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(Updated May 17, 2017)

Gaiam Coupons


Yoga DVDs Now: 3 For $18.98

Expires: 5/7/2021

If you love Gaiam, check out these stores as well

If you love Gaiam, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Gaiam

Finding the perfect yoga gear can make your practice all that more enjoyable. Getting it for a good price is even better. If you’re a first-timer, Gaiam can start you off on the right foot. For example, they offer exclusive new customer discounts and shopping guides to help you find the best mat. But seasoned yogis will also find that Gaiam promotions, contests, and special events are great ways to bend budgets further. Keep reading to discover ways to avoid the stress of overspending on top-notch yoga products.

  1. Subscribe before you shop and save 15%. Before you start browsing, it’s worth signing up for Gaiam’s free newsletter. By providing your email in the form at the bottom of their home page, you’ll get alerts on Gaiam promotions, new products, and special events. New subscribers also get a special 15% off discount code that’s perfect to use on your first purchase.
  2. Snatch up last season’s gear when you shop om-mazing clearance sales. In the spirit of discovery, Gaiam introduces new yoga products every season to delight the fashion-forward yogi. In order to make room for this new stock, the e-tailer puts a lot of their existing gear on clearance. New items from every category are added regularly, but quantities can be limited. If you act fast, you can get Gaiam savings that range anywhere from 10% to 50% off.
  3. Don’t waste money on mats that don’t meet your expectations—find the perfect match. Whether your practice involves yoga, pilates, or anything in between, your mat will be your trusted foundation that will allow you to have a productive, comfortable experience. But not every mat may prove to be a match for you. Offering something to fit every type of yogi, Gaiam has a wide selection of yoga mats that come in different thicknesses, designs, and functionalities. If you want to make sure your purchase is going to work out for you, we recommend using the site’s yoga mat finder that pairs your preferences to items that best suit your stretching style.
  4. Stock up to save on shipping costs. Gaiam offers free shipping to customers who spend more than $75 when they use standard shipping. Since their items are pretty affordable, you may need to buy a few different things to meet the order requirement. But the amount you save on shipping could be well worth the expense. Free shipping may not apply if you’re buying an oversize item or if your delivery address isn’t within the lower 48 states.
  5. Save on yoga classes, download Yoga Studio App instead. As part of their mission to make yoga accessible to everyone, everywhere, Gaiam developed the Yoga Studio App. While this app will cost a few dollars to download, it will give you instant access to 24-hours’ worth of video instruction that’s designed for both beginners and experts. Whether you want to perfect a pose or are trying to get your heart pumping, you can use this app to get your practice in at any time you want. And with the average in-person yoga class priced at $12 or more, this app can really help you save while you break in that new gear.
  6. Build a better practice for your students with Gaiam wholesale discounts. If you operate any kind of yoga practice space or wellness center, Gaiam can help you save on materials that you use for your clients. While small business owners have to apply for their wholesale program, the rewards are well worth the effort. Not only does the resource allow you to place bulk orders online and enjoy a 180-day guarantee. You’ll also get up to 45% off the retail price on everything from yoga blocks to balance balls and everything in between. Your business budget will love it. And the quality materials you buy will keep students coming back so your bottom line thrives.
  7. Pick up Gaiam gear at partner stores.If you like to try before you buy, Gaiam products are sold at many retailers throughout the United States, including Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. Although the product selection is a little more limited and not cheaper than what you’d find on the Gaiam site, you could shop strategically to save. For instance, you could use those infamous BB&B coupons or earn rewards at Target with your REDcard.
  8. Participate in Gaiam contests for win-win results.Every so often, Gaiam launches a promotional contest that offers big prizes, including gift certificates that you can use on their site. The contests are open to most and only require a little interaction—like sharing a photo of yourself in practice. So whether you win or lose the contest, you’ll still be giving your body and mind the rewards of wellness.
  9. Shop, share, and save on social media. If you’re a social-savvy yogi, you’ll likely want to follow Gaiam on Instagram in order to see artsy shots of cool yoga poses that will push your practice to the next level. You may even be able to get a little notoriety by sharing your own posing photos using their specialized hashtags. In addition to Insta, Gaiam can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Putting them in your feed is smart if you want to get quick notifications on new gear, exclusive events, Gaiam sales, and practice tips. You can also check out the Gaiam blog for more in-depth articles on today’s modern yoga scene.
  10. Focus your intention on earning with an award-winning affiliate program. If you have a strong online presence—such as a fitness blog or a site for your yoga classes—you can earn money by introducing your audience to the Gaiam brand. By taking part in their affiliate program, you can easily advertise Gaiam promotions on your site and earn competitive commissions on linked purchases. While there are several affiliate programs for wellness entrepreneurs to consider, this one could be your best investment, as it has won awards for its impressive functionality and member benefits.
  11. Interact with the brand at special wellness events.If you’re a big fan of the Gaiam brand, you can keep a lookout for special wellness events hosted by the company. For example, they partnered with Lord + Taylor to host a weekend of fitness classes and wellness workshops in NYC. The events are only limited to a certain amount of people who RSVP. But being any early bird can pay off, as they are known to give the first crowd free merchandise. Following Gaiam on Facebook and looking at their events is usually the best way to stay abreast of potential event opportunities.
  12. Keep your calm with easy coupon and return policies. Since Gaiam is all about enhancing life, they have pretty easygoing policies for their customers. When shopping, however, it’s important to note that Gaiam coupon codes may only apply to specific items, certain order totals, and are typically reserved for one-time uses. You also can’t combine discount codes to stack up savings. Fortunately, you can have confidence in all the new gear you buy, as Gaiam’s Satisfaction Guaranteed returns program simplifies refunds and exchanges. It’s so easy that if you are unsatisfied with any item, you can send it back to the company anytime for any reason. All you have to do is reach out to their helpful customer service team on how to do it.
Whether you’re taking up yoga for the first time or extending your practice, it’s clear that there are plenty of ways to save when you shop at Gaiam. We hope that our collection of Gaiam discount codes and savings tips can help you not only achieve a greater state of wellness for yourself—but also for your wallet. Namaste!

Get More for Less at Gaiam

If you’re thinking about taking up yoga, but aren’t sure about investing a lot of money into your beginning practice, there are plenty of ways to save at Gaiam. Our buying guide rolls out the latest Gaiam coupon codes to use on your next purchase and save big. In addition, our researchers have compiled plenty of Tips and Tricks to Save More at Gaiam that range from clearance deals to shipping specials. Whether you’re trying to stretch your dollar a little further or want to get the most out of your yoga routine, the following list is worth meditating on.

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A Word About Gaiam

Inspiring people all over the world to build better bodies through natural wellness, Gaiam offers a wide selection of high-quality yoga and health products. The brand (named from a combination of “earth” and “I am”) was founded on specialized yoga tools, including cushioned, non-slip, chemical-free yoga mats. Believing that wellness should be accessible to all, Gaiam has since grown to offer a wide range of fitness and recovery products at affordable price points. They also offer videos and resources to help their followers discover the benefits of yoga. Today, their success is represented not only by their impressive e-commerce site, but also through their partnerships with thousands of retailers in the US.

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