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(Updated May 31, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from Affordable Asia! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at Affordable Asia

When you book a trip through Affordable Asia, you’re already saving a great deal of money, as their rates are much lower than competitors. But that’s only the beginning of how you can save money with Affordable Asia. In addition to the Affordable Asia discount codes found on our site, our researchers have gathered all the details on how to put more money in your pocket. For example, in the following tips, we’ll explain how to reduce your visa expenses, plan an international family vacation for less, and how to score peace of mind during your travels.

  1. Start your travel plans with savings as a mailing list member. If you’re just starting to explore your Trans-Pacific travel options, you can get a head start on savings by signing up for the Affordable Asia mailing list. This free email newsletter is the easiest way to find out what types of travel packages you can choose from, so you can narrow down how to best spend those vacation funds. More importantly, members will be among the first people to learn about upcoming Affordable Asia promotions and vacation package deals. If you’re already set on where you want to go, the e-newsletter will also give you important travel updates regarding their service areas.
  2. Don’t leave home without checking the home page. Apart from the e-newsletter and our discount codes, the Affordable Asia home page can be one of your best spots to catch some of the latest deals. Affordable Asia promotions are placed front and center, usually offering special savings on most of their destinations. You’ll find location-specific sales, holiday discounts, and special offers that allow you to extend your upcoming travel dates for less.
  3. Pack in more travel to stack up more savings. If you have some extra vacation time on your hands, you can make the most of it with Affordable Asia and save. Specifically, Affordable Asia offers incredible combo packages that allow you to visit multiple countries for only about 25% more than what a single-country package would cost. As a result, you can see more of the world without having to give up more of your wallet.
  4. Get in on Groupon’s exclusive offers. If you’re flexible about where you travel, you may be able to find a great deal on Affordable Asia trips through Groupon Getaways. While these Groupon offers have a much more limited trip selection than what you’ll find on Affordable Asia’s site, you could get a couple hundred dollars off. Affordable Asia also makes it easy to redeem Groupon purchases—just use the special “Groupon Voucher Holder” link at the bottom of their home page. Keep in mind, if you want to book with a Groupon voucher, you will not be able to take advantage of Affordable Asia discount codes or promotions.
  5. Buy insurance to get peace of mind for pennies. Although completely optional, it’s highly recommended that when you travel abroad you purchase travel insurance. By purchasing a short-term plan, you can be reimbursed for things like trip cancellation, delays, lost baggage, and medical emergencies. While the risk that these things may happen are slim, it’s better to invest in travel insurance than have to pay much more out-of-pocket if something did occur. When you book through Affordable Asia, you can get low-cost travel insurance through United States Fire Insurance Company, which usually equates to only about 5.5% of trip expenses per person.
  6. See what’s in store on social media. If you’re weighing travel options with Affordable Asia and need more information to make a decision, give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Their posts are full of vacation package highlights and can give you a better idea of what kind of sights are in store if you travel with them. In addition, Facebook followers will discover real-life reviews from previous customers. These Affordable Asia reviews can clue you into which trips give you the best bang for your buck. To make the social stream even sweeter, Affordable Asia will also make posts about upcoming promotions, and sometimes, offer exclusive discount codes to help you book on a budget.
  7. Bring the kids for a more frugal family vacation. If you want to book a trip for your family, Affordable Asia offers child discounts that can help you save a little off the regular rate. Specifically, if your child shares a room with you, does not require an extra bed, and is 11 years old or younger, you will only be charged 80% of the adult price. Extra beds will bring the price up to 90% of the adult rate. While this offer only applies to China and Thailand deals, there’s a similar child discount of $100 that can be used for Japan travel.
  8. Don’t wait to get your visa. In addition to a US passport, many of the Affordable Asia destination countries will require you to possess a valid visa. If you’re pressed for time and want the most convenient visa-application experience, Affordable Asia can do it for you. Their visa application service starts at $180 per person if you start the process 60 days before travel. However, if you wait, you could end up paying $230 per person for rushed service. If you want to keep your visa costs down, you can always do it yourself by following the instructions of the Chinese embassy. These costs start at $140.
  9. Fill up on travel tips through the Affordable Asia blog. Even when you score your vacation at a stellar price, taking a trip abroad can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Affordable Asia’s blog is full of travel news, tips, and facts that can help you prepare for your upcoming stay abroad. For example, they may clue you into what foods to try in Thailand or introduce you to important social customs in China. Having this insight can help you relax and enjoy the vacation you paid for.
  10. Budget for baggage. Since you may be using foreign airlines to fly during your travels, it’s a good idea to review each relevant provider’s baggage policies. While many do allow free bags, their weight and size limitations can vary from what is standard within the United States. In addition, extra bags may come with various fees attached. In any case, it pays to pack light. But if you want to get a better breakdown on your upcoming baggage costs, visit the “Info Center” on the Affordable Asia site and click “Baggage.”
  11. Be sure to plan ahead before you book to avoid additional charges. One reason why Affordable Asia makes traveling abroad so easy is that they offer optional tours and excursions to add to your itinerary. Booking these activities can be a great way to explore a city or enhance your travel experience and get the most out of your vacation. However, if you find that you want to do something else instead of an optional activity you booked, you may have to pay a small fee. Specifically, you can alter these plans up to 7 days in advance of your travels at no charge. However, if you decide to make a change within that 7-day window, you’ll have to pay a $15 fee per person. That can add up if you’re traveling with a big group. If you have to cancel your trip altogether, it’s better to do it sooner than later, as fees start to increase incrementally as you get closer to your departure date. For example, if you cancel your trip within 120 days or more of departure, $100 per person will be taken out of your refund. However, if you cancel within two weeks of departure, you’ll lose $1000 per person. And if you wait until 48 hours before to cancel a trip, you won’t be able to get any type of refund from Affordable Asia.
Whether you’ve always wanted to see the Great Wall of China or are a foodie who wants to get a Taste of Tokyo, Affordable Asia is one of the most cost-effective ways to get you there! We hope you have fun checking out all their exciting vacation packages—but don’t get too distracted. Before you book, remember to make use of our Affordable Asia discount codes that can shave hundreds offer your total travel costs.

Get More for Less at Affordable Asia

Jet-setting to a foreign Asian country (with reasonable accommodations) often seems like a pipe dream when you start to look at the high cost of airfare, hotels, food, and activities. But with Affordable Asia, you have the opportunity to have your mochi and eat it too! Offering exceptional tours through China, Japan, Thailand, and other areas, Affordable Asia provides a travel experience that would typically cost a lot. But thanks to their streamlined services and extensive knowledge of Asia’s travel industry, they can help you embark at a lesser expense. And, if you keep reading through our buying guide, you’ll discover plenty of additional Tips and Tricks to Save More at Affordable Asia.

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A Word About Affordable Asia

Affordable Asia is a travel tour company focusing on offering exciting excursions to American travelers who want to see the wonders of China, Japan, and Thailand at a fair price. As part of the Ritz Tours company—a travel provider with more than 30 years of experience—Affordable Asia has some of the industry’s best resources, so you can easily arrange airfare, hotel, and excursions in a stress-free way. With tours scheduled throughout the year from all major areas of the United States, Affordable Asia makes traveling to the East a convenient experience. And while their services are priced at rock-bottom rates, they don’t skimp on services—which is why they continue to receive praise from previous customers.

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