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(Updated May 26, 2017)

Limos.com Coupons


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Expires: 12/30/2030

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If you love Limos.com, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Limos.com

The promo codes that we have listed for you provide a great basis for savings when you’re shopping for service at Limos.com, but the truth is that they’re only the beginning. Discounts on airport shuttles, social media exclusives, and free guides that talk you through your options are all available to you with just a little knowhow. Keep reading to get in the loop, and get ready to let the Limos.com savings roll in.

  1. Free quotes to make you informed before you book.If you’re planning a gala event or huge celebration, you could be overwhelmed at the thought of the potential cost of renting a limousine. At Limos.com, you don’t have to stress yourself out! All you have to do is navigate to their website, type in your event details, and they will tell you precisely what sort of price you’re looking at. Their wide array of limo companies means that you get to take your pick, and you’ll never be left with just one high-priced option. Get a quote today and take some of the stress out of your planning!
  2. Need a lift to the airport? There’s a deal for that.Heading to the airport to catch a flight out of town doesn’t automatically mean that you have to rely on plain old taxi services to get you there! Limos.com offers airport shuttle services on their full inventory of accessible vehicles, putting you in control of riding in style. The best part? The company runs promotions from time to time that entitle you to 10% off your total, which can leave more money in your pocket for the finer things in life. What are you waiting for? Check out what Limos.com deals are current today!
  3. Tailor your package to your event.The size and style of limousine that you need varies on a case-by-case basis, and Limos.com has the expertise to customize your package accordingly. The company offers services specifically designed for weddings, proms, sporting events, wine tours, and so many more. This allows you to pick the car and services you need and ditch the ones you don’t. Head on over to Limos.com today, and never overpay for a luxury ride.
  4. Flexible timelines put you in control.It’s one thing to book a limousine for a scheduled wedding, but it’s quite another to estimate a timeline when you need other types of services. Maybe you’re looking for a ride from your hotel to a restaurant and back. Or perhaps you’re looking to hit the town for an evening, and you won’t know quite what you’ll be up to. Limos.com offers services that can meet all those needs, and includes a free pre-event consultation that ensures that they have every detail correct. Take control of your riding needs and check out their services today!
  5. Don’t need a limo? No problem.Contrary to what the company name may make you think, Limos.com offers so much more than just limousine rentals. When you book with them, you have the option of choosing the car that will fit your party size and your needs. They have access to companies that rent sedans, mini buses, SUVs, and motor coaches, all designed to get you where you need to go in style. Give them a call or take a look at the website today for more information, and you’ll never have to take a car that isn’t ideal for you.
  6. On the go? Get the app that goes with you.Mobile device applications have changed the way that we live, work, talk, and yes, book transportation! Limos.com is ahead of the curve on this one, allowing you full website functionality in the palm of your hand. The app is free to download, it works on Apple and Android devices, and it allows you to book, map, quote, and so much more from wherever you are! Grab it today and put access to the nicest rides available right in your pocket.
  7. Pricing guides help you make sense of it all.If you’re in the preliminary stages of planning your event, or if you’ve never rented a luxury car before, you may be concerned about what will be included with your quoted price. Limos.com wants to help take the guesswork out of the process for you, so they’ve listed a pricing guide on their website that is absolutely free to view. It covers any question you may have, like whether or not a tip is included in your quote, whether you’ll be responsible for tolls, who pays for gas, and so much more. This could save you time and stress when deciding what type of package is best for you. So take a look at Limos.com today—you’ll be glad you did.
  8. Add Limos.com to your news feed.Following the companies you love on social media opens up a direct line of contact with them, but following Limos.com gives you so much more than that. Add them to your feed on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You’ll have a front row seat for Limos.com discounts such as $10 off, customer reviews, tips for traveling, and company events. What are you waiting for? Follow them today and make yourself the most connected person in the room.
  9. Reviews allow you to leave your quality concerns behind.When you’re getting ready for an important event or celebration, you want to know that the driver and the company you’re using for services will meet your strict quality standards. At Limos.com, you can search through hundreds of companies and read their reviews before you book with them, allowing you to be sure that your ride will be timely, professional, and fun! After you’ve tried a new company, go ahead and leave a review for the next customer, so they know what a great time they can have with their Limos.com booking.
  10. Need to cancel? Limos.com has you covered.Sometimes life gets in the way of even the most carefully planned events, and if you find yourself in that situation, you may be looking to cancel your booking with Limos.com. If so, all you have to do is log in to your account on the website, view your reservation, and click “Cancel.” The company will take care of everything from there, taking a load off your mind and making cancellation a hassle-free experience. It’s important to note, however, that if you were quoted any cancellation fees during your consultation or at the time you booked, you will be subject to those fees. Need to know more? Feel free to contact the customer support staff at Limos.com, and they can talk you through the cancellation process, making it simple and seamless.
Everyone is looking for ways to enjoy luxury and service in their limo ride while also stretching their dollar. And we here at Coupon Surf strive to do exactly that for you. Be sure to utilize the Limos.com coupons and promo codes that we have listed for you, as well as the tricks of the trade that our researchers have unearthed for getting Limos.com savings, discounts, event planning strategies and more. If you have any questions, or if you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service department at Limos.com directly. They are there to aid you through every stage of the rental process, and are sure to leave you excited for your night out.

Get More for Less at Limos.com

Our promo codes provide a great kickstart to major savings on all of your car rental needs, but the truth is that they’re only the beginning of all the ways you have to save at Limos.com! Free quotes, more than just limos, and free mobile app benefits can be yours if you know where to find them. Dying to find out more? Be sure to check out our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide below, and don’t settle for anything less than the best ride.

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A Word About Limos.com

Limos.com is an innovative and cutting edge company designed to meet a market need for web-based limousine rental services. As their name may suggest, they allow you to book upscale transportation accommodations for private events, corporate outings, or special occasions. If you’re looking to reserve a limo for your wedding party, or if your child needs a beautiful ride to prom, Limos.com has the all of the selection and service you’re looking for.

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