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(Updated May 26, 2017)

Liberty Mutual Coupons

Liberty Mutual

Save at Liberty Mutual today!

Expires: 1/1/2030

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If you love Liberty Mutual, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Liberty Mutual

The promo codes that we have provided for you are a wonderful start to some serious savings when you’re shopping with Liberty Mutual, but the truth is that they are only the beginning of all the ways you have to save. Roadside assistance, online claims, and free tutorials for conquering life’s little disasters are all at your disposal if you know where to find them. Keep reading to get in the loop, and let the top deals come to you.

  1. Free quotes let you shop before you buy.People don’t often think of picking insurance policies the same way they shop for other items, but the truth is that you’re going to want to know how much you have to pay before you sign up. Liberty Mutual gives you that ability with their free quote tool, which tailors the cost of the policy not only to what you’re looking to cover, but also to your area of the country. You can check out prices for auto, life, homeowners, motorcycle, and so many more types of insurance, all without agreeing to pay a dime. If only everything in life could be that easy!
  2. Bundle your policies and save.Are you in need of a couple of different types of insurance? Are you tired of having to keep track of rates and due dates from different companies every month? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Liberty Mutual has the solution for you. With their Multi-Policy Discounts, you can actually save money the more policies you have with the company. Now, their prices are already very low to begin with, and bundling services will essentially let you double down on the savings. These can really add up to extra money for more important things in life. Get a quote today and see how much a bundle could save you.
  3. Get covered for more than just the basics.Insurance companies are known for offering automobile and homeowners insurance commonly, as those are usually in the highest demand. Liberty Mutual is different in the sense that they offer a more comprehensive selection of policies to choose from, including pet insurance, life insurance, identity theft insurance, ATV insurance, renters insurance, and more. If you combine this information with the Liberty Mutual savings you get by bundling policies with the company, you could be well on your way to greater peace of mind without putting too big a dent in your wallet.
  4. Let the Coverage Compass be your guide.Let’s face it—understanding insurance policies is tough, and sometimes it feels like you’d have to be a rocket science to know everything that your policy does and does not include. At Liberty Mutual, they offer a way to get the most out of information pertaining to your coverage without feeling the need to tear out your hair in the process! It’s called their Coverage Compass, and in essence, it’s a digital resource available on the website that explains literally everything you need to know about your policy. The topics they cover include coverage itself, gaps, bonus eligibilities, and so much more. The best part? It’s free to use on LibertyMutual.com for any policyholder. What are you waiting for? Take a look today.
  5. Roadside Assistance is always there.If you’ve ever been stranded along the side of the road for any length of time, you know what an obnoxious and stressful experience it can be. With Liberty Mutual, you can leave those fears behind with their Roadside Assistance program. This service allows you to call an agent to your location anytime, day or night. They can arrange tow services, get you gasoline, give you a jump if your battery dies, help you change your flat, and so much more. This level of peace of mind can be priceless. If you want it included in your auto policy, talk to an agent today and find out how.
  6. Got a claim? Liberty Mutual makes it easy.As if getting into a car accident isn’t bad enough, waiting around for a claims adjuster can make it even worse. At Liberty Mutual, they put the power in your hands to get a jump on your claim. You can report a claim right on the website, and use the same service to track the status of the claim so you’re always kept in the know. Don’t fly blind and rely on phone calls alone! Get insured by Liberty Mutual and take back the power.
  7. Find out how to do anything with MasterThis.In addition to just selling insurance policies, Liberty Mutual strives to keep you educated about how to best navigate some of life’s unpleasant surprises. The MasterThis service on their website is one of the many ways they achieve that goal. It gives you step-by-step info and video tutorials on how to do, well, whatever you need to get done! Things like mitigating the damage of heavy rains and hail, hiring an auto mechanic, purchasing a sweet new ride, and so many more are covered. To make it even better, anyone can view these documents absolutely free, even people who aren’t Liberty Mutual customers. Check it out today and make yourself the most prepared person in the room.
  8. On the go? Grab the app.Applications for mobile devices have revolutionized the way that we work, talk, and shop, and they’ve also allowed us to manage our insurance policies quickly and easily. The Liberty Mutual app is certainly no exception to this, as it is offered absolutely free to download, works on both Android and Apple devices, and puts a wide variety of perks right at your fingertips. From the app, you can pay your bill, submit pictures of a claim, and even find a gas station via GPS if you’re in an area you aren’t familiar with. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so download it today to get the full Liberty Mutual treatment no matter where you go.
  9. Make Liberty Mutual your new best friend.Following your favorite companies on social media gives you a direct line of contact to them, but following Liberty Mutual gives you that and then some. Add them today on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and you’ll be first in line for customer reviews, career opportunities, and tips to make the most out of every area of your life. And if there are natural disasters and storms in your area, Liberty Mutual posts quick links on social media to get you started on the path to recovery right away. Follow them today—you’ll be glad you did.
  10. Need to cancel? They have you covered.We’ve all had the experience of needing to cancel a service we subscribed to, and Liberty Mutual knows exactly what that’s like. If you find yourself needing to cancel your policy for one reason or another, the first thing that you should do is contact the customer support staff at Liberty Mutual right away. The cancellation procedure hinges a great deal on what state you’re living in, and it’s a good idea to keep in mind that there may be fees involved. Don’t worry though, a Liberty Mutual pro will be able to give you all the details and take care of the rest for you.
Everyone is looking to stretch their dollar as much as they can when they’re shopping for insurance, and we here at Coupon Surf want to give you ways to do exactly that. Be sure to use the Liberty Mutual coupons and promo codes that we have compiled for you, as well as the insider secrets our researchers have unearthed. If you’re confused about anything, or if you need a little bit of help finalizing your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service team or an agent at Liberty Mutual today. They are there to aid you through every stage of the buying process, and will have you fully protected in no time.

Get More for Less at Liberty Mutual

Our promo codes provide an excellent baseline for saving big on your insurance needs, but do you know all the other ways you have to save at Liberty Mutual? Free quotes, discounts for bundled policies, and full support with their Coverage Compass can all be yours with just a couple clicks of your mouse. Curious to find out more? Be sure to check out our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide below for all the details, and get ready to save on the protection you need.

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A Word About Liberty Mutual

Since 1912, Liberty Mutual has been protecting individuals from all the circumstances of life, offering a wide variety of insurance policies at affordable prices. The company’s cornerstone is their customer support, boasting knowledgeable and well-trained agents who truly tailor their services to the needs of the individual. If you’re on the hunt for a new plan and are feeling overwhelmed by the options out there, take a look at what Liberty Mutual can do for you.

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