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(Updated May 23, 2017)

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15% Off First Order

Expires: 2/25/2020


Check out the great deals at ThriftBooks.com.

Expires: 1/1/2030

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Tips and Tricks to Save More at ThriftBooks.com

You can get deals with ease at ThriftBooks.com using this tips and tricks buying guide. We have all the details you need to enjoy ThriftBooks.com savings. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy free shipping, top deals, special sales or exclusive promotions, this tips and tricks buying guide has you covered. For more information on how you can earn the best ThriftBooks.com deals possible, read on before your chance ends.

  1. Purchase ThriftDeals products for top deals. As you browse online at the selection of books and titles available at ThirftBooks.com, you may notice some titles are tagged "DEAL." This "DEAL" tag signifies that the product is part of the ThriftDeals discount opportunity. The ThriftDeals discount allow you to shop from available titles at incredible prices for top deals. Purchasing two titles with the "DEAL" tag only costs $7. When you purchase three "DEAL" books, your total will only be $10. And, when you purchase four "DEAL" books, your total will only be $12. Additional "DEAL" books are only $3 each, for the best ThriftBooks deals possible. To enjoy this discount opportunity, be sure to visit ThriftBooks.com/b/thrift-deals and shop from the special "DEAL" tagged books.
  2. Stay connected to ThriftBooks.com with social media. Many of us use social media to stay in touch with friends and family, but you can also use social media to stay in the know when it comes to ThriftBooks.com savings. Following ThriftBooks.com on social media is the easiest way to stay in the know with everything the company has to offer. You can learn about all of the newest products in the company's inventory, or you can learn about sales and promo codes to save big. Even communicate with other customers in the comments sections of posts, or message the company via direct message to get in touch with a customer service representative. You can find ThriftBooks.com on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook to enjoy spectacular savings and discount opportunities.
  3. Earning free shipping is easy at ThriftBooks.com. You can get deals with the free shipping promotion when shopping online at ThriftBooks.com. To earn free shipping on your online orders, all you have to do is purchase $10 or more worth of merchandise. Any domestic order of $10 or more qualifies for free shipping at checkout at ThriftBooks.com. The free shipping option will automatically be applied at checkout if your order is for $10 or more, so you can enjoy this exciting promotion with ease and without breaking the bank.
  4. Teachers and educations can enjoy special ThriftBooks.com savings. ThriftBooks.com understands the values of teachers and educators. To be sure teachers have the supplies they need, ThriftBooks.com offers a special savings opportunity for educators. Whether you are a classroom teacher, educator or homeschool teacher, you can enjoy the 15 percent off coupon code on your online orders of used class sets at ThriftBooks.com. This 15 percent off promo code can be used on 20 or more books when you add them to your cart. At checkout, simply apply the teacher and educator discount promo code to your order to enjoy this promotion. Teachers and educators shouldn't have to pay more for their educating tools, so take advantage of this ThriftBooks.com offer today.
  5. Tell a friend about ThriftBooks.com to get deals. Everybody wins when you refer friends and family to ThriftBooks.com. Every time you make a ThriftBooks.com referral, the company will send a 15 percent off coupon code to the individual you refer. If your friend or family member uses their ThriftBooks.com coupon, you get a coupon of your own. This coupon will either be for 15 percent off, or for 20 percent off if you are a ReadingRewards member. So go ahead and tell your friends about ThriftBooks.com to enjoy top deals!
  6. Sign up for a ReadingRewards membership to enjoy incredible discounts. The ThriftBooks.com ReadingRewards program is an incredible and free way to get deals and savings. This program allows you to earn coupons and promo codes when you spend certain amounts of money at ThriftBooks.com. When you spend $50 on book purchases from ThriftBooks.com, you get a free $5 promo code that can be used on your next order as a member of the ReadingRewards program. In addition to the rewards you will earn, you can also enjoy increased discounts when referring friends, and you can get a special promo code for your birthday. For more details on the ThriftBooks.com ReadingRewards program and to get started enjoying top deals, visit ThriftBooks.com/readingrewards.
