best prices on the web. They’re also making big plans to expand to other venues and cities around the country for great deals at every show. Ticketcounter.com also has a sister site called Reservationcounter.com, which will help you book hotel rooms in Vegas to complete your stay.

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