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(Updated June 26, 2017)

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If you love GNC, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at GNC

GNC ranks at the top of the list in reputation and reliability in the U.S. You’ll find that their prices are not only competitive, but also often better than other similar retailers. And with frequent promotions, mailings, coupons, and seasonal deals, GNC is a no-brainer for the best sales and highest savings.

  1. Stretch those savings with free shipping! Finding a great deal doesn’t need to be blemished by exorbitant shipping and handling fees. Here at Coupon Surf we think that shipping should be always be free. Luckily GNC does offer free shipping to their customers! If you place an order of $49 or more GNC offers free shipping. We understand that may be frustrating for the infrequent buyer or occasional health nut, but we’ve found it’s very easy to total $50, and even above, without having to trump up your order with products you don’t want or will never use. For just about any healthy lifestyle, workout routine, or nutritional plan, you need more than one supplement or vitamin. Maybe you’re hitting the gym, trying to get those sick gains, and you don’t have the time to head to GNC. Well you can get free shipping by ordering your protein powder, your multi-vitamin, and your new blender cup (because we all know the others are sitting dirty in your sink). You can use the money you were going to spend on shipping to double your order, making sure you won’t run out anytime soon, or even buy another product to make the most of your supplement, and have your order shipped for free right to your house.
  2. Subscribe to your faves and save.GNC has a convenient subscription feature for all of their products. Ever catch yourself with dwindling doses of daily vitamins and supplements, then realize you won’t have time to motor over to your local GNC? If you never want to run out, then the next time you order online just hit the “Subscribe+Save” option, and you can set a monthly, recurring subscription for that product. This can be done for one product or multiple, and it automatically ships them for free to your house. Yep, you heard it here. This is another way to get free shipping on all of your favorite products. But that’s not all, because GNC knows how quickly supplements and vitamins can add up you will also receive a 10% off discount when you subscribe. You’re not only saving on the whole order itself, but you’re also saving on time and gas. And the subscription can be paused at any time, which gives you the option to start it up with no hassle or lengthy setup. You can also edit the frequency of delivery, but this may differ for products so be sure to read all the fine print. If you want to change your payment option on any of your subscriptions it must be done by contacting GNC’s customer service at 1-877-GNC-4700 or online at GNC.com.
  3. Rack up GNC reward points to bulk up on discounts.MyGNC rewards is a way to earn points and rewards for all of your purchases. This is GNC’s way of giving back to their loyal and dedicated customers, as well as informing them of seasonal promotions, deals and coupons. You can get cash-back rewards for certain amount of loyalty points, which you earn from purchases online and in-store. To kick off your membership GNC will credit you with $5 in rewards just for activating your free myGNC account. There are tons of opportunities and promotions to earn 2x and 3x the points, and there are even sweepstakes to win larger amounts of points. GNC will even give you a free gift on your birthday! Turn those points into GNC cash so you can stretch your dollar and double down on the discounted savings.
  4. Pro access membership for pro rewards.So we told you about myGNC rewards, which is GNC’s free cash-back rewards program. But for a small fee of $39.99 you can jack up those savings with a myGNC Pro Access membership. You get all of the original benefits of the basic free myGNC rewards account, plus free shipping all year on all GNC.com orders. As well as extended time to redeem your savings and rewards. Pro Access members get additional special promotions and giveaways like GNC’s Gear for a Year and exclusive access to ongoing health and fitness giveaways. The Pro Access membership also gives you Pick-Your-Sale days in your first and second 90-days of membership. These exclusive Pick-Your-Sale days are special promotions, coupons, or discounts, like 3x rewards points or 20% off, that are only available to Pro members. And if you love free samples then you will love getting the Probox three times a year with new samples and products based on your lifestyle and goals, only for GNC’s Pro Access members.
  5. Order vitamins and supplements from your smartphone.We know a mobile app isn’t especially new to most people, but GNC launched its GNC LiveWell app for added convenience in today’s fast-paced and mobile society. With the app you can easily browse the GNC store for any product, check on current sales and offers, and view your rewards points. You can also apply your rewards points for cash back rewards, and even use them with purchases through the app to save directly on orders. The app also offers the same ease in searching as the website, allowing you to search by product such as weight management, daily nutrition, fitness, and more.
  6. A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee means no worries.That’s probably a relief to most people, especially anyone who’s ordered a supplement online and been stuck with something opened, damaged, or simply a product you don’t like. We also know that you can’t always tell if a vitamin or supplement works the way you need or expect it to. Either way, you need to open it and try it, and where most companies may not take an opened supplement or vitamin, GNC provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for almost every product in their store and online. This excludes GNC gift cards and GNC memberships. The item must be returned in good condition, but it can be used or unused. Want to try out a new flavor of protein powder? Well now you can with no risk of being stuck with some gross berry-banana blend. For returns to physical locations, you just need the product and the receipt. Online purchases come with instructions for returns. Your money-back guarantee will come in the same form of payment you used originally, and if you’re returning the product for an error on GNC’s part or a damaged/defective product, GNC will pay for the return shipping as well.
  7. Know before you buy.You’re ready to put in the work, to do what needs to be done to be healthy, to get into shape, or to get ripped. Or maybe you’re hitting the gym 4-5 times a week and already starting to see results, but you really want to hammer home your nutrition. If you're not sure how to take your nutrition to the next level, the overwhelming options and confusing labels can be a bit daunting. Sure, it says it’ll make you look like a bodybuilder or a model in only 8-10 weeks, but how truthful is that? Well no worries, GNC has got you covered with its online learning center that’s dedicated to teaching you exactly what you need to know in any and every aspect of nutrition. Just starting your workout journey? No problem. Or maybe you’re looking to lose weight. No problem. GNC’s learning center can point you to the right products so you don’t waste your money or your time. GNC employees are knowledgeable and can help guide you to products specific to your needs.
If the only thing you want to fatten is your wallet then be sure sure to use all of the tips and tricks from Coupon Surf. Check out GNC’s website and sign up for the free reward account to stay current on promotions offered throughout the year. And if you’re not sure what vitamins or supplements are right for you don’t forget to the learning center on the GNC website is dedicated to guiding you the best products for your lifestyle. When you combine our guide with the Surf’s coupon codes you can achieve the lean results you're after without slimming down your bank account.

Get More for Less at GNC

We have gathered some of the best resources and the advice of coupon gurus to compile the Tips and Tricks buying guide to GNC savings. Included are countless deals, ways to find free shipping, discounts, and other ways to find promotions and savings. We know how expensive nutritional products can be, and how many you may need to get the most from your workout or lifestyle. Let our guide help you save even more so that you can have extra for all of those healthy living essentials. Don’t miss out on a sale, a coupon, or a special on your journey to a better you with Coupon Surf’s buying guide to GNC!

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A Word About GNC

Originally established in 1935 by David Shakarian, GNC started as a small retailer that quickly expanded into a mail-order and multi-location business. Since its founding, GNC has become widely known in all parts of the country as a top provider of nutritional supplements. You can find everything in GNC’s extensive product line from various vitamins to protein powders, preworkout powders, meal-replacement shakes, and other athletic and workout based products. You can also find other nutritional products like herbs and natural remedies, cleansing and detox products, digestive health products, weight management products, and even personal care products. You won’t have a problem finding other related accessories such as shaker bottles, workout accessories, fitness trackers, and more.

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