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(Updated May 29, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from Deluxe Business Services! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Deluxe

Getting your business in the best shape doesn’t have to drain your budget. Deluxe offers a variety of ways to get you the best deals every time you shop. Read on to learn about free trials of eChecks, multiple affiliate programs, and more. You’ll also learn about great deals on business checks, as well as the professional benefits of following Deluxe on social media.

  1. Take a peek into the future with eChecks. If you want your small business to be up to date with the latest technology and ahead in the business world, you can sign up for Deluxe eChecks. You get to try it out for FREE, which is an invaluable chance to see if eChecks will benefit your business. All you have to do is sign up by using the link for eChecks and Deluxe will send you a $1 check as a sample. Yes, it’s only one extra dollar in your pocket, but money is money! Plus, you’ll get a first-hand experience of how the process actually works. If you decide you like eChecks and want some for your business, you can pay for them just like you would regular checks. You probably think they must be expensive, but you can get 50 to 500 eChecks for as little as $0.49 a check. That’s a pretty good deal. You’ll also be saving on postage from mailing checks out, which is a good benefit in itself. And there aren’t any subscriptions or monthly fees, so you don’t have to worry about that, either. It’s definitely worth a try! Head over to the Deluxe eChecks link to see what the future looks like.
  2. Save money and peace of mind with business checks. One of Deluxe’s best deals comes from their business checks. Not only do they come at a discounted price, but they’re also very secure, convenient, and eco-friendly. In fact, you can find a 20% discount on all business checks offered by Deluxe. For one of the most secure checks available, this is an excellent deal. You’ll even have a selection to choose from, whether you’re interested in manual business checks or laser business checks. Each type comes with a 20% discount, which means checks usually priced at $98.99 for 50 checks will only cost you $79.19 for the same amount.
  3. Join an affiliate program and reap the benefits. Whether you have your own website or you’re looking to challenge your marketing skills, joining one of the Deluxe B2B Affiliate Marketing Programs can help you achieve your goals. Yes, you heard that correctly, there’s more than one program to join. That means you can pick your favorite one, or more than one, and run with all the benefits you get. Here are all the programs they offer:
    • Deluxe Business Products: This program mostly deals with forms, checks, and promotional products from Deluxe. It’s a good affiliate program to get a well-rounded business experience, and you can earn up to 30% commission on every sale! You’ll also get a 60 day cookie, along with an EPC over $350.
    • Deluxe Business Services: If websites, custom logos, and social media is your thing, this is a good option for you. You can earn up to 30% commission on converted sales and a 60-day cookie.
    • PsPrint: This affiliate program is in conjunction with PsPrint.com, and it’s focused on business cards, brochures, and other printable items. This program will get you 8% commission, a 60 Day cookie, and EPC over $65.
    • VerticalResponse: This is Deluxe’s email marketing service. You can gain professional experience and help businesses contact their customers with a $5 sign up and $100 paid account. You’ll also get a 120-day cookie with this one.
    • Bags & Bows: People interested in the design aspect of business with personalization and more might like this affiliate program. With 15% commission, a 60-day cookie and EPC over $200, you can’t go wrong.
    • Inkhead: This affiliate program is all about promotional products and helping businesses make a good impression. You’ll get 10% commission and a 60-day cookie.
    You can join either through Commission Junction or Share A Sale. Check out more details under the Affiliate link.
  4. The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is worry-free. Whenever you’re ordering online, there’s always a little anxiety about the possibility of making a return. Luckily, Deluxe has a return policy that will help you address those situations if they come up. In general, Deluxe offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, they’ll have a solution for you. That’s right, you get to decide what happens next. You can return the item and receive full credit in return, which is a good option if you’re looking for your money back. If you’re more interested in an exchange, you have that option, too. Just ask for a replacement when you contact customer service. One aspect that makes the Deluxe returns policy somewhat unique is that they will also refund your shipping charges. Yes, you’ll actually get that money back! Most retailers will refund you less the shipping charges, so this is a pretty good deal. The only time shipping charges won’t be refunded is when the item being returned is software. Another thing that makes Deluxe stand out from the rest regarding their return policy is the time limit—because there is none! You can make your return or exchange whenever you want without a time limit for the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Again, the only exception to the no time limit is software, since you only have 90 days to make a return or exchange on those items. You can find out more about the ordering and returning process by clicking the Returns & Policies link at the bottom of the Deluxe homepage.
  5. Like Deluxe on social media. You know you have your phone or tablet nearby. Take a break from planning that next business meeting and follow Deluxe on your favorite social media platforms. This can be a great resource for finding tips and advice for growing your business, as well as for learning a little more about Deluxe as a company. You’ll find articles about everything, from the best technologies to include in your business to making your website load more quickly. These are the little things that make a huge difference in your success. And you’ll have all this advice in one convenient place thanks to Deluxe. You’ll also find the steps for building your own brand. And you can view live streams from people at Deluxe to give you first-hand tips. All this information is invaluable, so make sure you check it out to save you and your business in the long run. Deluxe has a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Follow them both to increase your small business knowledge.
When it comes to helping your business grow with Deluxe, there really isn’t a wrong way to save. Whether you have a small business or a large financial institution, Deluxe will have the means to help you succeed without emptying your wallet. Be sure to check back with Coupon Surf for the latest deals and discounts. It’s also a good idea to keep these tips and tricks in mind to maximize your savings with Deluxe.

Get More for Less at Deluxe

Finding good deals on Deluxe checks and business services is easy when you use the Deluxe coupon codes and discounts from Coupon Surf. But did you know there are other great ways to save? Our researchers have scoured the web to bring you the insider secrets of saving when you stock up on Deluxe supplies. Be sure to check out the “Tips and Tricks” buying guide for the best advice in stretching your dollar, even when you don’t have a coupon handy.

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A Word About Deluxe

Deluxe is the ultimate destination for all small business needs. From supplies to checks, you can find products and services to help your business grow. Based out of Minnesota, Deluxe is also known for hosting small business websites and for having a special expertise in business and financial institutions. They are striving to expand worldwide and have a network of around 300 distributer-franchisees that are currently serving local businesses. The main goal of Deluxe is to be a reliable business partner helping small businesses and financial institutions reach their full potential.

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