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(Updated May 30, 2017)

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Tips and Tricks to Save More at Esurance

Esurance offers a range of great options in home and auto insurance to help meet all your needs and give you both the peace of mind you deserve and the great coverage you need at the best price. Wondering just how to figure out the type and range of coverage you need? We’ll let you know how Esurance’s online tools can help you figure it out. Need to find out how to get a claim settled faster or manage your account on the go? Read on in our handy tips and tricks guide for everything you need to know about saving money and making the most of the company’s tools and resources.

  1. Free, no-hassle quotes show exactly how much you can save.The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to car insurance is wondering just what your insurance is going to cost. Esurance makes it easy with simple, hassle-free quotes that promise to save you more. How can they save you more money? Since the company was born online, they have fewer overhead costs to cover, so they can make the insurance products they offer more affordable to you. They understand how to leverage technology to the max to help you save the most. You’ll also get access to possible discounts customized to your specific situation, which may include good driver or good student discounts. So it never hurts to get a quote and compare.
  2. Insurance bundles help you rack up the savings!While many think of just auto insurance when Esurance comes to mind, the insurance products from the company don’t stop there. Need reliable, quality homeowner’s insurance? You can easily get it from Esurance. What’s more, you can get a significant discount when you combine services and get both home and auto insurance from the company. In short, bundling products means even greater savings and more money in your pocket. And you’ll still get great coverage to keep your home and vehicles secure.
  3. Comparison services help you really get the best price.Another way Esurance saves consumers money is with its comparison-based quotes. They compare costs to help streamline the process and ensure they are saving you all they can. This process is more efficient for the consumer and helps everyone come out ahead. Not only will you save money and time. You’ll also get the integrity you deserve from Esurance reps who will help you find the best quote, whether it’s from Esurance or another company. This really reflects the spirit and mission of helping customers and saving them money that Esurance was built upon. So you can shop insurance quotes with confidence, ease, and minimal hassle. Saving money without the hassle is a real steal for any customer!
  4. Extended service hours and 24/7 claims help that won’t cost you more. An accident can really put your life on hold, costing you time off work and interfering in all your everyday activities. Esurance offers top-notch service with claims help available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Involved in an accident or fender bender on a Friday night? You’ll never have to wait until Monday morning to get started on your claim with Esurance. Go online or call anytime to get help, answers, and guidance with your claim from the friendly experts at Esurance.
  5. Online resources and tools to help you figure out your exact insurance needs and more!You don’t have to wait and wonder what type of coverage fits you and your lifestyle best. With tools like Coverage Counselor, you can estimate and discover what you need. Wondering how things like tickets or vehicle changes could impact your insurance rates? Check out the handy What If Calculator Tool for answers. Have a teen driver or want to track your own driving habits? DriveSafe and DriveSense tools can help you. What’s more, the website also offers more safety tips, insurance information, and helpful tools. You can even check out the handy FuelCaster tool to discover what fuel prices are going to do and find the lowest price gasoline in your area! All these resources are great free perks from Esurance available every day to consumers.
  6. FREE app gives you extra perks and makes it a breeze to handle all your insurance needs.With the FREE app (available for Android and iPhone) from Esurance, you can handle all your insurance needs quickly and easily on the go. Not sure where your insurance ID card is? Never worry when you have the app. It instantly and securely stores an online ID card so it’s always there when you need it. You can also easily manage or change your policy and make changes or updates with the app. What’s more, the app also helps you make the claims process faster and easier, so you save time and money.
  7. Photo claims so you never miss a beat.Another huge benefit of the Esurance app is that you don’t have to wait for an appraiser or spend hours of your time when you use the simple Photo Claims option. Follow the easy instructions to take pictures of the damage, and you can begin and manage the claims process right from the app. Don’t forget there’s always free online and phone help, too. You can easily get all your questions answered and get back to your life with minimal hassle.
  8. Extra products protect your life and your leisure time.Now you know some of the great ways that Esurance can help you save money on home and auto insurance. But did you know they offer even more great Esurance deals on insuring products for all your lifestyle and leisure needs? Have a motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV? Get discounts when you insure your recreational vehicles, too. Maybe boating is more your style? You can insure your boat, too. No matter how big or small, Esurance supports your recreational vehicle needs, from RVs and travel trailers to scooters and golf carts. If you have specialized insurance needs, you can save money on those, too. You’ll find deals on condo and renter’s insurance, along with flood and umbrella insurance policies. For even more insurance needs, you can check out Esurance’s affiliated partners for products like health insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, cell phone insurance, and more. Never pay more than you have to with all the great money-saving insurance products from Esurance.
  9. Stay connected on social media for amazing extras to make your life a little brighter.With its base rooted in technology, it’s no wonder that Esurance has a full range of social media platforms. Check out Esurance on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus for fun tips, trivia, and more. You’ll find everything from advice on pet travel to inexpensive DIY car air fresheners. Connect with them on YouTube for fun and educational videos. Or check them out on LinkedIn for company news and job openings. For even more great tips and ideas, you’ll want to visit the Esurance blog, too. Expert bloggers offer not just information about insurance and safety, but also fun everyday organizing ideas, lifestyle hacks, and tons of articles on great topics to improve your life, all available at your convenience, and all for free.
At Coupon Surf, you’ll always find the latest promotions and ways to save. Refer back to our tips and tricks guide to get a quick refresher on all the ways you can get Esurance discounts and big savings. From hassle-free instant quotes and special discounts based on your situation to money-saving discounts and time-saving tools, there’s plenty to offer from this modern insurance provider. Don’t forget to check out all the fun and helpful tips and ideas on social media, too! When you choose Esurance, you can save a bundle with their top deals. And you can take advantage of amazing technology that makes your life a little easier.

Get More for Less at Esurance

You may have heard the television commercials offering free quotes, and while that’s certainly an amazing deal, did you know there are many other ways to save and get benefits and extras with Esurance? Our researchers have gathered together a comprehensive guide filled with all the tips, tricks, and insider information on how and why Esurance can really help you save. Want to get deeper discounts on multiple insurance products? How about free everyday safety and organization tips that just make your life better? Find out this and more with our helpful guide.

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A Word About Esurance

With a powerful mission to providing better insurance at an affordable rate for the modern world, Esurance, backed by AllState, is committed to being a reliable, affordable, and technologically advanced leader in home and auto insurance. The company has been awarded a variety of accolades and awards, such as being selected as one of the best places to work by NJ Biz Magazine and receiving PR Daily’s Social Media and Media Relations awards. The company insures over five million to date, has 17 offices throughout the country, and has over 3,000 associates working to provide excellence in insurance.

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