  7. Stay in the know with the ThriftBooks.com newsletter. Be the first to know about all the latest products and promotions ThriftBooks.com has to offer when you subscribe to the ThriftBooks.com newsletter. This mailing list subscription will allow you to enjoy having special offers and sale information sent straight to your inbox. As a matter of fact, you will never hear about a sale as it ends or a promo code as it expires when you're signed up for the ThriftBooks.com mailing list. Make getting deals as easy as checking your email by signing up for this newsletter at ThriftBooks.com.
  8. Download the ThriftBooks.com app for extraordinary savings. If you own a smartphone, you can enjoy browsing ThriftBooks.com with ease thanks to the ThriftBooks Mobile App. You can download this mobile app on your Android or iPhone to get deals. With the app, you can scan barcodes to compare prices and check the company's inventory. You can also see personalized book recommendations, shop from top deals, earn ReadingRewards, find rare and collectible books, discover trending titles and more. If that's not enough to convince you to sign up for this app, maybe the 15 percent off welcome coupon code will be enough. When you download the app, you can use this 15 percent off coupon code on your next order to get deals. To download the app, simply visit the Google Play or App Store!
  9. Before you shop, check out the ThriftBooks.com return policy. If you received a damaged or incorrect item from ThriftBooks.com, or are not 100 percent satisfied with your order, the company will gladly work with you to process a return. You are welcome to return any ThriftBooks.com purchase for any reason within 60 days of your original purchase date. ThriftBooks.com asks that you include a brief note explaining your return and including your order number. For more details on your specific return, reach out to a customer service representative at sales@thriftbooks.com
  10. Be aware of ThriftBooks.com exclusions. This buying guide is filled to the brim with details that can help you save big at checkout at ThriftBooks.com. However, there are some exclusions you should be aware of. For example, the free shipping promotion offered at ThriftBooks.com is for domestic U.S. orders only. The free shipping promotion is also only for standard shipping rates. If you are interested in 2-day U.S. shipping or international shipping, you will have to pay extra at checkout, even if you are spending $10 or more on your order. Shoppers should also be aware of the Tell-A-Friend referral program. With this program, customers can refer friends to get deals. When your referrals use their discount promo code, you will receive a coupon code of your own to use. This coupon code cannot be used for purchases of new books, ThriftDeals books, sale items, gift cards or shipping. Plus, coupons cannot be combined with one another, so keep this in mind as you browse through the extensive selection of titles at ThriftBooks.com.
This buying guide is filled with the details you need to save big at ThriftBooks.com. Whether you’re looking to enjoy special sales or exclusive promotions, this guide has what you need to stretch your dollar far. When you combine our buying guide advice with our collected promo codes and coupons, you have everything you need to get the best ThriftBooks.com deals possible. Go ahead and shop guilt-free today for your favorite books and titles at ThriftBooks.com using our advice and promo codes to save big.

Get More for Less at ThriftBooks.com

If you’re seeking the greatest ways to get more for less at ThriftBooks.com, you’ve come to the right place. You can use our collected promo codes and ThriftBooks.com coupons to get deals at checkout. However, our promo codes and coupons aren’t the only way to earn ThriftBooks.com savings. For top deals, you’ll have to check out our tips and tricks buying guide. Our buying guide is filled to the brim with all the details you need to earn incredible discounts at this used book retailer.

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ThriftBooks.com was founded in 2003 in a storage unit in Kirkland, Washington. The company began humbly, with a commitment to provide top quality products at affordable prices to their customers. Ever since, the company has grown to experience notable national success. The products sold at ThriftBooks.com are offered at lower prices than anywhere else online or in-stores. These used books are top quality popular titles that you, or your loved ones, will be sure to love.

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