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(Updated May 26, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from Focus Camera! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Focus Camera

The promo codes that we have listed for you are a perfect head start to saving big on your next purchase at Focus Camera, but the truth is that they’re only the beginning of all the ways you have to save on your photography needs! Rebates, cash back for trade-ins, and deeply discounted sale prices can all be at your disposal with just a little knowhow. Read on to get in the loop, and don’t ever settle for less than the lowest possible price.

  1. Did somebody say free shipping? Making a purchase online means making an investment, and sometimes paying to have that investment delivered to you can be enough to bust even the most generous budget. At Focus Camera, that is truly a concern of the past! The company offers free shipping even with expedited delivery on a large number of their items, particularly the more costly ones like cameras, bundles, and lenses. You read that correctly—that hot new DSLR you’ve had your eye on, delivered to your door fast, and without costing you an extra dime. If you want to find out if your purchase will qualify, just look under the item’s image when you’re searching. If it qualifies for free shipping, it will be noted there.
  2. Bundle your items and save big. Photographic equipment can be expensive, and one of the best ways to get more bang for your buck is by shopping for bundles. At Focus Camera, they have a wide variety of bundled products to choose from that can include everything from cameras to filters and all the necessities in between. The great news is that buying them together can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars off the cost of purchasing them separately. The next time you’re browsing their wares, keep an eye open for a bundle package made by your favorite brand—your wallet will thank you.
  3. Zoom in on savings with refurbished goods. So, maybe you’re dying for the latest in electronics, but it’s just not in your financial plan in the immediate future. Have you considered a refurbished product? These items are pre-owned but are reset and extensively tested by their manufacturer before being sold again. So you can be sure that you’re getting a reliable item at a steal of a deal. Check out Focus Camera’s selection of refurbished goods, and you’ll find things like rangefinders, coffeemakers, alarm clocks, and so much more, all at prices you’re sure to love.
  4. Take advantage of a rebate and get a little money back. It’s unusual to find a situation where you can earn money back for the money you spend, but at Focus Camera, that dream can be a reality. The next time you’re perusing their website, be sure to click on the “Special Offers” link in the upper right of the home page, and look for a link that says “Rebates.” There you’ll find all their qualifying rebate items, including things like cameras, lenses, tripods, and so much more. Some of these rebates are instant and come immediately off the total of your purchase in a way that is similar to a sale price. But you can also be on the lookout for traditional rebates that ask that you make your purchase first, provide proof, and get a little bit of cash back for what you needed to buy anyway. What could be better than that?
  5. Got an old camera? Why not trade it in? If you have old electronics or photography gear that you don’t use, don’t just let it sit around your house collecting dust! Turn it into cash by visiting Focus Camera’s website and seeing how much they’ll give you to take it off your hands. All you have to do to get started is jump online and use their guide to find your product, estimate its condition, and send that information off to a representative from the company. They will shoot you an email back with a shipping label, and you can ship your item to them, turning your old junk into their treasure. Once they’ve taken a look at it, they’ll either send you a check for cold hard cash, or they’ll offer you a credit on your next purchase with their company. This could mean an upgrade in equipment at little to no cost to you. So get started with your trade-in today—you’ll be glad you did.
  6. Keep in touch with Focus Camera. Receiving emails from your favorite retailers is a great way to stay informed of company news, but at Focus Camera, you get that and so much more. The next time you’re shopping on their website, consider entering your email address in the labeled box at the bottom of the home page. If you do, you’ll find their newsletter containing all the company information you can handle, plus new releases and other exciting stuff, all delivered to your inbox without your having to give it a second thought. What are you waiting for? Sign up today.
  7. Need a bag? There’s a promotion for that. A big part of owning cameras and video equipment is keeping them safe and protected, and there’s no better way to do that than to invest in a camera bag. Focus Camera certainly has the selection that you need to make that happen, but the best part is that they can also give you savings on your purchase! From time to time, the company offers Focus Camera deals that shave up to 25% off your camera bag purchase, and those savings can really add up. These sales don’t stick around forever, so be sure to check the website before you finalize your purchase to see what’s current.
  8. Camera body deals make investing easy. If you’re a seasoned photo pro with a lot of lenses, filters, and other accessories already at home, you may find yourself on the market for the camera body by itself. If so, Focus Camera might just have a deal that can get you what you need and leave more cash in your wallet where it belongs. On occasion, the company runs promotions that can take up to $500 off your camera body purchase, and this spans all the big name brands like Sony, Canon, Nikon, and so many more. These deals don’t last too long, so the next time you’re looking to invest, check FocusCamera.com to see what deals await you.
  9. Put Focus Camera in your news feed. Following the companies you love on social media opens up a direct line of contact with them should you need it, but following Focus Camera gives you so much more than that alone. Add them to your news feed on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and you’ll have a front row seat to current deals and promotions including free shipping, photography tips, customer reviews, and so much more. Follow them today and make yourself the most informed photographer in the room.
  10. Changed your mind? Focus Camera has your back. We’ve all had the experience of grabbing a great new product online, only to get it home and realize that it just won’t suit our needs the way we had hoped. Focus Camera truly understands what that’s like, and has implemented a simple and seamless return policy to mitigate those types of situations. The company accepts returns for up to 30 days from the day the product is delivered to you, so you have plenty of time to decide whether or not it’s right for you. If not, all you have to do is contact their customer support team, and they’ll provide you with an RMA (or return merchandise authorization) number. Then, you simply pack it up, note the box with the RMA number they provided, and ship it right back to them. It’s important to note, however, that except in cases of broken or damaged items, your product must be in brand new condition to be eligible for return.
Everyone is on the hunt for the best savings they can find when they’re shopping for camera equipment, and we here at Coupon Surf strive to bring that directly to you. Be sure to utilize the Focus Camera coupon codes and promo codes that we’ve compiled. And get more savings with the tricks of the trade that our researchers have unearthed for Focus Camera deals, discounts, free shipping and more. If you’re confused about anything, or if you need a little bit of help finalizing your purchase, be sure to contact the customer service department at Focus Camera directly via phone or even live chat. They are there to aid you through every stage of the buying process, and help you get savings on cutting-edge photography equipment to achieve your creative and professional goals.

Get More for Less at Focus Camera

Our Focus Camera promo codes provide a wonderful foundation for major savings when you’re shopping for new camera and lens equipment, but do you know all the other ways you have to save? Free shipping, bundle savings, and special offers across their vast inventory can all be yours if you know where to look for them. Curious to find out more? Be sure to check out our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide below for all the details, and you may never have to pay a full retail price again.

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A Word About Focus Camera

For over 50 years, Focus Camera has been a staple of high-quality photo equipment and services in Brooklyn, New York, rapidly becoming a beloved member of their community and proving the skill set of their staff in the process. In spite of their small start, the company has grown over time to serve thousands of satisfied customers from across the country on their website at FocusCamera.com, as well as in their flagship store location. Whether you’re a pro looking for great new gear or just a shutterbug with a flair for the latest technology, Focus Camera has everything you’re looking for and more.

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