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(Updated May 22, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from Alitura Naturals! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Alitura Naturals

Freshwater pearl powder, green desert clay and organic kelp powder all sound like items on an expensive, high-end grocery store list. But in actuality, you can find these powerful and unique ingredients throughout the Alitura Naturals product selection. And with our following tips—as well as the Alitura Naturals discount codes we’ve listed—they can all become part of your skin care regimen for less than the listed price. Keep reading to learn how to get better results from your purchases, get a better value for your buck, and dig deep to discover some of the brand’s many savings opportunities.

  1. Put more information—and savings opportunities—in your inbox. When you visit the Alitura Naturals online store for the first time, make sure you don’t click out of the alert that asks for your email address. By subscribing to their free newsletter service, you’ll always get the word when there are Alitura Naturals promotions or when new products are on the site. Signing up will also give you access to a free e-book, which is packed with 30 pages of tips on how to improve your skin care and useful information about specific ingredients and natural solutions.
  2. Fetch a free sample before you commit to the clay mask. You won’t find it listed directly on their site, but Alitura Naturals does offer customers a free sample of their innovative clay mask product. To find out more about this offer, enter “free sample” in the site’s search engine or click here. While the sample is just a 1.0 oz size, that’s enough to test out its all-natural skin cleansing power before investing in a full-sized jar.
  3. Ship your skin care products at no extra charge. No matter what the physical size of your Alitura Naturals purchase, the company aims to make your shipping costs low at a flat rate of $6. But when you purchase more than $110 worth of products, you can score free shipping.
  4. Spot sale items in the inventory. While there may not be any advertised promotions on the Alitura Naturals home page, that doesn’t mean that price cuts don’t exist. Many times, the company will put an item or two on sale, such as when they’re making way for new inventory. But since this skin care brand is built on quality—not quantity—there may not be more than one or two items for sale from their small product line. However, if you catch one, you could score a discount starting at 15% or higher. The quickest way to catch a sale (besides looking out for an e-newsletter promotion) is to look at everything listed on the “Products” page and identify discounted items by the “sale” label.
  5. Cut costs with combo packs. If there’s an Alitura Naturals product that you like, it pays to plan ahead. When you buy combo packs—including sets or multipacks—you’ll spend less than what it would cost to buy each item individually. On average, the total savings comes in at 10% off. While you’ll be paying more upfront, also remember that buying a combo pack will put you in the free shipping price range. /li>
  6. Order a Derma Roller to get more value out of your topicals. Would you believe that hurting your skin can actually help it? Alitura Naturals’ Derma Roller makes it possible, borrowing on principles of the body’s natural healing response. The Derma Roller is a roll-on tool that is lined with “micro-needles” that puncture the skin to create micro-wounds in the top two layers of skin. These wounds stimulate an inflammatory response—the same kind that is responsible for healing actual wounds, such as cuts or abrasions. With the Derma Roller, however, this natural response can lead to much better results than scabs or bruises. For instance, it can reduce pore size, lighten dark circles under eyes, and increase collagen production for a continually fresh glow. Even more amazing, this micro-needling process can help make scars less visible, prevent signs of aging, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. The Derma Roller can also help you get more value out of your Alitura Naturals products. While you’ll have to pay a small price for the tool, it will make your skin more receptive to lotions and serums. This means you may see results sooner and get more value out of the items you paid for. And don’t worry—if the idea of running small needles against your face is overwhelming, Alitura Naturals has instructional videos on their site that show how easy it is to do.
  7. Search for partnering giveaway promotions. This tip is all about timing, but if you’re willing to do a little digging, you can win free Alitura Naturals products. Often, bloggers will work with Alitura Naturals to promote healthy living concepts and attract new followers by offering free giveaways. These contests have fairly easy entry rules, and can give away full sizes of clay masks, serums, and moisturizers. To find out if there’s a giveaway going on, search “Alitura giveaways.” Or simply keep tabs on #Alitura on Twitter to see when beauty bloggers may be running a promotion.
  8. Explore the social side of skin care. Speaking of social media, you may be interested in following Alitura Naturals on any (or all!) of their accounts. Found on Facebook, Twitter, and more, the company makes several posts that can offer you tips on healthy living and skin care. They also tend to highlight Alitura Naturals promotions that may not be listed in plain sight on their home page or in the e-newsletter. On Facebook, for example, posts have alerted customers to 20% off storewide sales. Following Alitura Naturals on social media is also a great way to see how real life consumers are benefiting from the products, as everyday people are always sharing their praise for the brand. And if you feel like sharing your Alitura Naturals success story, you can call out the brand on Instagram with a relevant photo. There’s a good chance they’ll select your photo and share it on their site—giving you an opportunity to score some free publicity.
  9. Look for products through partner retailers. Buying directly from Alitura Naturals directly is the best way to use their coupon codes, take advantage of promotions, and be protected by their product warranty. However, if you prefer other stores, Alitura Naturals products are sold by many partner retailers, including Amazon and Walmart. Sometimes, partner sellers—such as Better Homes & Gardens—offer special discounts on select Alitura Naturals items that can’t be offered anywhere else. This is also a great option if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to use that one gift card that’s been burning a hole in your pocket.
  10. Spread the word to put money in your pocket. If you have a beauty blog or natural-themed website at your disposal, you’ll be able to tap into your audience, introduce them to impressive skin care products, and earn a decent chunk of change. Alitura Naturals’ affiliate program is easy and free to use, and offers substantial commissions on all sales that you direct through your referral link. If you want to sell Alitura Naturals, the brand also makes it easy to stock your inventory with their products. They offer great discounts on products when bought in bulk at the wholesale rate. However, the total rate you pay will depend on what products and how many you buy. To get a low quote on ordering for your inventory, click on the “Become a Wholesaler” link on the Alitura Naturals home page.
  11. Rest assured with a worry-free guarantee. Trying out new skin care products can be hard for the skeptical shopper, but Alitura Naturals aims to give you peace of mind with their guarantee. As a company that believes in their products, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with any of their products, contact a friendly customer service representative to learn how to send it back for a refund. Keep in mind, this warranty only applies for 30 days—so be sure to test out any products you’re unsure of right away.
Whether it’s the organic clay mask on your face or the savings in your budget, Alitura Naturals will help you see green. To soothe your skin and soothe your spending at the same time, be sure to also apply our Alitura Naturals coupon codes to your next order. Now go bask in that all-natural, revitalized glow!

Get More for Less at Alitura Naturals

When you imagine the ability to reduce acne, heal scar tissue, and generate younger skin cells, you may think, “That has to be expensive.” But Alitura Naturals takes a different stance to skin care by offering their products at prices that beat many other competing brands. While Alitura Naturals product line delivers a high value, we know our savvy shoppers are always looking for a way to get the best deal. That’s why our researchers have compiled the following buying guide to give you plenty of Tips and Tricks to Save More at Alitura Naturals.

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A Word About Alitura Naturals

Inspired by his own recovery from an auto accident, model and athlete Andy Hnilo created a new approach to skin care through his company Alitura Naturals. The company produces a select line of premium skin care products that are made from natural ingredients, including moisturizers, serums, and clay masks. As consumers have become more aware and concerned about what they put on and in their bodies, Alitura Naturals has gained popularity for their no-chemical, no-GMO approach to protecting and enhancing our largest organ. Backed by positive customer testimonials, Alitura Naturals shows that amazing skin care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Simple, non-processed solutions can deliver powerful results as well as savings.

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