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(Updated May 17, 2017)

Milanoo.com Coupons


Save Up To 45% Off Milanoo Annual Party Dress

Expires: 12/26/2018


Save Up To 45% Off Christmas Holiday Sale Items

Expires: 12/26/2018

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If you love Milanoo.com, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Milanoo

No matter what your style is, you’re sure to find something you love at Milanoo. With so many discounts and sales, it’s easy to avoid paying full price for great style. But did you know that there are even more ways to save? Combine our coupon codes with these insider’s secrets, and you’ll be getting the latest fashions delivered to your doorstep all while keeping money in your pocket!

  1. Keep posted on sales and get free gifts when you sign up for Milanoo’s e-newsletter. When you sign up for the Milanoo e-newsletter, you automatically get a $10 voucher sent to your inbox! You can use that on any order, including sale items. Speaking of sales, you’ll never miss any sale event once you sign up for that e-newsletter. Milanoo will keep you caught up on every sale, exclusive order, seasonal discount offer, and more. Just sign up by submitting your e-mail address, and you’re on that exclusive all-access list.
  2. Friendship pays.Refer your friends to Milanoo. You’ll both benefit, and not just from Milanoo’s awesome deals. Milanoo will give both of you a voucher for a $15 coupon that you can use on any order of $59 or over. As soon as your friend registers their new account, check your inbox. You’ll find that voucher waiting! The best part? You can invite multiple friends and get multiple vouchers for $15 off. Do keep in mind that unlike some Milanoo vouchers, these can only be used once per order.
  3. Download the Milanoo app for VIP access. If you really want to get the most for your money at Milanoo, well, there’s an app for that. When you download the Milanoo app, you don’t just get a code for 10% off of any order. You also get exclusive, app-only pricing! Yep, just by downloading an app to your phone, you get that VIP access to special low prices and app-only promotions.
  4. Members save more.If you find yourself browsing the Milanoo catalog a lot, or you’re buying dresses or costumes wholesale, then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the membership program. Milanoo believes in offering rewards to its most loyal customers. The more money you spend, the more of a discount you’ll get. The way it works is based on two different factors: how much you spend in one purchase, and how much you spend in total. So, if you spend $600 on a single purchase, OR if you spend $1500 in total over several purchases, you get upgraded to the Bronze Membership automatically. This means you get 1.5% off all your orders from now on. That scale goes all the way up to the Diamond Membership, which gets you 5% off all your orders. To reach Diamond status, you’ll need to spend $5000 in one purchase, or a total of $15,000. Especially when it comes to buying Milanoo wholesale, this is a great program that can end up saving you on your purchases over the long run. The best part is that you get enrolled automatically just by registering an account and spending the money.
  5. Like Milanoo? Click that thumbs up.When you like them on Facebook, you’ll get a Milanoo coupon for $10 off! That’s right, just the click of a button gets you a whole $10 off your next order. Plus, once you like the Milanoo Facebook page, you’ll be getting updates on the latest sales and promotions along with your regular social media feed. It’s an easy and accessible way to keep up with those Milanoo deals.
  6. Attention grammar enthusiasts: Milanoo wants to reward you for nitpicking.Unleash your inner editor! Milanoo offers a $5 coupon to anyone who spots any mistakes on the website. That includes spelling, grammar, pricing issues...any mistake that you happen to catch. How do you get your prize? Just send along some information about the mistake that you caught to the Milanoo staff. You’ll be duly rewarded for your diligence, with $5 off of your next order.
  7. Review Milanoo products for big rewards.Milanoo welcomes feedback from its customers—in fact, it actually rewards its customers for their feedback. Love that prom dress? Or maybe you have some critique to offer on those shoes? Well, either way, Milanoo wants to hear from you. If you take photos of your purchases and send them in along with your honest review, you could get up to $30 off your next order. You read that right; you’ll be rewarded simply for sharing your opinion and a couple of photos. You can get some big savings for just a few moments of your time.
  8. Feeling a little bit fashion challenged? Milanoo’s got you covered.Milanoo’s catalog has thousands of items. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, no need to stress. Just check out one of Milanoo’s handy fashion guides! From everyday wear to wedding party guides, Milanoo has a variety of fashion walkthroughs that can help you build a style that you love. Although the website itself mostly promotes fashion guides by the season (you’re unlikely to find a winter weather guide in May), you can find plenty more fashion resources on the Milanoo blog.
  9. Need to make a return? No problem.With a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy, Milanoo is happy to help you with returns for any reason. First, contact customer service to notify them of the return. Then send back your purchase within 14 days of receiving it, and with all of its original packaging. Once Milanoo receives the return, you’ll be able to receive your refund.
  10. Deals change every single day.Milanoo has all kinds of sales year round. These offers are ever-changing, and they won’t last. If you see something you’re interested in, you’ll want to take advantage of it right away. Here are a few of the major deals throughout the year that you’ll want to keep an eye out for:
    • Seasonal shopping sales: Milanoo’s seasonally themed sales can get you the best deals on certain items. For example, springtime is wedding season. So if you’re looking for a wedding dress, March and April are the best months to shop at Milanoo. Holiday sales can also bring discounts of up to 70% off on certain products, like spring fashions during the week before Easter.
    • Flash sales: Every day, the Milanoo website has new flash sales on a different product line. You’ll find up to 40% off on dresses, shoes, accessories—whatever the big sale of the day happens to be. It’s a good idea to check that website banner each day to see what the latest deal is.
    • Free gifts: Milanoo often does promotions on orders over a certain amount, like a free brooch with any order over $79, or a discount of $10 for orders over $89. You’re unlikely to find the same gift offered twice, though. The Milanoo promotions all depend on the day.
    • Free shipping: Once in a while, you’ll even find free shipping offered! Sometimes this is for orders over a certain amount. Other times it’s a discount code that applies to any order. Place your order at the right moment, and you’ll get those top fashions delivered to your doorstep plus Milanoo free shipping.
    • Check out those red italics: When you click on the drop-down menus, you’ll find certain items will show up written in red italics instead of the standard black font. That means that there’s a sale currently going on for that category of items. Take a look and see what kind of Milanoo discounts are offered!
You never know what great dresses and costumes you’ll find at Milanoo. But one thing is certain: you’ll definitely find awesome savings. With a product selection that numbers in the thousands, and a customer base that spans all over the world, Milanoo is a huge name when it comes to affordable fashion options for special occasions, weddings, costuming and more. Make sure that you get the best Milanoo deals by using our coupon promo codes plus these top savings tips. Soon you’ll be dressing in style without breaking the bank!

Get More for Less at Milanoo

Providing high fashion for low prices is pretty much the foundation of the Milanoo brand, but there are ways to get even more bang for your buck at Milanoo. Our coupon codes are one way to get more for less, but we’ve done our research and found you even more ways to get the absolute best Milanoo discounts around. Want to know how to get $10 off of your next order? How about free shipping? Then read on to find the savings tricks and tips that our experts have found.

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A Word About Milanoo

Need a wedding dress? How about a costume for that next Halloween party or cosplay? Or maybe you’re in the market for men’s fashion? Well, all of this and more can be found at Milanoo.com. Based in China and founded in 2008, Milanoo is an online retailer that specializes in both men’s and women’s fashion, along with items for all sorts of special occasions, like proms and weddings. The site is available across eight different languages, a testament to its huge popularity around the world. With a customer service team well-versed in fashion, and an ever-growing product line, Milanoo is one of the best places on the web to find fashion deals.

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