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(Updated May 19, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from JC Whitney! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at JC Whitney

We’re not just content to provide promo codes that give you JC Whitney savings on your order. We’ve taken it another step to uncover all the inside ways to get more and pay less, and outlined them all in our handy guide below. Interested in learning how to get free items with your purchase? We tell you how below. We also give you the scoop on the great rebates JC Whitney offers, as well as their special promotions, money-saving coupons, and even incredible deals on your whole order. From essential replacement parts that keep your car or truck functioning properly and safely to the latest interior and exterior accessories that make your vehicle shine with personality and style, JC Whitney has everything you could need or want. What’s even better is that we show you how to get it all and save money. Keep reading our guide below to learn how you can walk away with amazing deals from this auto parts and accessories superstore.

  1. Find instant coupons that help you save! Ready to shop at JC Whitney? Don’t forget to take a look around their home page for instant coupons. These vary, but you may encounter incredible deals such as a percent off coupon code when you spend over a certain dollar amount. For example, you could get something like 10 percent off your total order if you spend more than $49. Discounts that are applied to your total order really give you the freedom to get all you need, and the savings quickly add up. Since these offers change, be sure to take a peek whenever you’re shopping to see what the latest JC Whitney coupon codes are.
  2. Connect, learn, and get updates on all the savings and deals with JC Whitney on social media. By following this auto parts retailer on social media, you can stay on top of JC Whitney deals, specials, coupons, and even contests. Even better, you can get tons of great free info and tips when you connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. Remember to check out the JC Whitney blog, too, to learn about sponsored vehicle builds, the latest news, and tons of great tips with valuable and practical help. You’ll learn about common mistakes to avoid when detailing your vehicle, DIY projects like how to create more space in your trunk using plywood, and routine maintenance you should be staying on top of every 3,000 miles.
  3. FREE everyday shipping so you can save more! Get an amazing deal when you shop at JC Whitney by saving on your shipping costs. Not only will you be saving time and fuel by getting everything conveniently online, you can also save with their awesome free shipping. What really stands out about the shipping at JC Whitney is that there is NO MINIMUM PURCHASE required, so you are really getting a great deal, whether you buy a little or buy a lot!
  4. Promotional offers on select products give you deep discounts! While you can always get everyday savings like their free shipping with no minimum, there are plenty of other exciting deals at JC Whitney that change frequently. These include excellent promotional offers on select product or product categories. While these change, one thing’s for certain: they can save you a bundle! Need new parts for your exhaust system? You might find JC Whitney running a special such as 20 percent off on them. Does your car or truck need new brake parts or brake pads? You might be able to score ten percent off. From shocks and struts to brakes and bedcovers, you can find tons of great deals on just about everything JC Whitney sells.
  5. Get free items with certain purchases. Another limited-time offer you may find at JC Whitney is the chance to get free items when you make a certain purchase. For example, you might find an offer like two free wheel chocks when you purchase items from top brands like Race Ramps. (Be sure to read the fine print, as some of these offers may require a minimum purchase in order to be eligible for the free products.)
  6. Great contests let you have the chance to win incredible prizes! From time to time, JC Whitney may also offer contests that let you win cash or great prizes like JC Whitney merchandise. Stay on top of these by checking out their website or social media sites. Or sign up for email alerts so you are in the know. While these vary, you may able to enter to win something as awesome as a complete makeover for your truck or jeep!
  7. Free tools simplify your shopping experience. Shopping at JC Whitney never means a hassle. They’ve taken great steps to make sure getting all the car and truck parts and accessories you need is fast and easy. That’s why they offer great free tools to help you, like their handy part selector tool. Just enter in year, make, and model of your vehicle, and you’ll get a comprehensive overview of all JC Whitney offers for it. There’s also free live chat help and a customer service hotline (you can even shop by phone if you prefer). You can also easily browse by best-selling items, part categories, brand, or vehicle make, too.
  8. Find outstanding rebates on parts you need! Another great thing about shopping at JC Whitney is that you may also find great rebates from popular brands at this auto retailer. Finding an item you need anyway that comes with a great rebate is an awesome deal. Not only do you get the service and satisfaction that JC Whitney is known for, you may get money back on your purchase with a rebate, too!
  9. A low price policy means you don’t have to shop around. Many of us spend lots of time shopping around, spending countless hours researching and browsing for the best auto parts deals. At JC Whitney, you don’t have to. That’s because they offer an amazing low price policy that promises to match the lowest deal you can find on the same part by the same manufacturer. (This does not apply to deals with rebates.) Knowing that you are getting the lowest price means that you can spend more time working on your car or truck instead of wasting time shopping around. You can get back to what you love more quickly and shop with peace of mind, thanks to JC Whitney’s low price policy. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee, and representatives are standing by to help you if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
  10. Returns, cancellations, and refunds. You can cancel an order from JC Whitney any time up until you have received an order confirmation. After this it cannot be cancelled. If you need to return a product, you may do so within 30 days of when you received the item (item must be in the original and unused condition to be eligible for a return). You must get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, either by filling out the information online or calling customer service, in order to return your product. A few items, such as CD-Roms and custom orders, are not eligible for returns. Refunds are usually authorized within two to three days, although they may take up to seven days.
Along with our helpful promo codes that always save you money, you can get a lot more for your dollar when you go with JC Whitney deals. There are plenty of ways to get auto parts savings on everything you need for your car and truck. You can use instant JC Whitney coupons and promotions on products and brands. Get free shipping with no minimum purchase. And enjoy peace of mind with their out-of-this-world low price guarantees. Whether you need tires or towing equipment, floor mats or fog lights, JC Whitney has you covered, all for less than you can imagine. Don’t forget to drop by and see the latest promo codes from Coupon Surf. And refresh yourself with the complete list of ways you can save on all your auto parts and accessories with JC Whitney specials and promotions.

Get More for Less at JC Whitney

You can always count on our money-saving promo codes to help you out when it comes to saving on your JC Whitney purchases, but did you know you could also win great prizes, get unbelievable deals on shipping, and get great free perks from JC Whitney, too? There’s a multitude of ways you can save at this great auto parts company, and our expert researchers have gathered up all the info you need to get more for less in our tips and tricks guide for you.

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A Word About JC Whitney

If you’re looking for a great place to pick up parts and accessories for your car or truck, JC Whitney won’t let you down. They’ve been serving the needs of auto owners since 1915, so it’s a name you know you can trust. What began as a small business offering salvaged auto parts became a thriving, industry-leading business that offers customers across the nation high-quality car and truck parts from top brands. Dedicated to offering customers value, selection, and great service, JC Whitney continues to come up with innovative ways to create better service and offer more products than ever before.

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