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(Updated May 26, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from Bookit.com! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at BookIt.com

Lounging on a Caribbean beach or sightseeing in Tuscany might only exist in your dizziest daydreams, but BookIt.com can make your dreams a reality. Going on exciting adventures in countries you’ve always wanted to visit doesn’t have to empty your bank account. In fact, BookIt.com offers a few great ways to save money and have the time of your life. Read on to learn about the benefits of being a member, as well as savings just for signing up for the newsletter. You’ll also find out about the other things BookIt.com has to offer, including all the hottest things to do when you reach your destination.

  1. Members will save more, which means more trips for less. When you sign up with BookIt.com, you’re in for a ton of exclusive benefits that regular travelers won’t get. Not only is it completely FREE to sign up, but you’ll find plenty of ways to save and make traveling a breeze. For starters, you’ll have access to Members-Only Pricing. What does that mean for you? As a member, you might only need to pay $184 per guest for a certain trip, while non-members pay $245. When you can get that much of a discount for FREE, why wouldn’t you become a member with BookIt.com? Just make sure you’re logged in when you’re browsing prices to see the member discount offered to you. You’ll also get exclusive offers by email that non-members will never see. And you’ll even be able to view upcoming booking info, modify existing info, and save past info all in your membership account. To learn more about how the free BookIt.com membership can give you more savings and convenience, sign up using the link on the BookIt.com homepage.
  2. BookIt.com is more than just destinations. Let’s say you’ve just booked your dream vacation to Rome. Everything is in place, but do you have any idea what you’re going to do when you get there? That’s where BookIt.com’s Things To Do tab really comes in handy. Not only can they help you find and save on your favorite destinations, but they can also help you find the best stuff to do there. For example, you might find a Skip the Line price for visiting the Ancient Roman Colosseum for only $56.92. That’s right, not only are you getting a good deal on price, but you’re also skipping the line! You can either find things to do by destination or by new and most popular. BookIt.com offers everything from a Grand Canyon helicopter tour for $399.99 to a Cetina River Zipline Experience for $100.18. Search by top cities or top countries and fill your itinerary with exciting and unforgettable things to do.
  3. Get up to $150 instant savings when you sign up for the newsletter. A newsletter is one of the easiest ways to learn about the new things going on and the best trips to take, especially with BookIt.com. If you’re looking for an even easier way to save money on your first trip, just sign up! BookIt.com gives all new newsletter subscribers up to $150 in instant savings. What does that mean for you? Well, you can take that FREE $150 savings and use it on bookings for vacations, resorts, flights, hotels, or things to do. When you’re vacationing on a budget, you can use all the help you can get. That extra $150 in instant savings can go a long way and help make your trip the best one yet. Sign up for the BookIt.com newsletter using the email address box at the bottom of the webpage.
  4. The Deal of the Day has your name on it. If you’re looking for some great deals to guide you to your next destination, look no further. BookIt.com has a Deal of the Day that can get you some of the best discounts on the entire site. For instance, if the Deal of the Day happens to be a trip to Mexico, you might get 65% off with rates starting at only $89. If you were planning on keeping the kids home due to extra cost, many Deals of the Day might offer kids staying for FREE. Keep in mind that the Deal of the Day will have specific resorts or hotels that fall under the deal. So you’ll need to book with one of those for the deal to be valid. Aside from the Deal of the Day, BookIt.com will usually offer discounts during holidays or special events. For example, you could get an extra 10% off on Memorial Day. You’ll usually find the Deal of the Day and other promotions on the BookIt.com homepage. Keep an eye out for a deal that intrigues your inner world traveler.
  5. If you need to cancel, don’t sweat it. There’s always the chance that your vacation needs to be put on hold, and BookIt.com understands that. You’re able to easily cancel any of your bookings by signing yourself into the Members Lounge and just click “cancel” next to the one you need. It’s easy to do, but it might come at a price to you. Each booking is different, so the cancellation fees will vary from person to person. You can find out how much your cancellation fees would be by also using the Members lounge and clicking “view details” to see the specifics for that booking. If you’re looking to cancel one of the flights you booked, you have a little less to worry about if you act quickly. Most airline carriers will let you off the hook and give you a full refund, but only if your reservation is made at least one week before the flight and 24 hours after you booked. Yes, it’s a tight time frame you have to work with, but at least you’ll get your money back if you’re on top of your plans. Unfortunately, flights will be non-refundable after 24 hours of booking, so make sure you keep that in mind. You might get a voucher to use on another flight if the airline is nice enough to you. Again, it’s pretty easy to cancel a booking, but you’ll need to keep the repercussions in mind before you do so. You can find more about booking and canceling under the Guest Support link, where you’ll find a list of FAQs that can answer all your questions.
  6. Like BookIt.com on social media. You know you have your phone or tablet nearby. Take a break from scrolling through vacation photos and follow BookIt.com on your favorite social media platforms. This can be a great resource to help you plan your trip and learn about what BookIt.com has to offer. Not only will you find updates on discounts and sales, but you’ll also find invaluable travel tips to pack in your suitcase with you. Did you know there’s a special way to fold your clothes for maximum space when you pack them up on a long weekend? You can learn how to do it, along with other helpful advice, through posts on BookIt.com’s social media pages. You’ll also find gorgeous photos of white, sandy beaches that are calling your name. Maybe you’ll find out that there’s a 70% discount on all resorts in Mexico! Using the social media pages can even help you find reviews and comments from other travelers, so you can see which vacation is right for you. With giveaways, prizes, and much more, you really have nothing to lose by adding BookIt.com to your newsfeed. BookIt.com has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, so check them all out to get the most out of every trip you plan. You might even want to download the free BookIt.com app and find some exclusive “App-Only” prices that others won’t find anywhere else. That way, you can plan and manage your next vacation when you’re on-the-go.
When you’re booking your family vacation or romantic getaway with BookIt.com, there really isn’t a wrong way to save. No matter your destination, BookIt.com will help you have the time of your life at a fraction of the cost. Be sure to check back with Coupon Surf for the latest BookIt.com deals and discounts. It’s also a good idea to keep these tips and tricks in mind before you head off to your next resort.

Get More for Less at BookIt.com

Finding some great vacation deals with BookIt.com is easy when you use the coupons and promos offered on Coupon Surf. But did you know there are other ways to save? Our researchers have gathered all the insider secrets of stretching your dollar every time you book a trip with BookIt.com. Check out the “Tips and Tricks” buying guide to see how you can save money, even if you don’t have a coupon handy.

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BookIt.com strives to make your vacation planning experience as smooth as possible. With helpful information, guides, and traveling tips, BookIt.com uses the power of the web to make sure you find the best travel deals. They take pride in their highly discounted prices and superior guest service. BookIt.com is your ultimate destination for booking all your vacations, flights, hotels, and more. Each employee is dedicated to answering your questions before you even ask them, which helps BookIt.com stand out from the crowd.

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