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(Updated May 26, 2017)

Gotham Cigars Coupons

Gotham Cigars

Check out the great deals at Gotham Cigars.

Expires: 1/1/2030

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If you love Gotham Cigars, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Gotham Cigars

The promo codes that we have listed for you are a wonderful way to start saving when you’re shopping at Gotham Cigars, but the truth is that they’re only the beginning. Cigar of the Month Club membership perks, free gifts, and social media exclusives are all at your disposal if you know where to find them. Read on to get a play-by-play, and get ready to rake in the deals.

  1. Take advantage of a Groupon promotion.For anyone who doesn’t know, Groupon is an amazing service that offers its subscribers coupons and discounts on the goods and services they use all the time. If you’re as savvy with Groupon as you are with fine cigars, check out their Gotham Cigars deals the next time you’re browsing their promotions, and you could save some serious coin on your next purchase. Savings on sampler packs, discounted Cigar of the Month club memberships, mystery boxes, and so much more can be found there, but the discounts don’t last forever, so be sure to see what’s current today before you make your purchase.
  2. Did somebody say free shipping?Buying fine cigars online is an investment, and sometimes paying a shipping fee on top of that investment can bust even the most generous budget. The good news is that Gotham Cigars runs free shipping promotions that can give you free standard freight all across their website. You read that correctly—your favorite cigars delivered right to your door without costing you an extra dime. These promotions run on a random schedule, so be sure you check the website before you buy to see how much they can save you.
  3. Grab these closeouts before they’re gone!Everyone knows that the clearance section is the best place to find low prices in a retail store, but at Gotham Cigars, they’ve dedicated an entire page to closeouts which serves the same purpose. Brands like Alec Bradley, CAO, Cuestra Ray, and so many more can be found here for up to 50% off their retail price! These items have a very limited stock, so these deals won’t stick around for a long time. Take a peek at what’s available today—your wallet will thank you.
  4. Make your month with a Cigar of the Month club membership.There’s nothing quite like being the member of a club, and if you love cigars, the Cigar of the Month Club is right up your alley. There are various levels of membership available to you, ranging between the Silver (a one-month membership) to the Diamond (a 12-month membership), and the prices sit between $29.95-$299.99. When you join the club, you get a random selection of the most popular names in cigars delivered directly to you, and you don’t even have to stop at the smoke shop! In addition to that, you’ll get free shipping on every box, a free cigar cutter, matches, and a newsletter to keep you informed of everything going on at Gotham Cigars. All these goodies at your doorstep for such a low price? What are you waiting for? Get online and sign up today!
  5. Need an ashtray? You can get one for free!Among the many amazing brands and styles of cigars available to you at Gotham Cigars, there are also a lot of freebies you can score if you happen to be browsing at the right time. For example, the company runs the occasional promotion that entitles you to a free ashtray with your cigar purchase, and this can include big names like Macanudo and more. The next time you’re thinking about buying an ashtray, check GothamCigars.com and see if you can get one at absolutely no charge!
  6. Take $2 off your next cigar pack.Are you a fan of packs of cigars? Do you enjoy savings? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Gotham Cigars may just have a deal for you. From time to time, the company has sales on cigar packs that can save you up to $2 on all of your favorites. Depending on how often you smoke, these savings can really add up, so make sure you keep an eye on the website to grab a great deal on all the most popular brands.
  7. Keep in touch with Gotham Cigars.Receiving emails from the stores you shop at the most is a wonderful way to get a heads up on all the future sales and promotions they’ll be running, and Gotham Cigars is no exception to that rule. The next time you’re perusing their website, consider clicking the link at the bottom of the home page to sign up for their newsletter. If you do, you’ll be able to specify the types of cigars you like, and tailor your subscription to that information. If only everything in life were that easy!
  8. Free lighters for all.If it seems like freebies are the name of the game at Gotham Cigars, you couldn’t be more correct! They love to give little gifts and goodies with many cigar purchases, and sometimes that even includes their signature lighter. Beautiful and heavy duty, you can catch this lighter as a free gift with your purchase during a promotional period. Keep your eyes peeled for this freebie to pop up on the website, and treat yourself to a little extra with your smoke.
  9. Put Gotham Cigars in your news feed.Following your favorite retailers on social media gives you a direct line to them in case you ever need them, but with Gotham Cigars, you get that and so much more. Add them to your news feed on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, and you’ll find customer reviews, brand new releases, and special deals you won’t find anywhere else. Follow them today to stay informed and keep more cash in your wallet!
  10. Need to make a return? Not a problem!We’ve all had the experience of ordering something online, only to have it delivered to us and find that it’s damaged. When you’re looking for a quality smoke, that’s the last thing you need, and Gotham Cigars totally understands. They have a simple and seamless return policy to mitigate these types of situations, but it’s important to note that you only have 3 days to report any defect in your order. If you find something wrong in the cigars that you receive, contact the customer service team at Gotham Cigars right away. They will provide you with an RAN (or return authorization number) to use, and you’ll pack up the product and ship it back. After the 3 day timeline has closed, however, the company does not accept any returns.
Everyone is on the hunt for the lowest prices they can find when they’re shopping for tobacco products, and we here at Coupon Surf want to deliver that directly for you. Be sure to utilize the coupons and promo codes that we have listed for you, as well as the tricks of the trade that our researchers have dug up. If you have any questions, or if you need any help finalizing your purchase, be sure to contact the customer support staff at Gotham Cigars directly. They are happy to help with anything you need, and send you home with the cigars you’ll love.

Get More for Less at Gotham Cigars

Our promo codes provide a great basis for saving big on all your cigar needs, but do you know all of the other ways you have to save on your purchase at Gotham Cigars? Groupon promotions, free shipping, and slashed prices on closeouts can all be yours with just a click of your mouse. Curious to know more? Check out our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide below for all the details, and you may never pay full retail for cigars again.

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A Word About Gotham Cigars

Gotham Cigars is an industry leader in the web-based sale of fine cigars, boasting a vast and varied product line geared to suit the needs of any avid smoker. In addition to their impressive selection, the company is known for their exceptional quality, only carrying brands that have been meticulously inspected and passed with flying colors. Whether you're a cigar connoisseur or you’re just looking for the perfect gift for someone who is, Gotham Cigars truly has something for everyone.

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