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(Updated June 5, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from Colorful Images! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Colorful Images

There are some items that everyone needs to have, but you don’t know it until you know it. There is usually a moment when you say to yourself, “I really need some XYZ” and that happens when you don’t have said item handy. Personalized paper products are in that category. From address labels to stationary and checks, everyone needs these daily utility items. Colorful Images has a plethora of personalized checks and labels that you can order with a bit of your own sense of style. Their gift options, especially when personalized, will bring joy to both the giver and receiver. Colorful Images has been around since 1987 and has built a stellar reputation on delivering quality products at a fair price. While labels and stationery make up a large chunk of the business, gifts, holiday and other promotional items and personalized art for the home are also available from Colorful Images.

  1. Be the first to learn of new deals by signing up for the SmartBuy Savings Club. By just entering your information and agreeing to the simple terms on the email signup tab, you will instantly be given access to new coupons, promo codes as well as interesting new products. Colorful Images makes it easy to learn about what’s new and on sale. You will be privy to information that will make sure you are in line for the top deals available. At the very least, you will receive a ten percent discount from every order that you make after joining the SmartBuy Savings Club Program. You will receive freebies in the realm of address labels and holiday seals. There are two levels of savings plans: the Silver and the Gold. For only $9.99 per year, you get the welcome and membership card for the Silver package, a couple of free gifts in the form of labels and seals, and the aforementioned 10 percent discount. Gold members pay $14.99 and in addition to the items included with the Silver Membership, you get a special holiday gift, promotions and coupons not given anywhere else, exclusive offers and sale previews. Not much to pay for regarding items everyone needs and wants.
  2. Discount shipping is available on qualifying orders. If you spend more than $30 your entire order can be shipped for only $1.99. So order your labels, and your checks with your childhood favorite cartoon character or an inspirational visual on it, or create your own stationery with a monogram or a graphic element that best represents you. If you are shopping for gifts for a major birthday, graduation or holiday, order more in advance and know that low-cost shipping is available thanks to the team at Colorful Images.
  3. Check out all of their items by asking for a catalog. While going online to buy what you want is great and so convenient, sometimes it just feels good to have an old school, tangible catalog in all of its colorful and specific glory. Colorful Images has a tab at the top of the page for people who want to be able to look at all of their offerings in a more classic way. By browsing the pages you can find options for address labels, checks and other paper products, but also, you may find personalized art and items that will make your holiday decor complete. Some people need the perfect scary decoration for Halloween in order to be happy. Also, sometimes browsing the pages of a catalog jogs your memory and reminds you that you need to buy a gift for your niece who is graduating in June. A cool thing about a catalog is that sometimes you find something that you never knew you really needed or wanted. These catalogs are free and show buyers the many possibilities that come from ordering with Colorful Images. They often come with special promo codes, coupons and sometimes free gifts that will help you save even more.
  4. Take advantage of BOGO deals. Colorful Images usually has some sort of BOGO special. Perhaps it is a buy one set of floral personalized labels and get another at 50 percent off, or if you buy three checkbooks of one design you get the fourth for free (that is a 25 percent savings). These deals are always changing, but similar promotions are ever present, though once you find the deal you want, be sure to act before the sale ends.
  5. Personalized items never go out of style. While the gifts and holiday offerings from Colorful Images are great, the practical items really make life easier. Personalized stamps or address labels make traditional correspondence a breeze. Specialized seals on mail still gives a birthday card, letter or thank you note that special touch that says that the sender is a class act.
  6. Great gifts are available for low prices in the Outlet Sale tab. You can save big money, sometimes up to 75 percent by checking out the sales tab at Colorful Images. Whether you are seeking holiday items, gifts, collectible, home or office items, Colorful Images has multiple options available that happen to be on sale. Always be sure to check that out.
  7. As Colorful Images stands by its products, it has an easy return/exchange policy. Customers are encouraged to thoroughly proofread any personalized item prior to ordering and personalized items containing errors that come from the customer may not be returned or exchanged. However, if a customer has issue with the quality of an item or simply decides that her or she doesn’t want it, Colorful Images accepts items for return or exchange within 60 days. Be sure to contact customer service before returning an item and they will help you. Please note that a restocking fee may apply.
  8. People are encouraged to reach out to customer service for help. While the Colorful Images website is easy to navigate, some people prefer to interact with human beings. The folks at this business encourage customers to be in touch and have their “Contact Us” section prominently situated on their website to ease their customers minds when buying any item. The Customer Service team may also let you know about new deals or coupons that you may have missed. When in doubt, give the Customer Service team a call and they will help you find the perfect item for your needs.
  9. Let Colorful Images help you with holiday decor. For many people a holiday isn’t a holiday without the proper decorations. Whether you are seeking wall art for Christmas, extra flags for our patriotic holidays, a cool Celtic seal for spring correspondence or perfect personalized place mat for Thanksgiving, Colorful Images has what you need at a good price. And, if you order off-season you may even find more sales and specials that will make your place feel festive when the holidays come around. If you are shopping off-season, expect more sales and promotions.
  10. Coupon Surf has found coupons for you. While the items vary from time to time, we have culled the best list of coupon codes to help you save lots of money. Sometimes you will find 40 percent off coupons for home items, while some office items may be found at 55 percent off. You can stock up on general gifts by using a 50 percent off coupon for selected items. Coupons and deals abound at Colorful Images when you rely on the experts at Coupon Surf.
Colorful Images bridges the gap between practical, functional and beautiful items. Everything at this store is something you either need or want to have, and most cover both areas. Everyone could benefit from a personalized address label or stamp, most can enjoy the perfect holiday decoration or photo for a room, and some can relish the games and puzzles you can find on their robust website. You can fill your business, personal and gift giving needs by shopping at Colorful Images and find the best coupons, discounts and promo codes by using Coupon Surf.

Get More for Less at Colorful Images

Address labels, checks, stationery, office supplies, home accessories, holiday items, art and gifts abound at Colorful Images. For 30 years, Colorful Images has been supplying the best in personalized individual, business, home, items and gifts. In fact, they are known for having "the world's largest selection of personalized paper products,” so they are always updating their inventory and product offerings. Coupon Surf has searched far and wide to bring you the top deals, promotions, coupons and specials that can make shopping at Colorful Images an even more delightful experience. Take a look at our buying guide for the best Tips and Tricks to save more at Colorful Images.

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A Word About Colorful Images

Colorful Images has been a leader in the stationary marketplace since 1987. While they made their mark in the personalized name and address labels, checks, stationery and stamps, their business has grown to include lovely specialty home and office items, all at reasonable prices. Their selection in personalized paper products is second to none and there is always something new to see. Colorful Images maintains its impressive presence online and with the pages of their popular catalogs. Many of the items can be personalized to create unique and satisfying products that are both useful and beautiful. It is easy to add a little personality to your choice of checks or labels as their design options seem to be endless. Colorful Images is also recognized for their stellar customer service that makes for a pleasant shopping experience. If you have a question, their talented team will happily help you make the best decision for your needs.

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