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(Updated May 18, 2017)

Lyft Coupons


Free $250 Bonus After First 100 Rides For Lyft Drivers

Expires: 5/30/2021

If you love Lyft, check out these stores as well

If you love Lyft, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Lyft

Requesting rides through Lyft is incredibly easy and can be done within minutes on your smartphone. In some cases, applying Lyft coupon codes is simple too, but if you want to really cash in on savings opportunities, you’ll want to explore our following tips. For example, we’ve got pointers on how you can earn Lyft credits, avoid peak hour prices, and stack up rewards when you spend money with other companies.

  1. Don’t motor until you’ve checked official Lyft promo codes. There are several Lyft discount codes designed for specific locations and situations, but if you’ve never ridden with the service, you’ll want to check out their official offers first. While Lyft coupon codes tend to change, they consistently offer Lyft credits to new passengers as an incentive to keep them riding. Depending on where you live, you’ll get a bulk amount of credits that you can apply to future rides. While you won’t be able to apply the full amount to the first ride, you can use about $5 each time for significant Lyft savings.
  2. Share the word about ridesharing and earn Lyft credits. If you’ve exhausted all your Lyft credits you got as a new customer, there’s still plenty of earning potential ahead of you. Whenever someone you refer to Lyft signs up and uses the service, Lyft will credit you a specific amount that you can put toward your next ride. While word-of-mouth can help you build rewards over time, you can also take advantage of special events to stack up credits. For instance, next time you throw a big event—like a wedding—you can casually offer them your referral code, giving them an opportunity to travel safely and get savings. Credit amounts fluctuate based on where you live, but it’s easy to find out how much you’ll make. Log into your user account and click “Passenger Referrals” and then select your region under the “Referral Reward Finder” to find out how much you’ll make. This page will also show you how many successful invites you’ve had and even allow you to make a catchy custom referral code to give to friends and family.
  3. Steer clear of surge pricing. In the taxi-riding world, rates are stabilized, but in ridesharing, prices rise and fall with supply and demand. For example, when more people are requesting Lyft service in a certain location, the app will raise rates to encourage more local drivers to get on the road. While it may be a very interesting real-time lesson in economics, sometimes the peak hour pricing can be costly—at as much as 400% of the standard fare. Although peak hour or “Prime Time” pricing is rarely that high, it’s important to stay aware of it when you’re requesting rides. If you see rates going up, and you can wait it out, you may want to stay put until the price drops back down. If you think that you’re going to need a ride during Prime Time—such as New Year’s Eve in Manhattan—you can reserve a ride up to seven days in advance. When you reserve a ride, Lyft will pre-calculate and lock in a Prime Time rate, allowing you to avoid surprise surges and know how much it will cost ahead of time.
  4. Seek out surprises on social media. If you’re not requesting rides, you likely won’t have your Lyft app open, but chances are you spend plenty more time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram apps. If you do, giving Lyft a follow can give you some nice info—and rewards. While many of their posts are full of visual fun, some will highlight new services and special Lyft promotions that can help you save. On occasion, their Twitter is known to highlight cool offers in specific locales, like celebrations where fans can stop by to snag some free gifts.
  5. Take advantage of special Lyft promotions offered through Corporate partners. If you’re a customer of any of Lyft’s corporate partners, you may be able to stack up a ton of savings. For example, if you’re a T-Mobile customer, you can download the T-Mobile Tuesday app to access special Lyft discounts and prizes. JetBlue customers can also link their JetBlue and Lyft accounts to earn more TrueBlue rewards points for every airport ride they take.
  6. Don’t get stuck with the full cost—share the fare with friends. When you and a group of friends are traveling together in a Lyft, you run the risk of having to pay for the entire fare if you’re the one who requested the ride. Fortunately, you can use the app to divide the fare with your fellow passengers in an equal amount. It’s important to know that you need to have your friends in your phone contacts to split the fare and that the request to split must be made during the actual ride. Also note that while you will be saving money as a whole, Lyft does charge an extra 25 cents to each passenger when fares are shared.
  7. Be the perfect passenger to elevate your Lyft experience. One of the joys of Lyft is being able to request a ride in minutes and have a car at your location soon after. However, if you have a bad passenger rating, you may find that getting drivers to accept your request is tough and more time-consuming. Getting a good passenger rating is easy, so long as you mind your manners and act respectful. For example, be ready to go when your driver arrives, keep things clean in the car, and don’t be rude. It also really helps if you make sure to give your driver a fair tip, which starts at around 15% for standard rides, and maybe a little higher if they give exceptional service. These scores are collected from an average score given by your drivers and are based on a five-star system. Typically, riders who have a score lower than four stars may start to experience trouble getting picked up. If you’re curious what your score is, ask your next driver or contact Lyft’s customer support.
  8. Hop on the Lyft Line for lot more savings. If you don’t mind the idea of carpooling with people you don’t know, you could save an average of 60% on your fare cost with Lyft Line. Essentially, when you request a ride on the Lyft Line, the app will put you with a car that is taking passengers in the same direction. As a result, the driver can pick up more passengers, drive less, and spread the savings. But while the savings can be significant, you may want to leave some room in your schedule, since the added pick-ups and drop-offs can take a few extra minutes.
  9. Stretch out Lyft discount codes wisely. There’s a large variety of Lyft coupon codes available at any given time, so it’s important to make sure to review the specific terms and conditions for each offer. For instance, since many Lyft promotions are location-based, you should try to cash-in city-specific discount codes when you are visiting a new city and save your general offers for later. Also, take note that only one discount can be used per ride request.
  10. Avoid the cancellation fee. If you cancel your ride within five minutes of your ride arriving, or you simply don’t show up, Lyft will charge you a cancellation fee of $5 to cover the costs of the driver. In some cities, such as NYC, the charge can be as high as $10.
When you want to get around town for a good price, ridesharing with Lyft is always a great way to save. As fans of all things frugal, we hope our Lyft discount codes and Tips and Tricks will make your next ride even more pleasant. And remember—Lyft promotions are always changing. So be sure to check back to see if we have any new Lyft coupons to offer!

Get More for Less at Lyft

Compared to what a taxi or other car service would cost, Lyft’s ridesharing service is typically cheaper. It also tends to be more affordable than competing services, such as Uber. But once you discover the amazing convenience and ease of using Lyft, you’ll want to use it more—and those costs can add up. Fortunately, our trusted researchers have pulled up several Lyft coupon codes to help you cut your transportation costs. And if you check out the following buying guide, we’ve got plenty of Tips and Tricks to help you get more mileage out of your money when you use Lyft.

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A Word About Lyft

As the world becomes increasingly connected, getting to and from your destination is getting easier—and cheaper. Thanks to ridesharing companies like Lyft, you can use an app on your smartphone to request a ride from a trusted driver in minutes and take you where you need to go. Born in the tech capital of San Francisco in 2012, Lyft gave people a way to avoid the inconvenience and high prices of taxis. Currently providing more than one million rides a week, Lyft is a nationwide success story, providing a simple way for passengers to get from Point A to Point B, as well as creating jobs for over 100,000 drivers.

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