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(Updated May 17, 2017)

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Expires: 1/1/2030

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If you love E-file.com, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at E-file.com

When it comes to filing taxes, E-file.com believes that being a responsible American citizen shouldn’t have to come at such a high price. That’s why this online tax program offers several useful ways to help people from all different types of tax backgrounds save as much as possible when filing returns. While E-file.com discounts a lot of their programs automatically and offers several coupon codes to help you save, our team of investigative experts has uncovered some of the lesser-known ways you can cut your costs. For instance, with some resourceful clicking, you can access a lot of valuable information—and services—free of cost. There are also a few cool ways you can utilize E-file.com features to maximize your tax refund and pay less upfront. Give the following list an audit of your own to discover the details on how E-file.com savings can be yours:

  • File your federal for free. One of the biggest ways to simplify your tax filing expenses is to take advantage of the free-filing E-file.com promotion. While this free filing offer only applies to filing your federal—not state—taxes, it’s well-worth your time. Through the software’s guided questionnaire and forms, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately fill in your financial information, which is really simple if you’re just working off a single 1040. If you’re confused by taxes, their website is full of free, helpful, organized tidbits that can give you direction on some of the biggest tax questions that people have. You’ll learn about how to process ACA healthcare expenses, calculate home interest deduction, or exercise your taxpayer rights. If you consider what an hour with a tax accountant may cost you to get this information, these free incentives are reason enough to invest in E-file.com.
  • Slash your state tax returns. Free federal e-filing is great, but the added cost of having to file a state return is a drag, especially since requirements can vary from location to location. In addition to simplifying the state filing process, E-file.com offers exceptionally low rates on their fees. In fact, E-file.com state filing may be as much as 50 percent less than what competing programs may charge you. Before you file your state return at their low rates, be sure to review our E-file.com coupon codes. The company periodically lists discount codes that can save you 25% or more on state filing fees.
  • Refund the way you want. Did you know that tax refunds don’t only have to come as a check or a direct deposit into your bank account? With a mission to give customers their money back the way they want, E-file.com offers guidance to help you choose your tax refund option. For example, you can use their services to request your refund in the form of bonds or dispense the amount into your retirement account—a great way to boost your deductions in the year to follow and possibly get a little profit out of your return. E-file.com can even help you split your refund up, so that you can receive portions of funds in a way that works for your financial goals.
  • Avoid paying out-of-pocket when you opt to pay with your refund. When you’re receiving a tax refund, paying for tax preparation can lead to a confusing jumble of moving funds around. Setting out to simplify your tax return responsibilities, E-file.com doesn’t necessarily require you to pay out-of-pocket when you want to file a state return. They streamline the process by giving you the option to use your refund in advance to pay for filing fees. If you’d rather hold onto your entire refund, E-file.com also accepts most major credit cards as a convenient payment option.
  • Proactive shopping pays with off-season E-file.com promotions. Thinking about preparing your taxes when tax season approaches doesn’t have to be torturous. Over the years, E-file.com sales have popped up during the off-season. They can give you considerably higher discounts than what you would find between January and April. While it requires a little bit of foresight, make a mark on your calendar to check out E-file.com coupon codes in the summer or fall. By staying ahead of the game, you could snag incredible E-file.com savings, such as up to 50% off a premium or deluxe membership. As an added bonus, you can get a head start on advanced tax planning, such as making quarterly payments on your self-employment or business taxes.
  • Use social media to keep tax tips front and center—and save money. Trying to understand complicated tax terms is one of the most unwelcome parts of preparing your return. Fortunately, if you follow E-file.com on social media, you can become a tax master just by scrolling through your feed. With regularly updated posts on Twitter and Facebook, you can gain instant access to tax tips and news from E-file.com with just a click of a button. While also highlighting E-file.com sales, these accounts make a habit of dishing out helpful hints to discover deductions that you may have been missing out on in your tax returns. They also provide educational tidbits, such as how to spot IRS scams, that can help prevent you from making costly mistakes.
  • Let E-file.com pay you to promote their money-saving tax software. As a cloud-based tax service that is built by the success of the Internet, E-file.com knows that reaching all corners of the web is good for business. That’s why they have created an easy affiliate program that you can use to earn some side cash simply by sharing E-file.com promotions and services with your followers. With commissions starting at 40%, they’re one of the best tax-related affiliate programs on the web. In fact, they pay out about twice as much as their competitors. What’s really impressive is that they give affiliates a flat fee for referrals that use their free federal filing deal. So, if it turns out that you owe taxes, taking some time to promote E-file.com savings could help you make your IRS payments.
  • Take note of exclusions and terms regarding E-file.com discount codes and product refunds. Taking all the secrets out of savings, E-file.com makes it easy to use coupon codes—such as those found on our site—by providing clear instructions at check-out. While E-file.com coupon codes can give you deep discounts, keep in mind that they only apply to the cost of their services, such as premium software memberships or state filing promotions. That means that you’ll have to pay other fees—such as those charged by your bank—in full. As a brand that makes people a priority, E-file.com offers extensive customer support to address all your filing concerns, as well as any disappointments you may have with their service. If you happen to be unsatisfied with the use of the software (not your IRS experience!) they have a simple online form you can reach through the customer service section on their website. If your claim is accepted, E-file.com will provide you with a full or partial refund on the purchase price.
  • We hope our collection of discount codes and Tips and Tricks to Save More at E-file.com make it easier—and more affordable—to embrace the tax preparation process. While doing your civic duty as a taxpayer can be cumbersome, the wide variety of E-file.com promotions, tips, and coupon codes that they offer can help you access immense savings. And that’s on top of their already inexpensive services, which are 50% cheaper than comparable services. Now finish those taxes and put all that newfound free time—and savings—to do something a little more fun!

    Get More for Less at E-File.com

    Compared to competing online e-filing services—such as TurboTax and H&R Block—E-file.com offers top deals for tax preparation. Specifically, premium E-file.com services are available at more than half the price of these other leading brands. To find out more, refer to their comparison chart by going to E-file.com, scrolling down and clicking on “See how we compare.” But while simply using E-file.com will certainly save you time and money on filing your taxes, our researchers have uncovered some of the biggest ways that savvy shoppers can discount their use of this online service. By taking a few minutes to review our “Tips and Tricks to Save More” at E-file.com, as well as applying our list of E-file.com coupon codes, you’ll be able to stay in good standing with the IRS without having to bleed out your bank account.

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    A Word About E-file.com

    Just when spring’s pleasant nature begins to lift your spirits, tax season’s approaching deadlines can cast an ugly shadow on your day. Fortunately, E-file.com offers incredibly intuitive cloud-based tax preparation software to help you file your annual return and bring back your bright, sunny skies. Compared to juggling accountant appointments or spending hours sifting through tax forms, E-file.com is the most convenient way to accurately prepare your return. And, with the average E-file.com user completing basic returns in as little as 15 minutes, it’s easy to understand why nearly 2 out of 3 tax returns are submitted to the IRS through online programs like this one.

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