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(Updated May 16, 2017)

TicketCity Coupons


5% Off First Order With Newsletter Signup

Expires: 11/18/2020

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If you love TicketCity, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at TicketCity

Coupon Surf offers excellent TicketCity promo codes. But if you want to really save on your next ticket purchase then be sure to continue reading. Loyal fan discounts, package deals, and easy-to-enter contests can all get you a home run in savings. We have tons of ways to get the most out of your ticket buying experience. With user friendly apps and intuitive search features you can’t lose at TicketCity.

  1. We found hidden discount codes for big savings. Our researchers uncovered a dedicated page on the TicketCity site for exclusive coupon codes. Listed on the discount page are a few additional promos that you can apply to your purchase at checkout. Simply go to www.ticketcity.com/ticketcity-discount-codes.html and follow the instructions to apply the coupon code of your choice. Some of the deals you can find here are things like $15 off of a $400 purchase; the promos do change so check the page before finalizing all purchases from TicketCity.
  2. Stay in touch for deals and discounts.It’s simple to get exclusive offers, updates on teams and performers, inside information, tips, and alerts on ticket deals via email. Simply enter your email address and you’re signed up to get all of the hottest deals delivered directly to your inbox. As an added savings a 5% discount on your first order is included. Want even more info on the best seats for your favorite team or the latest deal on that hot band then follow TicketCity on Twitter and Facebook. Exclusive contests, deals and promo codes are sometimes made available through their social media sites so tweet or like TicketCity today.
  3. Loyal fans are rewarded. For every three purchases you make (must be for different venues) you can receive a TicketCity credit towards your next purchase. Simply enter the reference codes of your last three events and a TicketCity credit will be issued in the amount of your smallest, previous purchase (upto $50). As a part of the Reward program you can cash in on discounts with every one of your purchases. Exclusions include discounts, shipping and taxes. The credit issued must be used within in 90 days and it is not transferable.
  4. Book your own custom sports travel package.Sports packages can be customized specifically for you. These are literally the best deal in town, because lodging, housing, transportation, and concierge services are provided. It’s a great opportunity if you are planning to travel and attend big events such as the Super Bowl or Kentucky Derby. Packages can be created for your family, clients, or employees and arranged by a dedicated travel coordinator. Requesting a package or asking questions is simple because all you have to do is submit an electronic form on the travel packages page to get feedback within two short business days. If your looking to bundle for added savings and streamlined services then TicketCity’s travel packages are the way to go.
  5. TicketCity Executive Program.Here’s your chance to get more out of the best TicketCity deals. The Executive Program includes a personal ticket concierge. This dedicated specialist can help you with anything you need in regards to your ticket purchase. You also get premier access to the best seats, plus select pricing with generous discounts. The Executive Program includes any ticket for any event, anywhere in the world. Put your contact info and company in a simple form to always have access to the hottest venues!
  6. Want free shipping? Download the app. It pays to use the mobile app for purchases. All app purchased tickets ship free, plus you’ll get local events recommendations based on your GPS location. You can easily track your order status or download eTickets immediately after buying them. There’s also a simple user interface that lets you filter tickets by city, venue, performer, category, cost, and more. If you’re in a hurry, just type in the name of your favorite team and it’ll come up in seconds.
  7. No worries when you purchase from TicketCity.You never have to worry if the event you are attending is cancelled and not rescheduled. When you purchase through TicketCity you may be eligible for a full refund. Refunds are given on tickets if the concert or game is cancelled and not rescheduled. Your ticket will not be refunded if it remains valid for a new date. There are no refunds for partially cancelled events or if one artist or player does not perform. Refunds also apply if an entire round of The Master’s Golf Tournament gets rained out; they include an in-store credit amounting to the cost of your practice round or daily tournament badge. You’ll also receive the full face value of your ticket, as an in-store credit, if sessions 1-20 of the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament are rained out. The same goes for a rain out of the Miami Open. TicketCity guarantees its tickets are authentic and delivered on-time; all orders are confirmed via email.
  8. Buy and sell tickets.You don’t have to be a professional ticket seller to unload those unused tickets at TicketCity. While they do welcome the professionals, through a simple applications process, individuals stuck with unused tickets can earn some money back as well. TicketCity will connect sellers with professional buyers who make an offer. TicketCity claims that over one million tickets have been sold through the site. Helping you put a little extra cash back into your wallet.
  9. Send in a photo and get a discount.You can get discounts just by participating in Fan Central. When you attend an event, snap a photo of yourself or the group and TicketCity will review it and send you a 5% off discount code via email for your next ticket order. You can get $200 off the next purchase. Also, there’s a good chance you may end up on the website’s fan wall. Every photo you submit becomes property of the company, which may be used for marketing and merchandising. You’re also limited to one photo per household and one discount every six months.
  10. Write an essay to get a college scholarship.The TicketCity Annual College Scholarship Program rewards winners with $3,000 towards their academic needs. Students choose one of three subjects and write a 400-700 word essay. The topics relate to college sports and sporting events. Stay tuned to the website for applications deadlines. Recent scholarship winners, their schools, and majors appear on the program page of the website.
There are indeed ways to find savings in the world of sports, concert, and event tickets. Here at Coupon Surf, we’ve collected great promo codes and tips put together through extensive research. Does the authenticity of tickets worry you? All the best TicketCity deals and promotions come with secure purchases, and the authenticity and validity of your tickets are guaranteed. Search for top sporting events, musical acts, festivals, and more to find great sales, discounts, and coupons before each offer ends.

Get More for Less at TicketCity

Our coupon experts have put together an in-depth buying guide to save even more with TicketCity. You’ll find exclusive savings and promotions, plus top deals in tickets not available anywhere else. Coupon Surf’s codes will help you score a deal, but to really get a home run be sure to use all of our Tips and Tricks before purchasing tickets to your favorite sports team, performer, or event. The TicketCity franchise offers so many ways to find discounts and get the best deals by participating in some exclusive programs.

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A Word About TicketCity

TicketCity boasts over 25 years experience selling sports tickets. The Better Business Bureau gives this niche ticket site an A+ rating. Backed by the National Association of Ticket Brokers, TicketCity provides access to more than 100,000 events. With an easy-to-use website you can effortlessly find the best tickets for any sporting event, concert, festival, theater show, awards show, horse racing event, and more. Partnerships with collegiate and professional sports makes them one of the most competitive ticket brokers in the industry.

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