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(Updated May 31, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from BaubleBar! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at BaubleBar

BaubleBar may have wanted to fill the market with trendy, affordable jewelry, but just how affordable are we talking? You’ll find out with the best discounts and BaubleBar savings in this guide. With our tips and tricks, you’ll know about free services, get discounts or promotions, earn reward points online or in-store, have a stylist on call, and access opportunities to earn commissions.

  1. You’ve got email, right? Well, then, you’ve got ways to save! Sign up to receive BaubleBar’s newsletter, and you won’t have to look further than your inbox to find discounts and promotions. There’s a 15% discount just for giving them your email address. It’s just for first time customers, so be sure to sign up before you check out. And throughout the year, you’ll get even more BaubleBar discounts. Sign us up!
  2. They know how to promote a #Sale! If you maybe missed out on the 15% sign-up bonus as a first time customer, don’t worry, there’s more where that came from. We’ve got one word for you, friends: Instagram. BaubleBar has other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. But when it comes to showcasing the hottest looks of the season with the best deals, Instagram is their go-to site. You may even get BaubleBar promo codes for deals like 20% off!
  3. Don’t just shop trendy, shop custom. BaubleBar has a range of products that can be personalized—from nameplates to monograms, signets to statements. There’s something for everyone’s style. They often feature signature collections with celebrities’ takes on personalized pieces. These limited-edition pieces are made even more one of a kind with your customized flourishes. However, as these pieces are made to order, they are considered a final sale and cannot be returned. In addition, the order cannot be canceled or altered after submission. So triple check it before placing it. BaubleBar also reserves the right to refuse to create a custom piece; anything with profanity is a no-go. If you have any questions about whether or not BaubleBar can create your design, shoot them an email and save yourself some time.
  4. ”The Vault” is open and it has rewards. When you sign up for the BaubleBar reward program, you get access to exclusive discounts, birthday treats, and can easily rack up points toward future purchases. Every dollar spent is 1 point in The Vault! Ten points can be redeemed for $1 savings, which may not seem like much until you start browsing their website and get hooked on their deals. Signing up is free, so why wouldn’t you want to get money back for purchases you were going to make regardless? It’s a Coupon Surf no-brainer!
  5. They’re not just an online retailer. They may have started out that way, but now BaubleBar has retailers clamoring to sell their brand. And that can work in your favor. If you like to shop at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, or Anthropologie, chances are you already know the ins and outs of their savings, such as their credit cards and reward programs. Shopping BaubleBar at Nordstrom? Earn bonus points with every purchase. You could even double or triple the amount you would usually earn if you shop during member exclusive events, and you can start earning money towards other purchases. With a Bloomingdale’s loyalty card plus your need for trendy jewelry, you can let your BaubleBar purchases start racking up rewards points. Anthropologie has also teamed up with BaubleBar to offer statement jewelry. Got their ANTHRO loyalty card, and it just happens to be your birthday? Treat yourself to 15% off your entire purchase—that’s not just one bauble, your whole purchase! And these are just a few stores that sell BaubleBar products. So take a look at the BaubleBar store locator to find a retail store near you and limitless opportunities to save.
  6. Get styled at no cost! BaubleBar has SWAT at the ready for any styling need. Their Service With Accessorizing Talent can help you find the necklace or earrings that you need to complete your look. Just send them a picture through their website or Instagram with the hashtag SWATStyle. You can talk to them through email, live chat, or even video chat to learn some new tricks for layering, mixing, and matching BaubleBar jewelry. Or maybe you’ve got an idea for all three and just want to see it on a person. They also have a section geared toward bedecking brides and bridesmaids specifically. Just drop them a line about what you need and maybe a little about your style preferences. Any of their designers will get back to you as soon as possible with some fresh ideas. Whatever your need, SWAT is trained to get you the most out of your shopping or styling experience.
  7. BaubleBar sales up to 60% off. BaubleBar does have a sale section. It’s not a specific category you can sort through like their other products, but it’s often the first banner on their homepage. Here you’ll see promotions about whatever sale happens to be running. They’ve offered 40% off summer sales, up to 60% discounts for Memorial Day, 30% of their bestsellers and more! Swing by their website to access these deals. And if you don’t see a banner? Try searching for “BaubleBar Sale!”. It should come up in the first few links that appear.
  8. FREE shipping! If you’re a US resident, you can have your latest obsession arrive at your doorstep with free shipping. For those who don’t live in the US, you can get free shipping on international orders when you spend $150 or more. Some important things to note: BaubleBar ships orders out within 2-3 business days, unless it’s a custom order. Orders processed after 1 p.m. fall on the next business day. If you need something for a special occasion, be sure to plan accordingly. Oh, and maybe consider purchasing a BaubleBar pouch for travel at checkout. Custom orders may receive a complimentary one, and each item may ship individually wrapped and sealed, but a little extra assurance never hurt anyone. And it makes gifting simple.
  9. Style experiment gone awry? BaubleBar was designed around playing with trends, so they’ve got a good handle on buyer’s remorse. You can send back your baubles within 30 days of the ship date for a full refund or credit if you aren’t satisfied with them. Your package includes a pre-paid UPS return label to simplify the process. All they ask is that the tags are still attached, the original invoice is included with your return, and a small note details why you’re sending it back. Don’t have the invoice? Print the order details from your account or include the order confirmation email. There is one drawback, though. One of BaubleBar’s favorite promotions is a free gift when your order total reaches a certain amount, let’s say $40 for an example. If your return brings your total under $40 (or whatever the promotion was at the time of purchase), then you have to include the gift in your return or have its value deducted from your money back or credit. So keep an eye out for that.
  10. Are you a regular blogger or entrepreneur? Sign up for BaubleBar’s affiliate program and start earning commissions on sales generated by you! You can have access to text, links, and banners for your page to help you generate sales. You’ll also receive regular newsletters and view a product feed every 24 hours to keep up-to-date on the newest products and ways to promote them. BaubleBar has a management team ready to help you make the most out of your affiliate experience and reap the rewards. Become one of their top-performing affiliates and find additional partnership opportunities that earn you money with BaubleBar!
Now you know how to get BaubleBar savings. To review, you can stay in the know about any sale or discount by following BaubleBar on Instagram or signing up for their newsletter. You can also earn money toward future purchases with “The Vault” or any approved retailers’ reward programs. What’s more, you’ll always have the best look with BaubleBar’s dedicated stylists to give you their professional opinion, free of charge! And why not get a piece of the pie when you sign on to be an affiliate? With all this and more, you truly can get trendy jewelry at affordable prices with BaubleBar deals.

Get More for Less at BaubleBar

It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to bedeck yourself from head to toe with fashion-forward baubles. Luckily, our researchers have more than just BaubleBar coupons to help make jewelry prices even more affordable. We also provide all the latest tools to save in our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide. If you want to know how to earn money with every purchase, discover the newest deals or promotions, and have your very own stylist just a phone call away, then be sure to check it out.

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A Word About BaubleBar

Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky saw a gap in the jewelry industry’s capability to provide trendy styles at affordable prices, and they aimed to fill that need. They collaborate with numerous companies, designers, and celebrities to create “the ultimate playground” for their customers. Whether you’re shopping for simple pieces to layer for a style that’s uniquely you, or you’re looking to experiment with a bold statement piece of turquoise or tassels, BaubleBar always has something stylish at the ready.

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