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(Updated May 19, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from American Greetings eCards! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at American Greetings eCards

While it’s always a good bet to see what our latest promo codes offer, did you know there are tons of incredible perks to the American Greetings eCards membership, too? From free address tools and reminders to free trial subscriptions, there are many ways they can help you save and make your life easier, too. Our researchers know how important it is for you to get the value you deserve. That’s why they’ve done the research to find out different ways to save and get benefits from American Greetings eCards. From attaching virtual gift cards and quick and convenient apps, American Greetings eCards has dozens of ways to save you time and money. It’s all outlined for you here in our handy tips and tricks guide.

  1. FREE seven-day trial helps you try American Greetings eCards for free! It’s always a bit of a leap to purchase a product or subscription without knowing everything about it, and American Greetings eCards is rooted in offering their customers the best in quality greetings. They understand today’s consumers and want to make them completely comfortable with their purchases. That’s why they offer an incredible, totally free seven-day trial that lets you utilize all the great features and eCards on the website without restriction. You’ll get unlimited access to holiday, birthday, and all-occasion eCards to view and send, as well as access to printable cards and much more. This a great way to save money and see all the full array of features and benefits that you can take advantage of.
  2. Huge selection leaves you with options for every occasion. With a membership, you get access to thousands of different eCards in every mood for every occasion. You’ll find virtual cards for anniversaries, new babies, congratulations, retirement, encouragement, everyday love and support, sympathy, friendship, good luck, going away, thank you, wedding and engagement, and just because. You’ll also find online cards for major and minor holidays, from Christmas Greetings to Bastille Day cards. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day; you name it, and American Greetings eCards has a card for it.
  3. Incredible membership benefits give perks that save you time and money all year long. Day in and day out, an American Greetings eCards membership is sure to save you time and money. With a membership, you have access to a wide variety of features and services, in addition to a massive selection of remarkable eCards. Membership allows you to get savings and streamline your life, without sacrificing the special moments and thoughts that are so important and show you care. You’ll have access to the massive collection of eCards. But you’ll also have access to a selection of printable cards you can print from the convenience of your home and give in the blink of an eye. You’ll also find great options for sending cards via email or Facebook, a wide range of font and color choices to customize and tailor your cards to perfection, an easily accessible “favorites” tool so you can get to the cards you love most in an instant, and an online scrapbook that lets you save eCards, personal messages, and photos. In addition, you have access to a free online address book that lets you organize friends, family, coworkers, and more so you can always have the right greeting for the right person and not waste time having to track down his or her contact information. The exclusive reminder service also alerts you to upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or other occasions, so you’re never late. With safe and secure sending and viewing, and easy mobile as well as PC access, there are so many benefits to using American Greetings eCards.
  4. A range of membership levels to personalize your membership for your budget. Staying on budget and saving money is important, and American Greetings eCards makes that easy with plenty of money-saving choices on its various subscriptions so you can get just the right fit for you and your lifestyle. You can choose from low monthly, yearly, or two-year memberships that all offer exceptional value. The cost of a monthly membership, for example, is less than what you’d pay for a single card in a retail store, so you are guaranteed to save money! The two-year subscription offers an exceptional value, allowing you to send cards for pennies, so you save more and get an excellent deal!
  5. Fun free extras, tips, inspirations, and ways to make your life brighter on social media! Connect with American Greeting eCards on social media, and you’ll find plenty of tips and inspiration to keep you going throughout your day. Looking for hilarious quotes about motherhood or everyday life? Check them out on Instagram to get a laugh. See updates on the latest printable cards or holiday tips on Google+. Browsing Facebook? Connect with American Greetings eCards for uplifting videos, tips on what to say in a card, great quotes, and more. You can also connect with them on Twitter or Pinterest. And remember to check out the blog for even more incredible money-saving and day-brightening tips and inspiration!
  6. FREE apps let you express yourself and give more greetings! More great deals from American Greetings eCards are their awesome apps. There are a few free ones that you can easily get for your smartphone or tablet to streamline your life, give and send greetings, get creative, and more. The American Greetings eCard app makes it easy to view and send greetings on the go, and you can even use your own photos to personalize cards even more. The American Greetings eCard Creatacard app is an app designed to let children create and design their own card on a tablet! This is a super fun and creative activity for kids. What’s even better is that Americans Greetings will also professionally print and mail the card for you, too! (For an additional fee.) Members also have access to the Live Greetings app, which allows you to send and share humorous greetings guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Justwink is another app that you’ll have access to. This unique and modern card app offers hilarious greetings that are appropriate for teens and adults only.
  7. Free wallpapers, screensavers, and stationery templates, too! Another special deal from American Greetings eCards is that they give you access to a variety of free wallpapers and screensavers you can choose from and download. Choose from a large selection, including nature and animal-inspired themes, seasonal themes, holiday themes, funny wallpapers, inspirational wallpapers, modern and trendy themes, and calendar themes and wallpapers. They also offer an excellent selection of printable stationery templates, too, ranging from holiday invitations to new baby announcements and kids’ party invites to formal wedding cards.
  8. More special deals and savings just for being a member. Another great way you can save with an American Greetings eCards subscription is that you may also get access to other money saving offers, special promotions, and coupon codes from time to time. These top deals help you save money on things like retail cards and gifts, popular apps, or other great offers from American Greetings.
It’s important to you to save money, but showing people you care is essential, too. American Greetings eCards offers you the best of both worlds with their membership deals, special free trial promotion, free app deals, and tons of free extras and money saving special benefits that make it easy to stay in touch with the ones you love. You can turn back to Coupon Surf’s promo codes to see when there are new promotions, offers or deals from American Greetings eCards. Plus, our handy tips and tricks guide is always here to remind you of all the great benefits, time savers and money saving specials that the company offers with their unique virtual greetings. A name you can trust, affordable membership, and free perks like reminders and apps make American Greetings eCards the perfect place to get eCards. You’ll get savings and convenience when you celebrate special occasions and express everyday affection.

Get More for Less at American Greetings eCards

Browsing our promo codes can always help you find out what deals and promotions are available from American Greetings eCards, but there are lots of other ways you can get more for less at this unique online card service. Looking for free tools to make your life easier, or wondering how to get the maximum value for the number of eCards you plan on sending this year? You can find these great savings and get more for your money at American Greetings eCards today.

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A Word About American Greetings eCards

American Greetings has been a long-known and trusted name in greeting cards and gifts. Originally established in 1906, the company was founded on the premise that consumers wanted meaningful cards to express and share emotions for special occasions. The retailer has grown to be a massive presence in modern years, with exclusive card collections, a wide range of gift items, party supplies, and much more. Most notably, they’ve kept up with the needs of modern consumers and launched a specialty division of ecards with American Greetings eCards. The unique subscription-based program offers an extensive selection of virtual cards for every occasion imaginable, from humor to sympathy to just thinking of you. And for some people, receiving an ecard from you is a more personal touch than just seeing a comment on their social media page. For those special loved ones in your life, check out the selection at American Greetings eCards. And they even offer a free app!

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