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(Updated May 23, 2017)

PetSmart Coupons


Free Shipping With $49+ Order

Expires: 11/29/2022

If you love PetSmart, check out these stores as well

If you love PetSmart, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at PetSmart

Bringing a new pet into your life will change your lifestyle for the better. Your furry companions need a lot of care, but PetSmart makes being a pet parent easy and rewarding. Whether you prefer to be up to date on sales and promotional periods or you like to earn your discounts with every purchase, PetSmart can provide you with the deals that are best for you. Read on to learn about all the special services and deals PetSmart offers their pet parent customers.

  1. Looking for hassle-free shipping? PetSmart makes it easy. If you have more than one pet at home, stocking up on supplies can get a little bit pricey. You won’t have to worry about draining your pockets in shipping charges, because PetSmart will give you FREE shipping on standard orders over $49. You can save even more on shipping when you use auto ship, which will help bring those cans of cat food and flea medication to your doorstep as often as you request. Sign up for your first auto delivery to receive 20% off your entire purchase.
  2. PetPerks are sure to get your tail wagging. When you find yourself taking advantage of all the products and services PetSmart has to offer, why not reward yourself by signing up for PetPerks? This is the rewards program that PetSmart uses and it’s great for providing you with extra coupons, discounts, exclusive deals, and more. All you have to do is sign up online or in store and use your PetPerks account at checkout to access special discounts on nearly every product. Some of the PetPerks you might find are things like discounts on merchandise for PetPerk members or 15% off your purchase during promotional periods that are exclusive to PetPerks members. Using your PetPerks account will often enter you into a sweepstakes or other promotions for additional rewards. The best part is treating your pets on their birthdays, because PetSmart will give PetPerks rewards members a gift card or special coupon to celebrate. The perks of being a reward member sure to make every pet parent happy.
  3. Does Fido need his prescriptions filled?Whether it’s heartworm medication or antibiotics, you want to treat your pets like family when it comes to giving them the best medications. PetSmart works with Pet360, an online pharmacy for prescriptions, veterinary diets, vaccines, and much more. They carry all major brands as well as generic options. Many generic medications are discounted by up to 50% off. Free shipping on orders over $49 as well as autoship are available. Discounts like 15% off your purchase during promotional periods can frequently be found online so be sure to check before you fill. At Pet360 purchases may be returned within 30 days for refunds.
  4. Bring your furry friend shopping with you and check out all of PetSmart’s services.Driving your pooch all over town to the groomers, the clinic, or the boarding shelter is too much of a hassle. That’s why PetSmart offers these services and more,in select stores. Services include:
    • Grooming: Get your pup or cat a fresh cut at PetSmart’s Grooming Salon. The professional groomers will offer plenty of pet packages to choose from, some of which will get you some great deals. One of the savings you might come across is a $5 off coupon to use on a grooming service after purchasing a promotional pet toy. The Grooming Salon also offers a 10% military discount every monday for pet parents in the military.
    • Pet Hotels: Planning a vacation? Your dog or cat will be in safe hands at PetSmart’s PetsHotel. Standard overnight boarding is $26 a night, but you can find special deals and promotions on Coupon Surf as well as the PetsHotel site. You can even purchase a private suite for a more peaceful stay, which often includes freebies like toys and snacks. First time pet guests will get a FREE overnight stay after booking their first stay as a warm welcome into PetSmart’s boarding facility.
    • Camps: Instead of hiring a sitter, enroll your pup at Doggie Day Camp! A day spent playing and socializing will only cost you $16, but brand new campers will get 50% off their first day. Your furry friend will love the exercise while you’re at work or running errands. You can also sign your pet up for Day Camp Parties and walk away with goodie bags filled with treats and toys.
    • Training: Is your new puppy chewing up your leather sofa? By enrolling in one of PetSmart’s Dog Training classes you can help remedy bad behaviors and help your pup learn basic skills. A single session for beginners to advanced training sessions are available. There are frequently discounts and promotions online or on Coupon Surf. Six week classes are discounted at $199, so consider a longer class for better results and reduced cost.
