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(Updated May 26, 2017)

OtterBox Coupons


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Expires: 1/1/2030

If you love OtterBox, check out these stores as well

If you love OtterBox, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at OtterBox

Otterbox has come to the rescue of more than a few dropped or forgotten phones. Saving the day with a layer of protective ingenuity that has remained unmatched in durability and reliability. With a stylish and tough-as-nails case on your phone you won’t need to worry about cracked screens and water damage. But what about the price tag? Protecting your phone doesn’t need to be an investment. We found ways to save more on your next Otterbox purchase so you can be worry-free!

  1. Woohoo, free shipping on all Otterbox orders! You never need a promo code or coupon to get free shipping on your Otterbox orders. If you order directly from Otterbox.com you will never have to pay for shipping...ever! Nope, not even on your returns. Got that snazzy new case but decided it was a little much, no problem. Returns are processed for free and simple to do on their streamlined site. Simply complete the form online.
  2. Whether your team Android or team iPhone Otterbox has got your device covered. The ever-expanding line of products offered at OtterBox includes device-specific cases that are waterproof and scratch resistant. The products are tested, often by OtterBox's active employees who make the most of the outdoor life in Colorado for durability and longevity. Want to protect your ipad or Kindle, or maybe you need a Lifeproof case for your phone while you ski, no worries, they have a case for that! If you want to save on your device cases, look for markdowns on past device/phone series. These are often marked down as soon as the new version is released so it can be the perfect time to scoop up a deeply discounted protective case.
  3. Check local retailers for even more Otterbox discounts. Otterbox can be found at Staples, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon and at all mobile carriers. What that means to you is that to find the best Otterbox deals you should check local flyers and store sites for discounts on Otterbox products at licensed retailers. Retailer coupons cannot always be used on Otterbox products so be sure to check for exclusions. However, often you can find these cases marked down for special promos. Though not listed as a licensed carrier of Otterbox, Overstock.com carries a number of Otterbox cases for several different types of phones and devices. The prices frequently range from $8 for an iphone 5 case to $37 for a 6S case.
  4. It is not just about practicality at OtterBox.Besides keeping your portable electronics safe, you can also give them a stylish look. OtterBox offers designer cases. This is no gimmick, actual designers have been enlisted, including Project Runway judge Nina Garcia. Don’t want one with polka-dots or stripes maybe a team brand case is your thing. Sport your favorite team mascot or colors, they have it all. Coupon Surf’s researchers have found team themed cases on sale at amazon.com and overstock.com. However, in general, team and designer cases cost more than standard colors.
  5. OtterBox for professionals can make life and work a little easier. The average portable electronic item may get its share of abuse, but some, such as those used in schools, take a bigger beating. Then, there are certain needs that particular occupations place on their electronics, like those in the healthcare industry. OtterBox provides the Defender Series which allows tablets to be easily sanitized. OtterBox offers specialized features for enterprise, education, healthcare, and government. All enjoy discount pricing, bulk packaging speeds, tax exempt purchasing, one year warranty, and logo customization. Protect your investment by outfitting your employees with Otterbox protective cases and take advantage of the discounts offered to employers for bulk orders and customized cases.
  6. OtterBox is into philanthropy.If you want to feel good about the company with which you do business, OtterBox has you covered. The company founded the OtterCares foundation in 2010, which seeks to inspire the next generation of philanthropists and entrepreneurs through grants, events, and education programs. The goal is to empower youngsters to turn their ideas into new products, processes and businesses. While there may not be any direct savings to be had, you can rest assured that the money spent on quality Otterbox products is being put to good use and will benefit others.
  7. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Otterbox steals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are by far two of the times that you can score the best deals and lowest prices on Otterbox cases and products. With outstanding sales and deeply discounted popular products this is the one time of year that otterbox fans shouldn’t miss. To take advantage of the best sales during these promotions check the Otterbox site frequently, subscribe to their newsletter and stay in-the-know.
  8. Subscribe to Planet Otterbox for all the latest insider secrets. This is where you can gain all of the insider information on what’s new, what’s coming and when will it be released. Not to mention that if there’s going to be a hot sale, this is the place it will be discussed. Customers can chime in about their favorites as well tech fails. With guest posts from Tech Chat and Highlighted Apps to OtterWorld where there is a story or post about virtually anything. If you love the Otterbox products we recommend following blog.otterbox.com to stay on top of what they’re up to, how to get in on new product releases and where you can score the best savings.
No matter your portable electronic device protection needs, OtterBox can deliver the right product. It is a company devoted to innovation and dependability. While the services it offers cannot be beat, there are promotions that allow for discounts, you just may have to dig a little deeper to find the best deals. The company itself has seasonal promotions and then there are ones offered by the individual retailers, such as Target, and of course, Coupon Surf. If you use some of the resources we found and combine those with the Cobra’s discount codes you should be able to save a little cash on your next Otterbox purchase.

Get More for Less at OtterBox

OtterBox is a global leader in protective electronic cases. Known for the reliability and durability of their superior products has propelled to the forefront of the gadget industry. Coupon Surf has waded through the marshes to bring you all the ways that your can save more on your next Otterbox purchase. Check out our tips and tricks in our buying guide to get all of the insider secrets.

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A Word About OtterBox

OtterBox, the manufacturer and retailer of protective cases and accessories for portable electronic products was founded in 1998 in the garage of Curt Richardson. The name was inspired by Richardson's wife's comment comparing the waterproof items to an otter's fur. The company, headquartered in Collins, CO, prides itself on innovation and has created a working culture to please its employees and products trusted by its customers.

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