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(Updated July 10, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from BJs Wholesale Club! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at BJ’s

The promo codes that we have listed for you are a great way to start stretching your dollar when you’re shopping at BJ’s, but the truth is that they are just the beginning. Bonus coupons, rewards programs, and discounts on services are just some of the many ways you have to save. Keep reading to put yourself in the loop, and get great BJ’s deals on leading brands, fresh foods and more.

  1. Fill up your cupboards and your car! Everyone loves to save on household essentials. But at BJ’s, those savings can also extend to your gas tank. With your BJ’s membership, you can save up to $50 off the cost of filling up at regular gas stations over the course of a year. That’s $50 that you can spend on the finer things in life without having to worry about your gas mileage. In addition to regular savings, the company occasionally runs promotions that entitle you to 5 cents off their already low prices when you make a purchase in-store first! That’s not all—customers who have the My BJ’s Perks Mastercard can save up to 10 cents on every fill-up, every time. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.
  2. Need to dress up your outdoor space? BJ’s has your back.Although you may know BJ’s for offering deep discounts on kitchen staples and toiletries, the deals don’t end there. Did you know they also offer an impressive selection of patio furniture? From storage valets to dining tables to hammocks, BJ’s has everything you’re looking for to make the most of your time outdoors. Surf on over to their website to browse their wares, and you could save up to $25 instantly on select items! The best part? Shipping is included in all of their prices already, so there are no surprises when it’s time to check out. If only everything in life could be that easy!
  3. Let BJ’s do your shopping for you.The old adage states that time is money, and if you find yourself low on the former, feel free to let BJ’s take care of your shopping for you! With their Pick Up & Pay service, you can place an order with them online and pick it up at your local brick and mortar location within 2 hours. All you have to do is sign in to your account on their website, make your selections, and wait for the email to let you know that your shopping is all done. Then pull your car up to the Pick Up & Pay sign outside of your local store, flash your cash, and be on your way. If you happen to place your order when the store isn’t open, you can pick it up the following day. It’s like having a free personal shopper right at your fingertips.
  4. Check the website for paper coupons.In spite of everything being available digitally, some people still prefer to have a paper coupon in hand when they’re shopping, and BJ’s knows there’s nothing wrong with that. The next time you’re perusing BJs.com, check out the “In-Club Coupons” tab on their home page for deals you can print out and take along with you to the store. There you’ll find printable offers for $1-$3 off household necessities like butter, dish soap, Kleenex, and so much more. Take a peek today and save!
  5. Shop online and save instantly.BJ’s offers top deals to the avid website shopper, and they’re always easy to access. Under the “Online Instant Coupons” section of their site, you can see all of the items that are currently available with instant price deductions, including computers, security cameras, and trampolines. There’s no coupon or promo code needed for these, so check them out the next time you’re browsing to see what’s current. You never know what BJ’s sales you’ll find.
  6. Keep in touch with BJ’s.Signing up to receive emails from your favorite retailers is a great way to stay informed of new product releases, but did you know it can also help you pinch your pennies? The next time you’re on BJs.com, consider entering your email address at the prompt. You could receive exclusive deals that you can’t find anywhere else. Information and special sales right in the palm of your hand? What could be better than that?
  7. Save big on your BJ’s membership.BJ’s is more than just a retailer—they’re actually a club, and as such, they do charge a membership fee. Generally speaking, this fee starts out at $50 per year, makes you a member of their Inner Circle program, and does include a second card that allows another member of your family to take full advantage of their discount prices. You may add additional members to your account, but they will cost you $30 per person, and you can only add up to 3. The great news is that, on occasion, the company offers this level of membership for 50% off. You read that correctly—an entire year of savings for just $25! This can save you up to 25% off the regular prices at other retailers and can easily pay for itself in no time. Keep your eyes open for a mailer that circulates when they run these promotions, watch the website, or contact your local BJ’s location for more information.
  8. Take membership to the next level with BJ’s Perks Rewards.Although becoming a member of the Inner Circle is the perfect way to start saving, you can really amp up the deals by upgrading your membership to the BJ’s Perks Rewards program. This level entitles you to everything that the Inner Circle does, but also gives you 2% back on all of your purchases in the form of rewards points. Once you’ve hit the $20 mark, you can use these points at the register to shave money off of your total. It’s important to note, however, that this level of membership costs $100. But the cash back alone can make it so worth the investment! Consider signing up today and rake in the savings the next time you shop at BJ’s.
  9. BJ’s Services go above and beyond the necessities.Everyone knows that BJ’s can save you some serious coin on the items you use every day, but what about special occasion items that we all need from time to time? The short answer is yes, BJ’s can knock money off of those too! Visit their website to find out more about how your membership can save you on things like booking cruises, getting a professional photo shoot, and buying tires for your vehicle. Maximize the usefulness of your membership by letting it give you discounts with affiliate companies, and take full advantage of being in the Club.
  10. Need to make a return? BJ’s makes it easy.We’ve all made a purchase and later realized that the item didn’t work out for us, and BJ’s totally understands what that’s like. The company offers a generous return policy for products purchased online, providing refunds for most items returned within one year! It’s a good idea to keep in mind the policy’s exclusions, which include CDs or software that have been opened or used, bulk items, gift cards, and products that are under warranty with their manufacturer. Additionally, all electronic items must be returned within 90 days, and the company does not credit the cost of shipping the return back to them. You have two options to return a product that was bought from BJs.com: 1,) you can return it to your local store, or 2.) you may arrange for a refund on the website. To do that, all you have to do is sign into your account, click on “Order Status,” and choose the items you need to return. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll receive an email directly from BJ’s containing a how-to for returning your product.
Everyone is on the hunt for new ways to save money, and we here at Coupon Cobra strive to help you do just that. Be sure to utilize the coupons and promo codes that we have listed for you. And benefit from the insider secrets on how to get great BJ’s savings, making this membership warehouse club an even smarter choice. If you’re confused about anything, or if you just need a little bit more help with your membership or with making a purchase, feel free to contact the customer service team at BJ’s. They are ready to help you with every stage of the process, and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

A Word About BJ’s

Since the early 1980’s, BJ’s Wholesale Club has been a household name in bulk buying, giving shoppers a way to truly get more for less. The idea behind their business model is a simple one—to give shoppers a way to buy the goods they need in higher quantities, which makes them cheaper than buying the products individually. From cereal to sportswear and everything in between, a membership to BJ’s is the key to both immense savings and convenience.

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Our promo codes are a great way to start getting top deals at BJ’s, but are you aware of all the other ways you have to save? Gas discounts, instant online savings, and exclusive email promotions can be found if you know where to look for them. Curious to find out more? Be sure to check out our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide below for all the details, and get ready to rake in the savings.

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