    • Veterinary Care: When your pet is feeling under the weather, you can find a Banfield Pet Hospital located in select stores. From a veterinary checkup to general surgeries, you can trust the professional veterinarians at Banfield. Their prices vary depending on type of pet and the service. New patients will get a FREE checkup, valued at $50.
  5. Unhappy with your purchase?Sometimes your pet product isn’t what you thought it would be, and PetSmart wants to make your life as a busy pet parent easy by offering a convenient return policy. They will accept returns for a full refund on products. purchased in store or online; in original packaging with proof of purchase . If you cannot provide proof of purchase you can still return the item for store credit. You can also return your purchase by mail with the original packing slip, but keep in mind you will have to pay for the shipping charges. The only items that must be returned in store with a valid receipt are items like pet vitamins, filters, grooming tools, and electronics like collars or other training items. More elaborate return details can be found on PetSmart’s website.
  6. Adopt a pet and receive a valuable free gift.In order to save as many pet lives as possible, PetSmart offers their own adoption service in conjunction with animal shelters in the area. You can use their online site to search for pets near you that are ready to be welcomed into your family or simply attend a PetSmart adoption day.But you don’t have to adopt in store to be thanked by PetSmart, because they will give every rescue pet parent a FREE adoption kit. That’s right, all you have to do is bring your adoption papers to any PetSmart store, and you will get over $400 dollars worth of pet products, coupons, and services to get you started! The kit will include a free bag of food, a free training session, up to 50% off a grooming session, and plenty of coupons and discounts for crates, beds, toys, and everything else your new furry friend needs.
  7. Download the PetSmart App for even more savings.You definitely have your phone next to you, so go ahead and download the free PetSmart app. You can use the app as your main source of news for in store adoption events or other current deals available. You can also log in and schedule all your appointments for grooming, training, hotel stays, or clinic checkups right from your phone. The PetSmart app can help you find pet friendly places, so you can bring your furry friends everywhere you go. Not only will you be notified on the newest deals and coupons, but you will also have access to updated information and advice on pet health, wellness, and training tips uploaded through PetSmart’s social media accounts. You can set your notifications on your phone to be updated as soon as sales and discounts become available, which puts you a step ahead for the top deals PetSmart has to offer.
PetSmart is your go-to destination for giving your pets a happy and healthy life. Using the coupon and promo codes on Coupon Surf as well as PetSmart’s top deals and promotions will making saving easier than ever. No matter what breed or species you have, you and your pets will benefit from all the services, discounts, and rewards PetSmart has to offer.

Get More for Less at PetSmart

Whether your pet barks, meows, swims, crawls, or flies you’ll always be on the lookout for deals and savings to get all the pet products on your shopping list. Before you and your pup go shopping at PetSmart, make sure you get the most out of your shopping trip by checking out the “Tips and Tricks” buying guide. You can save just by being a PetPerks member, but you can also learn about opportunities for free shipping and even be eligible for a $400 new adoption kit, free of charge! Not only that, but your first time trips to the PetSmart Grooming Salon, PetsHotel, and Doggie Day Camp will have you rolling over in savings and great deals. Our researchers at Coupon Surf have all the best opportunities for saving inside our buying guide, so check it out!

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A Word About PetSmart

PetSmart is your number one provider of pet supplies and services across North America. They provide accessible and affordable pet supplies so you have a happy and healthy pet. Whether your friend is furry or scaly, you’ll be able to find everything from food, toys, medication, and so much more in store and online. Anything you need for a happy pet you can find at PetSmart. Their services range from pet supplies to services like grooming, veterinary care and pet friendly hotel locators. PetSmart is also proud to be a part of PetSmart Charities, which helps to save the lives of half a million homeless pets every single year.

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