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(Updated May 19, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from Build-A-Bear US! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Build-A-Bear

Build-A-Bear has always prided itself on its selection of toys and on the quality of the experience they offer. When you want something “stuffed with love and stitched with care,” they certainly rise to the challenge. Whatever the occasion might be—graduation, company party, any conceivable holiday—you name it, they’ve either got the toy or the accessory for it. With so much on offer, it’s no wonder their customers want to make the most of it with Coupon Surf’s promo codes, coupons, and deals. Well, there’s more than one way to save and no such thing as saving too much money. Our buying guide will give you the tips you need to take advantage of Build-A-Bear’s reward programs, VIB exclusive offers, and numerous ways to access deals.

  1. You’ve got mail. The Build-A-Bear Workshop will tell you that their newsletter is “bear-y newsworthy” and we’d have to agree. With one simple subscription, you will get notifications about all the latest promotions, hot ticket items, and savings. If they’re going to be offering a military discount for a couple weeks leading up to the Fourth of July, a promotion for Mother’s Day, selling a limited edition Rudolph at 15% off, the newsletter is where you’d look. Having it sent to your e-mail saves you time and money by bringing the information right to your inbox. There’s no reason we can think of not to take advantage of this service when it’s absolutely free!
  2. Don’t just Build-A-Bear, Build-A-Party. Planning a party has never been easier with this Build-A-Bear program. They have Build-A-Party packages ranging from $18 to $45 per guest and offer a whole range of free resources: invitations, party themes, thank you cards, and more. Their party planners will ensure you get the package that suits your needs or help you fully customize your experience. In parties of five guests or more, they’ll make sure you have a party leader to keep everything light and stress free so you too can join in on the fun. Let Build-A-Bear help you bring together your next birthday party, family reunion, or company event and you’ll have an experience to remember.
  3. FREE health care for your new best friend. We know what you’re thinking. Health Care? For a stuffed animal? But if you’ve ever had to console a child when their favorite teddy bear’s eyes have fallen off, you might want to pay special attention to this and avoid the heartache. For simple tears and missing stuffing, any Build-A-Bear workshop will sew and restuff your treasured friend at no charge. If that wasn’t enough they also have a Bear Repair Hospital Facility for those torn ears, missing eyes, and every injury in-between. Just visit a Build-A-Bear workshop, fill out an “intake form”, and they’ll take care of the rest. You’ll get your friend back after a couple weeks with a “clean bill of health” and even a t-shirt.
  4. You Gotta Be a VIB. When you follow Build-A-Bear on Facebook or Twitter, you’re not just a guest, you are a “Very Important Bear”. They want to hear from you, your Build-A-Bear stories and any questions or concerns you have. In return, they make sure to keep you up to date on their best promotions and deals. Some of their offers are exclusive only to their social media followers so, if you’re looking for a 25% off promo code, free shipping, or maybe a deal that’ll get you two for one it certainly would be in your best interest to click follow on your preferred site.
  5. A little added security. Build-A-Bear understands how valuable a friend can be and how devastating it can be to lose one. So, when you’re filling out your bear’s birth certificate you can also fill out your information for the Find-A-Bear I.D. Program. Every bear made at Build-A-Bear is stuffed with a barcode; adding a little contact information could mean the difference between your special gift perpetually riding the subway or being able to gift it to a loved one. There’s no fee, just the hope that your furry friends will be able to make their way back home.
  6. Stuff Fur Stuff rewards. When you sign up for a free membership with this Build-A-Bear Workshop rewards program you earn one point for every dollar spent, whether online or in store. Your first reward—a gift certificate for any accessory—is received when you reach 50 points. At 100 points, you receive a $10 certificate which can be redeemed through their online retailer or at a Build-A-Bear Workshop near you. One of the greatest features about this reward program is that the certificates earned can be applied even if you are using a coupon towards your purchase, potentially doubling your savings. With so many ways to earn reward points, signing up is an easy way to always save money at Build-A-Bear.
  7. They’re not a one trick bear. You may know about picking a bear, getting the stuffing and wishing on their satin heart, but did you know that there’s more ways to customize your bear with the hundreds of accessories they offer? You can choose a special scent or sound, have a personalized embroidered message. Not only that, bears aren’t even the only product they offer. They have plenty of monthly promotions surrounding their dinosaurs, superheroes, princesses, and cartoon characters. Bears may be what they're famous for, but it’s not the only product you can receive savings on. There is a gift for every person and every celebration.
  8. Did somebody say clearance? With 400 stores nationwide, you can’t exactly check out every clearance section for the best deal or just the right toy. Luckily, the Build-A-Bear Website has a clearance page with everything from sloths to pink parasols, allowing you to get deals wherever you might be. Some of the best deals can be found on this page with items 20%-50% off their original retail price. Oftentimes, you can purchase a clearance item as part of a promotion, or still apply that discount code you got in your e-mail. Giving you the toy you need at the price you want.
  9. If you decide it’s not fur-ever, no worries with the Build-A-Bear guarantee. Build-A-Bear is committed to making sure each and every customer leaves their stores with a “fur-ever friend”. They believe that their toys are the softest, cutest, cuddliest toys around—capable of bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, you can exchange the item or receive a full refund for up to 90 days after purchase. Just make sure you have the receipt on hand.
  10. “Stay Pawsome” with Build-A-Bear discounts. If you haven’t gotten the coupons from signing up for their newsletter, the promo codes from following them on Facebook, or rewards from a membership with Stuff Fur Stuff you still have an opportunity to increase your savings. Coupons are regularly found on the Build-A-Bear website’s homepage. We’ve seen few exclusions so far but it is important to keep in mind that not all coupons are compatible with certain sale items or clearance products. Keep an eye out for the one’s that limit the number of coupons per purchase. But in your search for $5-$10 off, you’d do well to keep their homepage in mind. They’ve got offers you can’t refuse.
When it comes to gift giving, Build-A-Bear has you covered both in variety and potential for savings. Their rewards program can easily earn you gift certificates and free accessories, their many social media platforms can keep you updated, and their free programs can save you time and hassle. For whoever or whatever the event, you’re bound to put a smile on their face. And the coupons and tips our researches have found will keep the smile on yours.

Get More for Less at Build-A-Bear

Our coupons allow you to dream big at Build-A-Bear and create the custom friend you always wanted, with just the right price tag. We aren’t the only ones hoping you walk away smiling, either. Build-A-Bear has dedicated themselves to meeting the needs of their customers since they first laid out their stuffing and satin hearts. Their savings are no exception. We’ve hunted down every deal—Stuff Fur Stuff, VIB exclusive offers, significant subscriptions—so that you can “stay pawsome!” Be sure to check out our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide and get the most out of your Build-A-Bear experience.

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A Word About Build-A-Bear

When Build-A-Bear first opened their doors in 1997 they had one simple goal: to put the fun back in the consumer's’ shopping experience. Maxine Clark, the company’s founder, knew the value of the hands on approach. Both in creating an environment that taps into the little kid in all of us and the unique, lovable friends that are born from it. Their interactive bear stations and incredible assortment of costumes provide every opportunity to celebrate any event in a warm and personal way. And just as customers inspired them to bring bears to life, in turn, they can inspire you to make a gift worth giving.

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