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(Updated May 31, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from Baseball Monkey! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Baseball Monkey

The promo codes that we have listed for you are a wonderful kickstart to major savings when you’re shopping at Baseball Monkey, but the truth is that they are only the beginning of all of the ways you have to save. Deeply discounted clearance, slashed sale prices, and free pro tips can all be at your disposal if you know where to look for them. Read on to get in the loop, and get ready to rake in the deals.

  1. Take advantage of their Rebound Program. Rewards programs are a great way to rack up deals at the stores you shop at the most, and Baseball Monkey is certainly no exception to that rule. Their rewards system is called the Rebound Program, it’s completely free to join, and it entitles you to $5 back for every $100 you spend in-store or online. The rewards are issued on a monthly basis, and will be distributed via email with your savings code. Jump online today to sign up and see all the details, and get set to let the savings come to you.
  2. Did somebody say free shipping? Making a purchase online means making an investment, and sometimes paying to have that investment shipped to you can be enough to bust even the most forgiving budget. At Baseball Monkey, that can truly be a concern of the past! From time to time, the company offers free 2-day shipping on orders for gloves and bats that total $199 or more! You read that correctly—all the baseball gear you crave delivered right to your door in 2 days without costing you an extra dime. These deals don’t stick around forever, so make sure you check the website today to see what savings await you.
  3. Lock in your low price with their Best Price Guarantee. There’s nothing more annoying than making a purchase online, only to find the exact same item on another website for less than what you paid. At Baseball Monkey, you don’t ever have to worry about that! The company offers a Best Price Guarantee on everything in their inventory, so if you find the same product for a cheaper price elsewhere, all you have to do is give them a call and provide the details to them. Keep in mind that the price has to be current in order for their staff to verify it, and it can’t be a closeout or auction item to qualify. If it hits those points, simply reach out to them and get the lowest price you can. If only everything in life could be that easy!
  4. Clearance, clearance, clearance. Everyone knows that the clearance section of their favorite shop is the prime destination for rock-bottom prices, and at Baseball Monkey, they've dedicated an entire page of their website just to that! The next time you're perusing their wares, click on the "Clearance" tab at the upper right hand corner of the home page. There, you will find things like bats, gloves, balls, and so much more, all for up to 50% off their retail price! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.
  5. Keep in touch with Baseball Monkey. Receiving emails from your favorite retailers is a great way to stay informed of company news, but at Baseball Monkey, you get that and more. The next time you're browsing their website, consider entering your email address in at the labeled box on the bottom of the home page. If you do, you'll find all the company info you can handle, baseball news, new product launches, and more, all delivered to your inbox without your having to give it a second thought. What are you waiting for? Sign up today.
  6. Beat the blues with their seasonal sales. Has the weather got you down? How about brightening up your day with a seasonal sale at Baseball Monkey? On occasion, the company offers deals to celebrate the upcoming season, which gives you the perfect opportunity to restock your arsenal. These sales can include things like shoes, helmets, catcher’s equipment, and more, all for up to 25% off their regular price! These deals tend to change with the weather, so take a peek at the site today to see what savings are coming with the season.
  7. Amp up your game in The Dugout. Whether you’re brand new to the sport of baseball or you’ve been playing since you can remember, you can agree that there are always ways to improve your game. At Baseball Monkey, they’re committed to helping you do just that, and there’s no better example than in The Dugout. This page of their site can be accessed by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the home page and clicking the labeled link, and it contains a wealth of information on the sport that’s available at absolutely no charge. You can find out how to pick the ideal bat for your playing style, how to keep your glove in tip top condition between games, and so much more! What could be better than that?
  8. Add Baseball Monkey to your news feed. Following the companies you love on social media opens up a direct line of contact to them in the event that you ever need it, but following Baseball Monkey gives you so much more than that alone. Add them to your news feed on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, and you will have a front row seat to retail store information, company events, pro player profiles, and more. Follow them today and make yourself the most informed person in the room.
  9. Changed your mind? They’ve got you covered. We've all had the experience of grabbing a great new product online, only to get it home and realize that it doesn't quite work for us the way that we'd hoped. Baseball Monkey totally understands what that's like, and they have implemented a simple and seamless return policy to mitigate these types of situations. The company accepts returns for up to 90 days from the day you bought it, so you have plenty of time to decide whether or not it's right for you. If not, all you have to do is contact their customer service department by phone. They will provide you with an RA (or return authorization) number to note on your return, and provide you with some additional instructions for smoothly processing your refund. After that, hop on their website and print out the Return Authorization form, pack up your product with that form, and ship it right back to them. It's important to note, however, that if you made your purchase in-store, you must return it to the physical store for a refund. Additionally, please include all of the products you ordered in your return, or it will be considered a “partial return” and will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.
Everyone is on the hunt for new and better ways to make every penny count when they’re shopping for sporting goods, and we here at Coupon Surf strive to help you do exactly that. Be sure to utilize the coupons and promo codes that we have compiled for you, as well as the insider secrets that our researchers have found. If you’re confused about anything, or if you need a little bit more help figuring out the perfect product for you, feel free to contact the customer support team at Baseball Monkey directly. They are there to aid you through every stage of the purchasing process.

Get More for Less at Baseball Monkey

Our promo codes are a wonderful gateway to saving big on all of your sporting good needs, but do you know all of the other ways you have to save at Baseball Monkey? Rewards program perks, free shipping, and low price guarantees can all be yours with just a few clicks of your mouse. Curious to find out more? Be sure to check out our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide below for all the details, and never settle for less than the lowest possible price.

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A Word About Baseball Monkey

For over 15 years, Baseball Monkey and its principal company MonkeySports have been a go-to name for baseball attire and equipment, boasting a vast and varied inventory and affordable prices. From humble beginnings as a brick and mortar hockey store, the company has branched out to specializing in individual sports, offering a website for each in their empire. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re just looking to get your kids into the swing of the game, Baseball Monkey has everything you need and more.

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