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(Updated May 19, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from Alamo Rent a Car! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Alamo Rent a Car

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Alamo Rent a Car Alamo Rent a Car is committed to taking the tension out of travel, whether you need to visit clients during a business trip or are buckling up for a Disney World family vacation. But to make your travels even better—and less expensive—we’ve compiled an assortment of Tips and Tricks that can make being an Alamo Rent a Car customer more comfortable. Keep reading, and we’ll give you all the details on how to stack up rewards as a repeat-renter, adjust your itinerary for lower rates, plan ahead to pay off, and much more.

  1. Subscribe for weekly Alamo Rent a Car deals. If you’re a routine jetsetter who is always looking for a good discount on your travel needs, signing up for Alamo’s news alerts can simplify the hunt. Look for the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the Alamo Rental Car home page and enter your email information. After that, you’ll get free weekly emails on the latest Alamo Rent a Car promotions that you can use on your next travel booking.
  2. Get discounts with every rental as an Alamo Insider. If you’re already signing up for the company’s weekly deal alerts, signing up for the Insiders program can help you get Alamo savings a lot faster. Alamo Insiders is a free membership program that will get you 5% off on every rental retail rate and provide access to special Insider deals, such as free upgrades. When you log into your account, you’ll also discover exclusive Alamo discounts for Insiders, such as last-minute rental offers.
  3. Prepay with a credit card for a big Alamo Rent a Car discount. Although Alamo Rent a Car does accept other forms of payment, paying for your rental with a credit card ahead of time can save you 10%. In order to get this discount, you just need to prepay for your reservation within 24 hours of your rental date, and you’ll see the price cut upon checkout.
  4. Book your rental at a non-airport location. It’s no secret that rental cars are big business around airports, and rental car companies know this—including Alamo. Knowing that there will always be customers, airport rental car locations offer the highest rates. If you book your rental at an Alamo location away from the airport, you can expect to get a much lower rate that could be reduced as much as 75%. Still need to get to the airport? Consider using a ridesharing service to get from the rental location to the airport as a way to get around the steeper rates.
  5. Plan ahead to pay less on your rental car. When Alamo Rent a Car has a better idea of when and where people will need vehicles, they can run a much more efficient, profitable business. Then they can pass those Alamo savings onto you. So they offer big incentives to customers who like to plan ahead. If you know you’re going to need a rental car on an upcoming vacation, you should give Alamo’s Plan Ahead Specials a search. Typically, if you book a reservation 15 days ahead or more, you can receive an Alamo discount of about 10%. What’s cool about this promotion is that, if you’re an Alamo Insider, you’ll still get your 5% member discount on top of that.
  6. Don’t lose out on last-minute deals. While Alamo Rent a Car rewards customers who can plan ahead, they’re also big on helping people save at the other end of the spectrum. If you need a car in the very near future—like tomorrow or even within the next hour—don’t book a reservation until you check out Alamo’s Last Minute Specials. These special offers are designed to help the company recoup on canceled reservations or slow rental weeks. Often, last-minute reduced rates can be more significant than any other Alamo Rent a Car promotion, as discounts can reach as much as 30% off the everyday low price.
  7. Stay frugal about fuel. Typically—as with most rental car companies—dropping off your vehicle without a full tank of gas can lead to steep refueling costs. As such, you may want to fill up on cheap gas right before you bring your rental car back to Alamo. If you’re dropping off at an airport, try to locate a gas station farther away, as fuel costs tend to increase rapidly around these areas. Still, it can be cheaper than what you’d pay Alamo Rent a Car to fill it back up. If you want to skip the stress of filling up before heading out, Alamo allows you to pre-pay for fuel ahead of time, which can sometimes be a better deal than having these costs tacked on at the end of your rental period.
  8. Save time—and money—with self-service check-in. The lines at rental car companies can get pretty lengthy depending on the flow of incoming travelers. If you want to avoid this stress—and save time—you can always use one of Alamo Rent a Car’s self-service kiosks to check in, make payments, and get access to your rental car. Keep in mind, you will need to have your customer information handy, as well as the credit card you made a reservation on. This is also a good option if you tend to add on rental car services you don’t need under the pressure of a sales agent, as the kiosk will make it clear what exactly you’re paying for.
