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(Updated May 19, 2017)

Cheryl's Coupons


Cheryls Cookie Greetings Now: Starting At $5.99 Plus Free Delivery

Expires: 1/30/2020


15% Off Any Order

Expires: 1/30/2020

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If you love Cheryl's, check out these stores as well

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Cheryl’s Cookies

If you’re interested in stretching your dollar when you’re shopping for yummy gifts that everyone will appreciate, look no further. Cheryl’s Cookies offers a variety of exclusive ways to pick your flavor of savings. Read on to learn about special discounts just for signing up, as well as exclusive benefits of the Celebration Rewards program. You’ll also learn about keeping your sweet tooth satisfied with the Cookie of the Month Club. Anyone with food allergies doesn’t have to feel left out, because there are great deals for them, too!

  1. Sign up and save! The easiest way to earn yourself a discount from Cheryl’s is by signing up. All you have to do is key in your personal info and your email address to get started. As a thank you, Cheryl’s gives all new members a special 20% discount on your first purchase! It’s only valid for the day that you sign up, so make sure you know what treats or gifts you want before you do. The discount is available on any purchase from Cheryl’s, so use it wisely. When you’re signing up, you’ll also have the option to add your email address to the email alert list, which will send any current deals, promotions, or special sales straight to your inbox. Learn more about creating an account on the Cheryl’s Cookies homepage.
  2. Get some tasty savings with the rewards program. As soon as you sign up for Celebration Rewards with Cheryl’s Cookies, you’re already in for some great deals and savings. Once you’re all set up, you’ll earn one reward point for every dollar you spend. Earn 200 points for a $20 Savings Pass to use on any purchase! You’ll also get a FREE anniversary gift, bonus points for signing up for email alerts, and so much more. There are plenty of simple ways to earn points, like setting gift reminders on their site. And every 200 points earns you that $20 Savings Pass. It’s so easy to apply, and if you love shopping for your sweet tooth, it’s the best deal for you.
  3. Don’t worry, there’s a 100% Smile Guarantee. Every single purchase from Cheryl’s Cookies is packaged and designed with care and compassion to make the perfect gift. They’re all about customer satisfaction, so there’s no need to worry if you’re unhappy with your purchase. If you or your gift recipient isn’t thrilled with the gift basket you purchased, Cheryl’s Cookies will do everything they can to make it right. That’s right, there isn’t any hassle involved or extra fees charged to your account. All you have to do is contact customer service and request your changes. You can also look through the FAQs on their website for specific directions if you’re unhappy with your order. Either way, you’re guaranteed the highest quality treats every single time.
  4. Food allergies won’t get in the way of tasty deals. All the peanut-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free folks in your life can still appreciate many of the cookies, cakes, and brownies Cheryl’s has to offer. Luckily, there’s a Gluten and Sugar Free section on the website that offers a variety of categories to break down your search. Yes, that means your buddies with food allergies or your health-conscious relatives can still enjoy a cookie tray from Cheryl’s. From Cakes and Cookies to Kosher and Sugar-Free collections, you’re sure to find a treat that will satisfy all types of eaters with all kinds of needs. Take a peek at all of the health-conscious options for your favorite flavors.
  5. There’s a Cookie of the Month Club membership with your name on it! Is your worst nightmare an empty cookie jar? You don’t have to worry about that nightmare coming true if you sign up for the Cookie of the Month Club! You can choose whether you want your cookies every month for 3 or 6 months, or you can just pay as you go. Your cookies will be on your doorstep within the first week of every month, so you definitely won’t go hungry. After you choose how many months you’re in for, you can decide how many cookies come with each delivery. A 6-month membership with 12 cookies per delivery will only cost you $16.99, which is a $10 discount. If you want 24 cookies instead, that will only cost you $21.99, with a $15 discount! You have a few options to choose from as far as months and cookies are concerned. Each delivery includes buttercream frosted cookies with special themes for every month. That means you’ll get cute pumpkin cookies in October and patriotic cookies in July. It’s a great way to save on cookie purchases while surprising your family with a new batch of delicious Cheryl’s cookies every single month! For more info, look under the Cookie of the Month Club tab.
  6. Celebrate Employee of the Month with Corporate Gifting. We spend a lot of time in the workplace, and every now and then, it’s a great idea to thank your coworkers, clients and boss for all their hard work and loyalty. Next time a big promotion is given out, Cheryl’s cookies offers special business-themed treats to meet the occasion. Your business partner can indulge in a colorful Thank You Cookie Pail under the Employee Recognition category for $36.99. Plus, you can personalize it for only $5 extra. You can also order your employees some of the featured business gifts during the holidays. Not only will you be giving a sweet treat from Cheryl’s Cookies, but you’ll also be promoting a positive relationship with clients or coworkers. Mutual appreciation in the office is probably your most important investment, so finding a deal or two along the way is sure to help. Check out more cookie options under the Corporate Gifting tab.
  7. Did someone say free shipping? Whenever you’re ordering online, especially food and treats, the last thing you want to worry about is outrageous shipping charges. Luckily, Cheryl’s and their entire family of brands offers a Celebrations Passport, and guess what? For only $29.99, you’ll get FREE shipping for one full year! Wait, it gets better. Your Celebrations Passport will get you free shipping from any of the 1-800-Flowers family brands. That’s right, you’ll have free shipping on Cheryl’s Cookies, 1-800-Baskets, FruitBouquets.com, Fannie May Chocolates, The Popcorn Factory, Wolferman’s, and Harry & David. With an amazing deal like that, there’s no reason to shop for gifts anywhere else! Click on the link for the Celebrations Passport to cash in on the best deal offered by the best brand family.
  8. Follow Cheryl’s Cookies on social media. You know you have your phone or tablet nearby. Take a break from searching for yummy cookie recipes and follow Cheryl’s Cookies on your favorite social media platforms. This will be a great resource for finding about the latest deals and discounts Cheryl’s is offering at any given time. For example, you should keep your eye out for deals like 24 buttercream frosted cookies for only $19.99. You can also sign up for special giveaways and prizes, like FREE Cookie Friday! There’s even a chance you’ll find deals that are good for Cheryl’s parent company, 1-800-Flowers. You never know what will be on your newsfeed. Cheryl’s Cookies has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tickle your tastebuds and follow them all!
When you’re shopping for delectable goodies from Cheryl’s Cookies, there really isn’t a wrong way to save. Any occasion can be made that much tastier without emptying your wallet when you use our Cheryl’s Cookies coupon codes. Be sure to check back with Coupon Surf for new deals and discounts fresh out of the oven. It’s also a good idea to keep these tips and tricks in mind the next time you’re satisfying your sweet tooth with Cheryl’s Cookies.

Get More for Less at Cheryl’s Cookies

Scoring delicious deals and discounts from Cheryl’s Cookies is easy when you use the coupons and promo codes offered on Coupon Surf. But did you know there are other awesome ways to save? Our researchers have gathered all the insider secrets to getting the most out of your money when you shop for gifts or tasty treats with Cheryl’s Cookies. Be sure to take a look at the “Tips and Tricks” buying guide for savings, even if you don’t have a coupon handy.

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A Word About Cheryl’s Cookies

Cheryl’s Cookies was founded in 1981 by Cheryl Krueger and her college roommate, Caryl Walker. The two opened the first store in Columbus, Ohio, and the company has grown to include other tasty treats like brownies, cakes, and fancy cookies. Cheryl’s Cookies merged with the 1-800-Flowers family brand in 2005, but still provides the best fresh-baked gifts and desserts. They have a customer satisfaction guarantee, which includes friendly service, dependable products, and unique gifts for every occasion.

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