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(Updated June 5, 2017)

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Apply For Free RED Card For 5% Off Any Order Plus Free Shipping

Expires: 10/27/2022

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If you love Target, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Target

With their already super low prices, it’s already pretty easy to save at Target. That’s far from the final word though, as our super savings researchers have discovered. Shipping deals, credit card rewards, and bottom dollar deals from the weekly ad are just a few ways to save big at this beloved retailer.

  1. The Weekly Ad brings the best deals right to your door (or inbox). Whether you get snail mail in your mailbox, or prefer more modern avenues, you’re not going to want to miss this ad. Target’s Weekly Ad is about 20 pages of all the deals that the retailer is running this week. From buy-one-get-ones, to 10% off, to 50% off, they regularly run sales on some of their most popular products. Promotions often apply for electronics, clothing, textiles, grocery, and health and beauty. Often, you can get a free $10 or $5 gift card for purchasing a few featured household products like paper towels or clothes detergent (which you know you’re going to need anyway). All you have to do is make an account and provide an email or address, and you’re on your way to savings.
  2. Clip your way to steep savings.Yes, Target still accepts coupons on top of their awesome low prices, Weekly Ad promos, and clearance sales. They have an entire page on their website specifically dedicated to manufacturer’s coupons. You have the option to use the coupons to shop online at Target.com, or to go through a quick verification and print out your favorite coupons for use in-stores. And yes, Target also accepts manufacturer’s coupons that aren’t from Target.com. So if you score big on some coupon but aren’t sure where you can use them, you definitely can at Target.
  3. There are a few exceptions.For the most part, using coupons at Target is really easy. However, there are a few rules about what kinds of coupons they can accept. Those are:
  4. Only one manufacturer coupon, one Target coupon, and one Cartwheel offer can be combined per item.
  5. No coupons from the internet that require absolutely no purchase.
  6. No coupons for items they do not sell. Why anyone would try this, we’re not sure, but we suppose there is a story behind every rule.
  7. They do not accept coupons from other retailers (e.g. Walmart specific coupons).
  8. Buy-one-get-one coupons cannot be combined. This means that you can’t use two BOGO coupons on two items and get both for free, for example.
  9. Target will not give cash back or apply overages if the coupon value is greater than the product value.
  10. Unhappy with your product? Just bring it back.Returns are super easy. They’re free online (shipping is on them), and online or in-store purchases can also be returned in store. Most products that are unopened or in new condition can be returned for a full refund within 90 days. If you don’t have your receipt, it’s easy for Target to look it up in-store for you. If you bought your product online, it’s just as easy to reprint the receipt. If you really, really can’t find your receipt, the refund value will be put right into a Target gift card. Otherwise, it will go straight back to the original form of payment. Also, don’t forget to bring a valid, state-issued I.D. for your in-store return. It helps them prevent fraudulent returns.
  11. Cash in on bigger savings with clearance prices.Weekly Ad promos, coupons, and clearance sales? It’s not too good to be true. Whenever non-perishable products like clothing, furniture, sporting goods, and home solutions hang around in the store too long, Target will run a clearance promotion and slice as much as half of the cost off. Things like home goods, clothing, hardware, and more from last season need to go to make room for new designs, so you can take advantage of steep deals on products that are still brand new.
  12. Got apps?Most retailers offer a single app for loyal consumers to enjoy. Target has two: the normal Target app--this one lets you do all of the normal app-y stuff like shop, and store your credit card, and pre-order, and so on and so forth--but it also has a special Shopping List and Location feature. Before you head out, add all the things you don’t want to forget to the list. Then, when you get there, don’t waste time wandering around the store. The locator lets you click on things on your list, and pulls up a map of the store to show you exactly where it is located. Now for the second app: Cartwheel. Cartwheel is your little shopping buddy, offering you savings on top of savings. They have additional coupons, separate from Target and manufacturer coupons, and savings of 5%-50% off of most in-store items. Just scan the barcodes as you shop and Cartwheel will rack up extra savings for you. At checkout, scan your Cartwheel barcode and let the deals (and by extension, the good times) roll.
  13. Did someone say “free shipping”? Yes. We just did.This one is easy. All you have to do is go to Target.com and spend $25 or more. Use literally any payment method that a computer can accommodate, and as long as you’ve spent $25, shipping is on Target. But that’s not all, Target REDcard holders get free shipping on almost all Target.com purchases, with no minimum payment and very few exceptions. And no, we don’t pinch people. We believe it’s unethical.
  14. What about those things you know you need to buy every other dang week?Like toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, clothes detergent, printing paper, pain medicine, dog food, makeup, etc.? Well, Target.com has a subscription service for all of these things, and more. What’s so great about a subscription service besides having everything you need delivered right to your door with no hassle, you ask? Well, Target.com’s subscription service automatically gives you 5% off of every single thing in your subscription. And, as always, a bonus for REDcard holders--get an extra 5% every order. You can skip an order, change your subscription, or change your payment method easily on Target.com and with the Target app. If you’re not happy with something in your subscription, you can easily return in-store or by mail (for free) just like any other product.
  15. What’s all this about a REDcard? We’re glad you asked. If Target is one of your main pitstops during your periodic shopping days, this is something you’ll want to know. The Target REDcard can come as a debit or credit card, whichever you prefer. As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll get free shipping on almost all Target.com purchases. You’ll also get an extra 30 days for eligible returns (so that’s 120 days, for most products). And here’s the big one: 5% off of everything. Every single thing, in-store, online, pack a REDcard 5% off discount on top of your subscription 5% discount. The possibilities are not endless, but certainly delightful.
  16. For those socially inclined.Target is literally everywhere online. Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. In fact, we think it would actually be harder to avoid all of the deal updates and savings/sale announcements that Target posts than it would be to just follow them. If you don’t receive the Weekly Ad, or simply don’t have the time to flip through it, Target will post about highlights and the most popular deals on social media. They’ll also give some heads up about upcoming designers and featured products, so be sure keep up with them online.
Saving at Target is now easier than ever with all of their payment solutions, tech advances, and coupon policies. We hope you use these tips and tricks to go easy on your wallet, but not on the things you love whenever you shop at Target.

Get More for Less at Target

It’s easy to save big at Target. With deals like free shipping, crazy credit card rewards, easy coupon and return policies, and tons of ways to score discounts without even trying, it’d be crazy not to want to cash in. Our researches have checked out all the best and easiest ways to get in on these deals. Check out our Tips and Tricks to Save More at Target guide to get in on all the ways you stretch your dollar, and start getting more while spending less.

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A Word About Target

Target is the second largest discount department store retailer in America. It was originally founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota by George Dayton, and was then called Goodfellow Dry Goods. By 1962, after a handful of name changes, the company had garnered a bit of success and the first Target store that we know and love opened in Roseville, Minnesota. Target offers low prices on department store quality products. Target branches like Super Target, Target Greatland, and many traditional Targets also offer a full grocery section, allowing consumers to get all of their shopping done in one fell swoop.

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