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(Updated May 29, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from All-Battery.com! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at All-Battery.com

Whether you’re stocking up on AAAs for all those Christmas toys or trying to find the right lithium ion replacement for your laptop, battery costs can add up fast. But thanks to All-Battery.com, you can get every item on your battery shopping list and keep your costs down. In addition to several All-Battery.com discount codes to reduce your total checkout price, our researchers have uncovered several strategies to get more battery life out of your budget. Keep reading to get details on how to cut costs by ordering in bulk, improving your battery usage, and staying on top of All-Battery.com promotions all year long.

  1. Sign up for newsletter deals before your next order. With hundreds of batteries found on All-Battery.com, it can be tough to track down all the deals that the online retailer offers. Fortunately, All-Battery.com offers a free e-newsletter that makes it easy to know when new battery deals are available. It’s simple to sign up for periodic alerts on All-Battery.com promotions. Just click on the “Newsletter Savings” link on their home page and submit your email. After you sign up, you’ll get a special All-Battery.com discount code to get you 10% off your next order—a great way to save until you get your first newsletter.
  2. Take advantage of free shipping offers. At All-Battery.com, free shipping can be obtained in two ways. To receive free shipping across your total order, all you have to do is spend more $75 or more. However, if you’re not looking to stock up on batteries, you can still save by ordering the specific items that are marked with the “Free Shipping” label.
  3. Enjoy new All-Battery.com deals every week. All-Battery.com always has promotions running. But for the most up-to-date offers, you’ll want to check out their “Weekly Specials” section. Although the Weekly Specials may only list a handful of specific products on sale, they still offer significant discounts. For example, on any given week you can expect to find All-Battery.com discounts from 30% to 50% or higher on certain items.
  4. Bundle your batteries to build up your total savings. While you may only need specific batteries on certain occasions, thinking ahead to buying combo packs from All-Battery.com can help you save more over time. To check out these packages, click “Popular Battery Combos” found under the “AA, AAA, C, D, 9V Rechargeables” category. In this section, you’ll find various packages of Tenergy-brand batteries that offer different combinations and sizes to fit your specific needs. For example, All-Battery.com offers “Starter Packages” for the casual consumer, as well as “Universal Packages” for those who need to stock up for all their charging needs. You can expect to get an average of 30% off of what the batteries would cost individually, with some packages offering as much as a 60% discount. For an even bigger savings, look for the battery combos that also include All-Battery.com free shipping.
  5. Buy rechargeable for long-lasting savings. When it comes to the staples of the battery market—such as AA and AAA—rechargeable capabilities have existed for quite some time. However, cautious consumers often shy away from this option, as rechargeable batteries have a reputation for costing a lot more upfront or losing charge much faster than your standard single-use alkaline battery. However, with the advancement of battery technology, All-Battery.com can offer reliable rechargeable products at a competitively low price. If you need standard batteries for things you use consistently—such as remote controls or digital cameras—going rechargeable can be a better option. At All-Battery.com, rechargeable batteries are only a few bucks more than their standard alkaline option. And since you can replenish the charge, you won’t need to spend extra every time your devices lose power. You’ll be saving time and money while also helping to save the environment.
  6. Hold out for holidays to hook yourself up with top deals. Like many other brands, All-Battery.com is known to offer competitive discounts across their website during holiday seasons, including Christmas, Earth Day, or Mother’s Day. What’s great about these seasonal, limited-time sales events is that they offer a decent discount site-wide, whereas other All-Battery.com promotions and deals may only apply to specific items.
  7. Power up Facebook to stay in touch—and stay on top of All-Battery.com promotions. In addition to signing up for their email newsletter service, you can keep track of special offers at All-Battery.com by following the company’s Facebook page, @allbattery. In addition to posting alerts to promote seasonal All-Battery.com sales, their Facebook page highlights new products. You could also get exclusive All-Battery.com coupon codes that can help you save.