  9. Make the most of Alamo military discounts. Whether you need to rent a car for active-duty travel or are a dependent of a military member, there are Alamo Rent a Car discounts to help you save. Military business travelers can get Alamo savings of about 10% on rentals, whereas service members or their families can get a 7.5% discount on car rentals for leisure travel. While you can reserve online to get the discount, you may be required to present a valid military ID at pick-up.
  10. Increase rewards with Alamo Travel Partners. If renting a car is part of a larger trip, you can benefit from Alamo’s several Travel Partners to earn rewards points or air miles. Essentially, if you book a flight with one of Alamo’s airline partners—such as Delta or Southwest—or stay at a partner Hilton or Best Western hotel, you can link the purchase with your rental to increase reward potential. In addition, you may also receive special Alamo discount offers on future reservations.
  11. Boost your bottom line with Alamo Rent a Car Business Programs. If you’re in charge of renting cars for business purposes, you can save your company a good chunk of cash through Alamo’s varied Business Programs. For example, if you need 11 or more vehicles for a meeting or convention, Alamo can set you up with anything from compact cars to minivans at guaranteed low rates and reliable service. Or, if you belong to a professional association, there’s a chance that your membership may already afford you substantial savings at Alamo Rent a Car.
  12. Get more mileage out of your social media accounts. Alamo Rent a Car is a regular user of social media with informative profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Following these accounts is a great way to stay on top of all the latest Alamo Rent a Car promotions and engage with the brand. It’s also a cool way to learn about Alamo’s events—such as their national brand tour to promote Pixar’s “Cars 3.” Or, if you’re a competitive consumer, Alamo hosts sweepstakes and contests from time to time that can earn their social media followers big rewards.
  13. Keep cancellation and coupon policies in your rear view. If you want to avoid surprise expenses, it’s best to stay ahead of Alamo’s cancellation policies, which can vary depending on the type of reservation you made. For example, if you make Guaranteed Reservations, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your pickup time at no charge. But if you cancel within 24 hours of the pickup, you may be charged a $50 fee. Pay Now Reservations, on the other hand, always include a fee—$5 if you cancel at least 24 hours ahead and $10 if you cancel or don’t show up within the 24-hour pick-up window. Staying aware of Alamo’s coupon code policy can also help you keep your eyes on the road to savings. While each Alamo Rent a Car discount code may come with its own terms and conditions, they generally only allow one coupon per reservation. So if you have options, choose the one that gives you the best price cut for your particular rental. However, if you do have an Alamo Rent a Car coupon code, you usually can keep your Alamo Insiders discount to stack up the savings.
Whether you need some wheels during your next vacation or have a car that’s in the shop, Alamo Rent a Car is always a leading option for a low-cost ride. We hope our Alamo Rent a Car coupon codes and buying guide tips will point you in the right direction when it comes to driving those costs down even further. And remember: Almost all these Alamo deals can be used through their online reservation service, allowing you to get the hook up, hop in, and hit the road in no time!

Get More for Less at Alamo Rent a Car

In addition to providing a hassle-free experience to customers, Alamo Rent a Car is recognized for offering extreme value to both domestic and international travelers in North America. But we get it—travel is expensive and your rental car costs are just a mere slice of the total price you have to pay. That’s why our researchers have pulled together some of the latest Alamo Rent a Car discount codes to help you get those rental fees even lower. And, if you take a ride through the following buying guide, you’ll discover our many Tips and Tricks to Save More at Alamo Rent a Car.

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A Word About Alamo Rent a Car

In 1974, Alamo Rent a Car turned the auto rental industry on its head by introducing “Unlimited Free Mileage” to customers. In 2005, the company went from 0 to 60 when they launched the first online check-in system for rental cars. Today, Alamo Rent a Car continues to lead, offering both leisure and business travelers convenient, affordable, and reliable vehicles for all of life’s journeys. With a large network of rental centers across America and other countries, Alamo makes it easy to find a car that fits your specific travel needs. And thanks to their several business partnerships—such as with Disney and major hotel chains—you can always find a way to include Alamo Rent a Car in your vacation plans.

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