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(Updated May 29, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from BookPal! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at BookPal

Stocking your classroom with plenty of books for every student doesn’t have to blow your entire budget. BookPal offers a variety of ways to get the most out of your wholesale book purchases, no matter the genre you’re looking for. Read on to learn about discounts for being on the email list, the benefits of buying eBooks, and much more. You’ll also learn how to sign up for the affiliate program to earn some extra cash, and check out the benefits of following BookPal on social media.

  1. Get $25 savings and more when you sign up for email alerts. Staying updated with alerts sent straight to your inbox is one of the easiest ways to save. In fact, BookPal makes your savings even better with a special offer just for signing up. All new email alert subscribers will get $25 off a $500 order. That means you could basically get a bunch of books in your order for free! Aside from getting this great discount, being on the email list will give you plenty of other benefits. You’ll be one of the first to know about new product releases, special BookPal promo codes being offered, and much more. You might also get some valuable tips sent to your inbox. You can sign up with just your email address right on the BookPal homepage, so what are you waiting for?
  2. Shopping for eBooks can maximize your savings. With the future of books rapidly approaching, you might benefit in more ways than one from purchasing eBooks from BookPal. Compared to regular hard copies, eBooks are a great way to engage students, employees, and everyone else in the reading content. Not only are eBooks easy to bring on-the-go, but they usually offer special features that aren’t always handy with hard copies. The most benefits come into play when you consider the price difference. For example, a hard copy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula may cost you around $14, depending on the version you decide you want. However, an eBook of that same title might cost you just $1. The price difference between eBooks and hard copies will vary depending on the title, and some titles might not have an eBook available. But in most cases, you’ll be able to find a lower price on the eBook version. It’s worth doing a search in the search bar on BookPal to see if eBook prices are worth your while.
  3. Join the affiliate program and reap the benefits. If you run your own blog or website and you think your visitors would enjoy shopping with BookPal, you should definitely consider joining the affiliate program. Not only will you help your followers find awesome deals on bulk orders, but you’ll also earn your own commission. BookPal gives affiliates a 4% commission on every referred sale, which is a pretty good deal in itself. You’ll also get to select from a collection of banners and links to embed into your site and entice your visitors. You can expect monthly payments and secure third-party tracking to make sure everything runs smoothly. To learn more and to start the application process, you can find what you need under the Affiliate link on BookPal’s website.
  4. A Price Match Guarantee will ensure your savings are better than ever. If you’re browsing for the best wholesale price on a specific title, and you come across a site that offers the same title as BookPal but at a lower cost, BookPal has you covered. They will gladly use their Price Match Guarantee to your advantage. All you have to do is contact their Sales Team or complete one of the Price Match forms. You’ll find these forms on any product page, so you won’t have to go searching. Keep in mind that all the books available on BookPal are in new condition, which means any used book prices you find won’t count toward the Price Match Guarantee. The other exception is for remainder copies, which will usually be marked by the publishers. Remainder copies won’t qualify for the Price Match Guarantee, either. To learn about the Price Match Guarantee yourself, you can check out the FAQ page under Help.
  5. Check the BookPal returns policy before you check out. BookPal works really hard to get you the best prices and savings on your book orders. Since they purchase them from publishers and other suppliers, it’s important to note that your books are non-returnable. The only way BookPal will accept your returns is if you received damaged or misprinted books in your order. If that’s the case, you have 30 days to let BookPal know. They’ll make sure they fix the problem for you without any extra charges or fees. Since you’re already getting your books at a great price, it makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to return them for a refund. But BookPal encourages all their customers to double check their orders before they place them online. If you make a mistake, you’ll have to hold yourself accountable. Orders are usually processed quickly, so you may or may not be able to cancel your order in time. However, there’s a pretty good way to avoid this problem, and it comes with asking for a sample copy. If there’s a book you haven’t read and don’t want to order in bulk just yet, BookPal can supply you with a sample copy for a small charge. The cool part about that is, if you decide you like the book and place a bulk order of 100 copies or more, you can get that sample price waived. Customer service can help you sort all of that out, and it might be a good option for you if you’re worried you’ll regret a purchase. You can take a look at the Return Policy link under Help on the BookPal website.
  6. Like BookPal on social media. You know you have your phone or tablet nearby. Take a break from planning your summer reading list and follow BookPal on your favorite social media platforms. This is a great resource for learning about the most popular books, as well as how to implement your new books into your school or program. You’ll find everything from summer reading recommendations to finding ways to exercise at a desk job. You might also find some new releases that are worth checking out. BookPal will often hold special giveaways on social media that can have you walking away with prize bags and other goodies. The livestreams and videos from the people at BookPal can also give you some insight into valuable reading tips, like avoiding the summer slide and encouraging students to read. BookPal has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. So be sure to check them all out to feed your inner bookworm.
When it comes to filling your library with BookPal, there really isn’t a wrong way to save. No matter your audience or program, you’ll be able to find a variety of titles at the most affordable wholesale prices. Be sure to check back with Coupon Surf for the latest Bookpal deals and discounts. It’s also a good idea to use our tips and tricks for savings, sample copies and more the next time you want to add new titles to your shelf, classroom or organization.

Get More for Less at BookPal

Getting great reads at a low wholesale price from BookPal is easy when you use the coupon codes and promos from Coupon Surf. But did you know there are even more ways to save? Our researchers have gathered all the best tips for stretching your dollar whenever you shop with BookPal. Check out the “Tips and Tricks” buying guide to learn how much you can save, even if you don’t have a coupon handy.

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Founded in 2005, BookPal has become your ultimate online destination for wholesale book shopping. They provide over 5 million titles and are known for supplying orders of 25+ copies of any title, anywhere. BookPal’s affordable prices are great for schools and literacy programs, as well as nonprofit organizations looking to fill up their bookshelves. BookPal also has an option to customize and personalize your order with logos or brands for corporate events. You can find everything from classic hard copies to eBooks and more.

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