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(Updated May 16, 2017)

Mattel Coupons


Free Shipping With $39+ Toys, Playsets, Action Figures, Dolls And More

Expires: 12/31/2020

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If you love Mattel, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Mattel

When you’re shopping for Mattel toys, there’s no need to pay full price for even the biggest toys of the season. Our promo codes alone will already help you save a bundle, but there are even more ways to save at Mattel. From scouring the clearance section to signing up for e-mails, you can get top deals on the hottest toys of the season and surprise the child in your life. Shopping for birthdays and holidays doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be easier than ever. Combine our promo codes with these tips and tricks, and you’ll find yourself getting the best discounts around.

  1. Sign up for e-mails and get rewarded!When you sign up for Mattel’s e-mail updates, you don’t just get alerts about the latest toys and sale events. You also get $10 off any order of $50 or more, and free shipping! You’ll get these exclusive promo codes sent straight to your inbox along with any updates on new sales and special offers. Best of all, when you sign up for e-mails, you’re considered a member, which means you get 10% off on all your purchases every time you shop.
  2. Want free shipping?Whether you sign up for e-mail alerts or not, you’ll get free shipping on any order that’s $39 or more. So stock up on all your gifts at once and you’ll be saving a ton on those shipping costs!
  3. Hunt for the lowest prices in the clearance section.It’s no surprise that the clearance section of Mattel’s online store has the lowest prices. But did you know that you can narrow those prices down even further? Yep, you can filter those search results to show only items that are $9.99 and below. That ensures you’re getting the absolute best deals. You’ll find items in that section marked down as much as 50% to 75%.
  4. Connect on social media for exclusive promotions.If you follow Mattel on social media, you’ll get access to exclusive savings opportunities! Mattel has very active Facebook and Twitter accounts, and they don’t just post pictures. You’ll find exclusive opportunities and promotions on their social media profiles, like information about contests that you can enter to win as much as $25,000. Also, if you ever have an issue with any of your Mattel products or even just a simple question, social media is the way to go. Mattel responds quickly to any questions or complaints on Twitter or Facebook. In fact, on Facebook their typical response rate is within just a few minutes. You’ll never be waiting around frustrated at a lack of response.
  5. Return those holiday gifts with no stress.If all else fails and you need to make a return, don’t worry, Mattel has got you covered. They make it quick and easy to return holiday gifts so long as you have the original proof of purchase. You just have to make sure to make the return before January 31st to get a full refund. And you can also return products year round for an immediate exchange or a refund. Anything you’re not satisfied with will be refunded or replaced by Mattel, no questions asked. Just make sure you return the item in good condition and with its original packaging.
  6. Shop seasonal for the best deals.Mattel offers seasonal toy gift sets to help make gift giving easier on you and your wallet. These toy sets are marked down as much as $10 to $15, and are tailored to the latest trends and to the season. A springtime gift set might include toys meant for playing outdoors, for example. This way you can get top deals on multiple items at any time of the year, spending significantly less on a set than if you bought the toys separately.
  7. Celebrate your little one’s birthday with a free $5 off certificate.You can get a $5 off coupon when you sign up your child or children for the Mattel Birthday Club! All you have to do is download an application from the website (or ask for a paper one at your local Mattel Toy Store). Then fill it out, bring it into a local Mattel store and give it to an associate. Later you’ll get an e-mail with a birthday certificate that you can redeem for $5 off any product. The e-mail certificates will be sent out one week before your child’s birthday month, and you can use the certificate all month long. Mattel has a range of smaller toys that are $5 or less, so with your Mattel certificate, you can get a free birthday gift for your child!
  8. Charities can get special pricing.Do you work for a charity? Well, Mattel might be able to help. If you’re working with a charity organization to help bring toys to needy kids, then Mattel can offer you big discounts. All year round you can get discounts of at least 30% and often a lot more. Charities also get a customized product catalog, personal shopping assistance, and shipping to anywhere in the United States. Just fill out the application online, or contact Mattel’s Charity Sales department to get access to great discounts for great causes.
  9. Business owners: want great discounts for all your employees?Then become a corporate partner of Mattel! If you have at least 100 people in your organization, then your whole organization will be eligible for 25% off all non-sale items, all year round. Not only that, but your whole company will also get access to discounted movie tickets, theme park tickets, and exclusive shopping opportunities. And for every $5,000 your company spends, you’ll get $100 in gift cards. Smaller businesses, don’t worry. Mattel won’t leave you out. Any business with 10 to 99 people will be able to enjoy a 20% discount on non-sale items all year round, plus those same exclusive shopping opportunities. To apply for a corporate partnership, download the application off the Mattel website and send it in to be considered.
  10. Tuesdays and Thursdays offer special savings.Early birds, if you’re a member and you shop on Tuesday mornings, then you’re eligible for 25% off your order. And seniors, make sure you do your shopping on Thursdays. All seniors ages 55 and up (with a valid ID) will get 30% off all regular priced items every Thursday.
  11. Accepting imperfections gets you 50% off.Don’t mind a little damage to an item’s packaging? Then check out Mattel’s Green Tag sales when you’re shopping in-store. These items have “imperfect packaging” and are marked all the way down to 50% off just for those packaging flaws. The toys themselves are not damaged. Mattel just doesn’t want that damaged packaging on the shelves, so they’re willing to sell at a vastly reduced price. New shipments come in weekly, so keep checking back for new toys.
  12. Find free games online at Mattel Play!Last but not least, did you know that Mattel has a website full of tons of free computer games for kids? That’s right, Mattel has a website called Mattel Play that offers free games for kids of all ages! This wide range of flash-based games includes car racing, doll dress up and other family-friendly games. Your kids will recognize their favorite characters and brands like American Girl Doll, Barbie and Hot Wheels. They’ll have a blast with these simple but fun games, and you won’t have to spend a cent. The Mattel Play website even has a video section where you can find episodes of popular kids’ shows like Monster High.
There are plenty of ways to play more and save more at Mattel. Sometimes it’s as simple as just shopping on a certain day of the week. Be sure to combine Mattel savings tips with the promo codes, top deals, free gifts and sales above. You’ll get the most for your money every time you shop. And your kids will have more fun than ever!

Get More for Less at Mattel

There’s something for every child in Mattel’s toy catalog, with popular brands like Hot Wheels, Barbie, Fisher-Price and American Girl dolls. But you don’t have to pay top prices for top brands. In our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide below, we’ve collected tried and true strategies to get you great deals on these hit products. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, and found all the ways to find deep discounts and great savings. Read on to find out how you can stretch your dollar even further.

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A Word About Mattel

Mattel is the world’s largest toy maker, selling its products in over 150 countries worldwide. The company started out in 1945 in El Segundo, California. It was named for two of its founders, Harold “Matt” Matson and Elliott Handler. Although it’s a multinational company today, Mattel’s origin story is a uniquely American one. Matson and Handler’s ancestors had fled anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe, immigrating to the United States to give their family a better life free from persecution. Because of that opportunity, their children would go on to change the world. Mattel’s very first hit toy came about in 1947—a ukulele called "Uke-A-Doodle." Later on in 1960, Mattel revolutionized the toy industry with its talking doll, “Chatty Cathy.” It continued to create hit toys from there on out. In the 1980s it even produced video games for the Nintendo systems! Mattel offers a wide range of items today, from dollhouse play sets to toy cars, and of course the famous Barbie doll.

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