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(Updated May 17, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from Hatcountry! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Hatcountry

Whether you want a luxury look for line dancing or want to represent your favorite baseball team on a budget, Hatcountry sales will have you covered. In addition to our Hatcountry coupon codes, our researchers have flipped the lid on many savings opportunities for you. Give our list a look through to learn how to hook yourself up with exclusive Hatcountry promotions, get free shipping on your next order, and find easy gifts for less.

  1. See new hat and apparel sales every day. Chances are if you’re buying a cowboy hat, you like a little sense of adventure in your life. Hatcountry knows a lot of its customers are always on the search for surprise, which is why they put their hat and apparel sales front-and-center. To see their current featured sales, you just need to head to their home page and click on the “Sale Products” section. Although the sale products may be somewhat limited, they do update regularly and touch on many different categories. And with Hatcountry savings of up to 75%, it’s always worth a peek.
  2. Join the herd and wrangle in instant savings. Acting as the Pony Express of the hat-purchasing world, Hatcountry uses its email newsletters as a way to send out smoke signals when savings are near. Subscribing to their newsletter is free—just submit your email address in the “Get in Touch” form found near the bottom of their home page. You’ll get an email the next time there’s a special Hatcountry promotion. And you won’t have to wait long to save, as new subscribers are instantly rewarded with an exclusive discount code to put toward their next order.
  3. Spend a Benjamin to get free shipping. Unlike other types of apparel, hats often require more packaging and can be costly and time-consuming to ship. Having streamlined the process, Hatcountry offers speedy, stress-free shipping on all their orders at incredibly low rates—complete with order tracking. And if you spend $99 or more, you’ll also get to enjoy all this service with free shipping at no extra cost.
  4. Lasso in more luxury western wear for less when you order from the outlets.While it looks like just another product category on their site, the “Outlets” section is definitely where you want to click if you’re looking for the widest selection of low-priced hats, boots, and apparel. Similar to what you’d find at the outlet malls, this virtual outlet is full of clearance and closeout items that have deep Hatcountry discounts. They stock their outlet regularly with styles from every product category and regularly rotate the selection. Since the Hatcountry outlets typically feature previous-season products, you won’t have to expect any drop in quality in exchange for the lower price. But you may not want to linger on checking out—some items may never be available again once they are sold out!
  5. Create an expensive look with your old hats for pennies on the dollar. If you have an older cowboy hat that you’ve worn in and grown comfortable with, it can feel like quite a shame to throw it out when it starts looking a little too rugged. Fortunately, Hatcountry offers a decent assortment of hat accessories that can allow you to revitalize and restyle your favorite hats. With chin straps and hat bands that are competitively priced, Hatcountry makes it easy for you to get more life out of those classics and enjoy an expensive look while getting savings at the same time.
  6. Discover Hatcountry coupon codes instantly on social media. Hatcountry straps on the social media saddle to keep their audience connected to all the latest happenings in western wear. If you follow the brand on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, you’ll have the opportunity to get instant updates on their product news, as well as stay abreast of a lot of relevant cultural stories—such as country music releases and style profiles. But the best thing you’ll get out of a follow is the savings. The company tends to post Hatcountry discount codes on their social media accounts first. They may even put up coupons that you won’t find anywhere else.
  7. Throw money in your hat as a Hatcountry affiliate. Do you run a country music blog? Host a rodeo events page? Or maybe a style watch site? By hosting approved ads on your site, you could hook your followers up with the latest Hatcountry promotions and earn money at the same time. Offering commissions up to 6%, the Hatcountry affiliate program is a great way to pad your pocketbook and finance your country clothing obsession. Signing up is easy and free, just click the “Affiliates” link at the bottom of their site to learn more.
  8. Give better last-minute gifts. When holidays roll around sooner than you think, finding last-minute gifts can feel uninspired. And, many times, it’s tempting to pay a high price just to get a loved one something special on time. Fortunately, Hatcountry can help you avoid these issues with their Fast Stock collection. Fast Stock features top-of-the-line hats and apparel that the store already has in stock—and the items are ready to ship. They’ll move fast so you can be generous without having to resort to giving a boring, overpriced present.
  9. Take the “cost” out of costume when you shop the Hatcountry Halloween sale. Sure, Hatcountry is full of items that are perfect for everyday wear. But this brand knows that sometimes a hat is all you need to make that unique costume even more authentic. If you’re dressing up for Halloween, make sure to check out the seasonal Hatcountry promotion that can get you all kinds of gear for less.
  10. Take advantage of Amazon deals.Apart from their main e-commerce store, Hatcountry sells over 300 select items through their verified Amazon store. Although the selection may be smaller than what’s found on their website, you may be able to spot a rare deal and snag a single item with free Amazon shipping. It’s also a great way to put any Amazon gift cards to use.
  11. Compare clothing items to maximize your cost savings. With as many products as Hatcountry offers, it can be hard to keep track of all the styles you want—and know which ones are the best deal for your budget. Fortunately, their online store makes it easy to compare your potential purchases to see which items are the least expensive (and the most stylish). While browsing, be sure to hit the “compare” icon that looks like a bar graph. When you’re done and ready to compare, scroll up to the top of the page and hit the same icon to see your results.
  12. Return and exchange without the headache. If you end up with a gifted hat you’d rather exchange or you bought boots that didn’t fit, Hatcountry simplifies the returns process to avoid unnecessary stress. They offer exchanges and refunds on most purchases within 30 days of delivery date, but you’ll need to pay to send it back. However, if your item arrived damaged or defective, it’s better to contact their customer service team directly as they can expedite the process.
  13. Take notes on coupon code exclusions. Each Hatcountry discount code is unique, so it’s important to review the specific offer terms and conditions before making your purchase. For instance, most will not allow you to combine offers, while some may require you to buy specific items or fulfill a certain order total before you are awarded the discount.
With amazing deals and exceptional products, Hatcountry has everything you need to satisfy your head and your wallet. We hope our shopping tips will get you all gussied up at good prices. But before you dive in and make your first purchase, be sure to review our Hatcountry coupon codes to see if you can save on your order. Happy hat hunting!

Get More for Less at Hatcountry

If modern western wear’s high prices have you saying “hold on to your horses!” you won’t want to miss out on our Hatcountry buying guide. While the e-tailer already offers quality-crafted hats, boots, and apparel at competitively low prices, our Hatcountry discount codes can earn you considerable savings on your next cowboy clothing purchase. If you’re looking to lasso in even greater deals, our Tips and Tricks to Save More at Hatcountry reveals some great pointers on how to pinpoint savings with this leading online hat seller.

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A Word About Hatcountry

Giving the world access to Wild West wears, Hatcountry offers a wide selection of hats, boots, apparel, and accessories that’s fit for the modern cowboy or cowgirl. Hatcountry was formed in 1973, connecting with consumers at rodeos and county fairs to sell a wide variety of western wear. Building strong relationships with high-end hat brands—such as Stetson and Resistol—Hatcountry eventually grew to become a pioneer of online hat sales. Since becoming an online-only hat retailer in 2003, Hatcountry has grown to offer more than just western wear, offering today’s shopper a vast assortment of athletic, fedora, bucket, derby, and porkpie hats.

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