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(Updated May 19, 2017)

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Expires: 1/1/2030

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Tips and Tricks to Save More at Reeds

With brands like Alex and Ani, Swarovski, Michael Kors, Gucci, and Pandora, it’s easy to see why Reeds is well-known as a popular destination for quality jewelry. Whether you’re looking for wedding rings, a pair of earrings for your anniversary, or a bracelet for your mom on Mother’s Day, you’re sure to find the best of the best at Reeds. But buying high-quality jewelry doesn’t have to mean paying high prices. Our expert researchers have sorted through and found all the ways that you can stretch your dollar at Reeds and get a little more for your money. Check out these tried and true savings strategies along with our promo codes if you want to get the best possible Reeds deals on the best jewelry around!

  1. Reeds Jewelers’ replacement insurance division is one of the most trustworthy in the business.Investing in a jewelry replacement insurance plan is always a good idea for those one-of-a-kind, special pieces. But trying to go through the replacement process can be confusing and complicated with some retailers. Luckily, the Reeds Jewelers replacement insurance division has over a decade of experience working with every major insurance company in the United States. Reeds employs a team of expert gemologists and diamontologists on their staff. They’ll work directly with both you and your insurance company to make sure that the item you receive is exactly what you wanted. When you buy at Reeds, you can be sure you’re getting personalized customer service in every way.
  2. email subscribers get the VIP treatment.When you sign up for the Reeds email newsletter, you won’t just get regular updates on Reeds products—you’ll also get $25 off of your next purchase of $150 or more! Email subscribers get exclusive promotions and offers sent straight to their inbox all year round. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about any new general promotions, storewide sales, new items, or special web-only sale events. This way you’ll never miss an opportunity for Reeds savings.
  3. Shopping e-commerce means getting exclusive deals.Reeds has 100 brick and mortar stores across 16 states, but some of the best deals can be found by shopping right at home. The Reeds website has a web-only specials section bursting with all kinds of amazing markdowns. You can find clearance prices of up to 60% off on designer brands like Michael Kors and Swarovski, including all kinds of products. Wedding rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces—you name it. You’ll find pearls, diamonds, and rare gemstones marked down hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars! The Reeds clearance and sale section also includes exclusive Swarovski crystal ornaments at incredibly affordable prices. So if you have a collector in the family, be sure to check this out!
  4. The Reeds care plan will keep your jewelry shining for a lifetime. Wear and tear on jewelry is normal, especially if it’s a piece you’re wearing every day, like your wedding ring. So why not invest in a care plan and save money on repairs in the long run? Reeds offers two comprehensive jewelry care plans: a lifetime plan, and a three-year plan. With either of these plans, you can be confident that an expert Reeds jeweler will be able to fix any chips, cracks, scratches, or other defects that might occur over the years. Reeds will even replace any gemstones that might come loose over the years due to faulty manufacturing. You’ll also get unlimited free ring resizings, and 24/7 customer service availability! Not sure if you want to commit to a lifetime care plan? No worries. You can always renew the three-year plan if you decide you’d like to extend the protection.
  5. Stay up to date on deals when you follow Reeds on social media.Did you know that Reeds has social media accounts across just about every popular platform? Yep, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and GooglePlus. They’re most active on Facebook and Twitter. There you’ll find new product announcements, sales events, brand specific promotions, videos, and even Reeds coupons on occasion! On Twitter, you’ll also find wedding planning tips. And on Facebook, you can enjoy great customer service with a high response rate and quick turnaround time when it comes to messaging. No matter what your social media preference is, it pays to have Reeds in your feed.
  6. Need to make a return?No problem. Reeds makes it easy to return any item if you’re not satisfied with it for any reason at all. If you made your purchase at a brick and mortar Reeds store, make sure to keep your receipt and contact that store for their specific return policy information. It can sometimes vary from store to store. If you made a purchase online, then you just have to package everything up and return it within 30 days of receiving your item. The Reeds customer service department will process your return, and you can either choose to get a full refund, or exchange the item for another. You can’t get a full refund on any customized or engraved items, unfortunately. But if you have any sort of issue with a custom product, you can still reach out to customer service. They will gladly take a look at your item. If any mistakes have been made, you’ll be able to get them corrected without a hassle.
  7. First-time buyers will feel at ease with the Reeds educational guide.Confused about where to start in your jewelry buying quest? Reeds has your back. On their website you’ll find two different education sections: one for bridal products, and one for watches and clocks. Everything you need to know about buying a quality ring or watch can be found in these helpful articles, which range from “The 4C’s of Diamond Buying” (carat, clarity, color, and cut—just in case you were wondering) to a guide on watch materials and construction. And if you’ve ever wondered about different gemstones and their meanings, Reeds has a detailed glossary that’s easy to navigate. So whether you want to know all the details on these products or you’re just curious, Reeds offers a truly comprehensive set of educational materials. And if you’d still like more information? Contact the Reeds customer service department at any time—really, any time, because they’re available 24/7 for any questions and concerns. A professional Reeds representative will be happy to listen to you about what exactly you’re looking for, and help you make your choice.
  8. Trade in the old for something new.Do you have original diamond jewelry from Reeds that you’d like to trade in? Well, Reeds has a diamond trade-in policy that allows you bring in any Reeds diamond jewelry product and trade it for credit toward a new diamond product. Say you originally bought a diamond ring from Reeds for $1,000, and you want to trade it toward a diamond necklace worth $2,000. You’ll then only be responsible for paying half the price of the new item. Reeds does ask that you make sure that any diamond jewelry is in its original condition, with no scratches or other defects.
  9. Reeds promotions can save you a bundle.Don’t buy anything at Reeds without checking out the promotions web page first! You may not notice it right away because it’s not well advertised, but you’ll find this handy list of current promos tucked away in the customer service FAQ section. These exclusive offers can include tiered savings opportunities. For example, you could get $25 off of any purchase of $150 or more, $50 off of any purchase of $250 or more, and finally $100 off of any purchase of $700 or more. But you’ll want to check back often, because they also run seasonal Reeds promotions that will appear here now and then.
Be sure to use these savings tips and tricks along with our promo codes. You’ll get amazing Reeds deals on gorgeous jewelry and watches, no matter who you’re shopping for. Whatever they say about diamonds, we’re pretty sure these deals will be your best friend when you’re shopping the Reeds collection.

Get More for Less at Reeds

Buying quality jewelry doesn’t have to mean emptying out your pockets. Reeds has plenty of savings opportunities both in-store and online, so there’s no need to pay full price for that shimmering diamond engagement ring. We’ve hunted down all the best ways to save at Reeds, whether it’s signing up for email alerts, checking out the web-only specials, or investing in a care plan to protect your jewelry for a lifetime. In our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide below, we’ll go through all of these methods and more.

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A Word About Reeds

Reeds Jewelers is a shining example of a uniquely American success story. Founded all the way back in 1946, Reeds rose from its humble beginnings as one small store to eventually become a nationally recognized purveyor of quality jewelry. The founders, Bill and Roberta Zimmer, created their business on a basis of customer support and a philosophy of kindness and respect. Today, Reeds has brick and mortar stores in thirteen states, along with a highly successful e-commerce website: Reeds.com.

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