  8. Use specific search terms to uncover some of the biggest All-Battery.com discounts. In addition to their limited-time seasonal specials, Weekly Specials, and combo pack discounts, All-Battery.com offers clearance items as another way to save. While there is no clearly labeled “Clearance” section on the site, you can uncover all the overstock items that they’ve discounted by submitting “clearance” on the site’s search engine. While it may take a little effort to spot these deals, it’s well worth it, as overstock items are typically marked half-off or more. But “clearance” isn’t the only search term you should use to dig up deep discounts. If you’re cool with buying a returned or revamped product, enter “refurbished” to filter for big price savings. While the options are limited, you can find expensive refurbished toys and accessories that are marked down by hundreds of dollars.
  9. Satisfy specific battery needs with custom designs. Not every device can get the specific amount of power it needs to succeed with a standard battery. So what happens when you run into a situation where you require a specific voltage output? The bad news: Meeting your voltage requirements can be difficult unless you have an advanced understanding of battery science. The good news: All-Battery.com offers custom design solutions to give you the precise amount of power you require. To find out how their expert team can assist, check out the “Design Center” link on the home page. Then fill out the form to provide all the known specifics of your project. Pros will review the request and give you a quote for your custom-made solution, saving you time and money.
  10. Request a wholesale discount for big battery needs. Whether you’re stocking a tech retail store or need to supply batteries to your entire company, All-Battery.com can help you get big savings on your bulk order needs. With millions of batteries in production, All-Battery.com can easily fill wholesale orders. And since bigger orders save them money in the long run, they are able to pass significant savings on to wholesale customers. However, the savings you get will depend on what you order and how much you need. As such, you’ll have to fill out the site’s Wholesale Discount order form with your specific needs in order to find out the exact amount of savings you’ll get.
  11. Pay attention to return and coupon policies. As a brand that appreciates simplicity, All-Battery.com keeps their return and coupon policies pretty straightforward. On the matter of refunds and exchanges, All-Battery.com will give you your money back on most items. Just make sure you send it back within 30 days of purchase. If you like what you bought, but it becomes defective within 90 days, they will also work to replace or refund your purchase. Some items may come with shorter warranty and refund periods, such as RC toys. So be sure to review your specific policy to get details and terms. Before you send anything back, contact All-Battery.com’s customer service to get a return authorization. When it comes to discount codes, All-Battery.com typically only accepts one coupon per order. So, if you have multiple All-Battery.com coupon codes at your disposal, think strategically to maximize your savings. For example, use those that offer the biggest savings or expire sooner than the rest.
Modern technology may be expensive, but figuring out how to keep these resources charged doesn’t have to be. Just buy your rechargeable batteries and specialty batteries from All-Battery.com. And next time you need to buy batteries, be sure to check back on this page to see if there are any new All-Battery.com discount codes that can help you pump up your savings power.

Get More for Less at All-Battery.com

When you need batteries of any kind, from rechargeable batteries to non-rechargeable, All-Battery.com has a vast inventory of reliable products to choose from. Following a simplified organizational structure and shipping direct from manufacturers, All-Battery.com extends plenty of savings to customers. In fact, this online battery and charger retailer offers products at an “everyday low price” that is tailored to beat sale prices found at other retailers. But apart from that, there are several other ways you can save. In addition to our list of All-Battery.com coupon codes, our researchers have crafted a buying guide that’s charged with Tips and Tricks to Help You Save at All-Battery.com.

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From AA to 9-volt and rechargeable lithium to button cell, you can find all the batteries you need at All-Battery.com. As a one-stop online battery shop, All-Battery.com is focused on making it easy to find the right charge for you—at a price that won’t zap your budget into oblivion. Supplying rechargeable batteries, primary batteries, chargers, and tech toys from several trusted manufacturers, All-Battery.com is able to provide reliable options. They offer savings between 40% and 80% of the retail rate, and maintain top-level customer service for a pleasant shopping experience.

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