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(Updated May 22, 2017)

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Expires: 1/1/2030

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If you love Oneida, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Oneida

When it comes to presentation, Oneida’s products are perfect for creating an atmosphere of elegance in your home. From pitchers to roasting pans, Oneida has everything you need for your kitchen or dining room set. But you don’t have to pay top prices for top quality kitchenware. When you combine our promo codes with these savings tips and tricks, you’ll be able to get that perfect set of flatware at the perfect price. These tried and true strategies are all compiled by our expert researchers, and they’re designed to help stretch your dollar just that little bit more. From hitting the weekly deals to taking advantage of discontinued designs, you’ll be getting deep discounts and superb Oneida savings in no time!

  1. These deals will make your week.Oneida’s website has a weekly deals section that is stunning in terms of savings possibilities. Sundae dishes, flatware, penny candy jars, au gratin baking dishes... You name it, it’s there in the weekly deals section, and at discounts of up to a whopping 70% off! But act fast: these items are changed out every week. So you’re unlikely to ever find the same thing twice. If you love it, add it to your cart now before it’s gone! And if you don’t see anything you like this week, then be sure to keep checking back.
  2. Have you lost your lid?Or maybe you’ve accidentally melted that lid in the stove or the microwave? Maybe your dog has managed to chew it to unrecognizable bits, or your kids have been playing frisbee with it? No worries; these things happen, and Oneida knows it. In fact, they have a section on their website just for this all too common occasion. Just head on over to the replacement lids category and you’ll find a wide array of lids for all sorts of Oneida storage containers. Losing (or melting) a lid doesn’t have to mean buying a whole new set of storage products! These replacement lids usually come only in packs of two, which might just be a bonus. After all, this way you’ll be all set just in case your next lid should meet with another unfortunate end.
  3. Clearance can make your kitchen’s style come to life. In Oneida’s clearance section, you’ll find top quality items like wine glasses, serving plates, glass jars, and so much more awaiting you. All of these range from modern to classic styles, and some are decorative items for holidays that are out of season. These aren’t items that nobody wanted. They’re the best of the best, only they’re out of their element at the moment. So stock up on your fall dinnerware in the springtime or vice versa, and you’ll be saving a bundle while still getting amazing additions to your kitchen. Depending on when you look, you could enjoy Oneida discounts of 50% off or more!
  4. Want big discounts on flatware?Who doesn’t? Well, you’re in luck. Oneida has a discontinued flatware section on their website. That means scores of flatware sets and individual pieces with huge markdowns, simply because Oneida has changed their design. You can find gorgeous, high-quality flatware sets marked down to as little as $30 and ready to make your dining room table look like the ultimate in elegance.
  5. Need to make a return?No problem. Oneida has a comprehensive return policy that covers any product whatsoever that is defective or has gotten damaged in shipment. To make a return, you just need to fill out a quick questionnaire either online or by calling a customer service rep. Then just be sure to pack everything up and ship it back to Oneida with the original packaging, and within thirty days of receiving your order. You’ll be able to get either a replacement or a full refund depending on the product’s availability.
  6. No need to worry with the Oneida warranty.Did you know that Oneida has a warranty that will cover any stainless items for the entire lifetime of the original owner? Yep, you read that right—the entire lifetime. So if your stainless flatware is looking not so stainless, or starts showing any kind of wear and tear that isn’t due to regular usage, you can contact Oneida’s customer service department and get a replacement at any time. No matter how long it’s been since you made your purchase.
  7. Stay up to date with social media.Oneida has active social media accounts across three different platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This way it’s easy to stay connected with Oneida no matter what your social media preference is. You’ll have access to the very latest in promotions and sale announcements right there in your regular social media feed! Plus, Oneida doesn’t just post product information; it also shares lifestyle tips and recipes across all of its platforms. So you can find inspiration for dinner right alongside discounts on dinner sets.
  8. Get your name on the VIP list.Another way to stay in the know about Oneida’s latest news is to get your name on the VIP e-newsletter mailing list! When you sign up for Oneida’s e-mail newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about the latest products and promotions. That means that you’ll get alerts about the latest designs, but you’ll also be sent information well ahead of time about any kind of sales or coupons. So go ahead and submit your e-mail address, and you can feel confident knowing that you’ll never miss a savings opportunity at Oneida!
  9. Attention restaurant owners: Oneida has a deal just for you.In fact, Oneida has a whole separate product line just for you! The Oneida Foodservice line was created with restaurateurs in mind, from family-owned local eateries to more commercial restaurants. Oneida has bulk pricing on dinnerware and cookware created just for the particular challenges and needs of restaurants, whether you’re a tiny cafe or a five-star dining establishment. Be sure to sign up for the Oneida Foodservice newsletter as well, so that you can get updates about promotions and events just for the foodservice community.
  10. Patriotism is alive and well at Oneida.Do you prefer to buy products made in the United States? Then Oneida is the perfect place to shop when you’re stocking up on kitchenware. Under the sale menu, you’ll find a special section just for items that have been made in the United States. These USA-made items vary from practical products like measuring cups to more decorative items like stylish soda glasses. Best of all, most of them are marked down to below $30, so you can get a great deal on a patriotic product!
  11. Become a hospitality professional at Oneida University.Whether you work in the hospitality industry already, you’re curious about a career there, or you’re just plain curious, you’ll definitely do well to check out Oneida University. This handy feature on Oneida’s website is a guide meant for anyone interested in learning about hospitality topics like proper table setting, flatware care and selection, and best practices for those in the foodservice industry. They even have a virtual tabletop game! You can create all kinds of “tablescapes” and save them to share with fellow hospitality enthusiasts or colleagues. This tool is great for restaurant professionals who want to be able to experiment with different table settings without actually having to sit there rearranging forks and knives. All it takes is a few clicks!
Are you ready to take your dining room table to the next level with a brand new dining set? Or maybe you’re itching to update the flatware at your family restaurant? Well, then you’re sure to find what you need at Oneida. And when you combine our promo codes with these tips and tricks, you’re sure to get top deals and Oneida savings on flatware, dinnerware, and more!

Get More for Less at Oneida

If you’ve ever looked sadly at the price tag on an elegant set of Oneida flatware, then have no fear; we’ll have you smiling at those price tags in no time. In our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide below, you’ll find all sorts of ways to stock up on Oneida’s kitchenware without breaking the bank. We’ve searched far and wide to find you the best savings strategies. Combine our promo codes with these tips, and you’ll be sure to get the best price possible.

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A Word About Oneida

When it comes to stainless steel and silver-plated tableware, there’s only one place to go. You’ll find flatware, bakeware, and even banquetware at Oneida, all of the highest quality and in designs ranging from classic to modern. Founded all the way back in the mid-nineteenth century, Oneida is now one of the largest stainless steel flatware manufacturers in the world. Chances are if you’ve eaten at a restaurant in the United States or Canada, then you’ve dined on Oneida tableware. They’re also the largest supplier of tableware products to the food industry all across North America.

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