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(Updated May 18, 2017)

Check back soon for more top deals and coupons from 1-800-GET-LENS! In the meantime, if you'd like to save even more, see the savings tips we have below.

Tips and Tricks to Save More at 1-800-GET-LENS

The promo codes that we have listed for you are a great gateway to major savings when you’re shopping at 1-800-GET-LENS, but the truth is that they’re only the beginning of all the ways you have to save! Deep discounts across their vast inventory, sales that include free shipping, and freebies with your order can all be at your fingertips with just a click of your mouse. Keep reading to get in the know, and you may never overpay for contact lenses again.

  1. Prices so low, they’re almost giving contacts away! The first thing that you need to know about shopping at 1-800-GET-LENS is that, sale or not, they offer some of the lowest prices you can find on the market today. Feel free to do some comparison shopping, and you’ll find drastically reduced prices on the brands you love, like Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, Dailies, Freshlook, and so many more. If you’re not looking for prescription contacts, the website also carries contacts that you wear just for fun or to change your eye color, as well as a large variety of contact lens solutions. You can find all that and more in one place, so check it out today. And set your sights on savings.
  2. Refer a friend and save big. The old adage states that sharing is caring, and at 1-800-GET-LENS, that certainly rings true. The company offers a Refer-a-Friend program that allows you to share the rock-bottom prices you’re already taking advantage of with your friends and loved ones. In return, you’ll earn a 5% commission back every time they buy! All you have to do is click the “Refer-a-Friend” link on 1800GetLens.com, pop in their email address, and let the system take care of the rest. When they register their account, they’ll enter your email address to confirm the referral, and you’ll begin earning as soon as they check out. These commissions will be usable on your future contact lens purchase, so what are you waiting for? Refer someone today!
  3. Can’t find a sale? Why not make your own? So, say you’ve found your favorite brand of contact lenses, but the price tag still leaves them a little out of reach for the moment. You might think that your choices are either to hold off or pay full price, but at 1-800-GET-LENS, that’s not necessarily true! From time to time, the company offers deals that can take up to 30% off the price of any item that they carry, with no restrictions or specifications. For those of you keeping score, this means that you can essentially take a full-priced item and make your own sale out of it! These promotions don’t stick around forever, so be sure to check the website to see the next time they go live.
  4. Did somebody say free shipping? Making a purchase online means making an investment, and sometimes paying to have that investment delivered to you can be enough to bust even the most generous budget. At 1-800-GET-LENS, that may be a concern of the past! On occasion, the company runs promotions that not only offer you free shipping on orders that total $199 or more, but they also allow you to take $5 off your total purchase price. You read that correctly—it’s two sales in one, both aimed to leave more money in your bank account where it belongs. These 1-800-GET-LENS deals don’t last forever, so make sure to take a peek at the site before you make your next purchase. Your wallet will thank you.
  5. Everyone loves a freebie. There’s nothing quite like getting something for free, and when you’re shopping at 1-800-GET-LENS, you can get free goodies just for buying the contacts you need! The company frequently runs sales that include a free contact lens case with any purchase of contacts site-wide, which not only saves you money, but saves you a stop at the store when you need to replace your case! These promotions pop up randomly, so the next time you need to grab some contacts, make sure you check and see what freebies 1-800-GET-LENS can treat you to.
  6. Never forget to reorder with Reminder Emails. One of the coolest things about shopping with 1-800-GET-LENS is their Reminder Email service. This handy system creates a log of your purchases, noting when you buy and estimating how long it will be before you need to buy again. When it sees that you’re coming up on the time frame that you commonly reorder, it will send you a quick email to let you know, which can save you time and the hassle of running out of contacts when you need them most. If you prefer, you can easily set your own reminder date simply by logging into your account. Of course, this service is provided to you at absolutely no charge. If only everything in life could be that easy!
  7. Buy with confidence with their Money Back Guarantee. If you’re brand new to shopping at 1-800-GET-LENS, you may be concerned about making sure you get the exact brand, style, and prescription you need. With the company’s Money Back Guarantee, you don’t ever have to worry about that! They are meticulous with every order, ensuring that each order that goes out matches both what was requested and what your eye doctor ordered. If there’s some type of mistake, all you have to do is contact a representative at the company via phone or email, and they’ll get it taken care of right away. They want to make your shopping experience as simple and hassle-free as possible, and really, what could be better than that?
  8. Need to return? 1-800-GET-LENS has you covered. We’ve all had the experience of grabbing a great new product online, only to get it home and realize that it doesn’t quite meet our needs the way we expected it to. 1-800-GET-LENS completely understands what that’s like, and they have implemented a simple and seamless return policy to mitigate these types of situations. Due in part to their Money Back Guarantee, the company doesn’t put a strict time limitation on the acceptance of their returns—the only real specifications they have are that the contacts must be sealed in their original packaging, and they can’t be expired. If you find yourself needing to return your contacts, just reach out to a member of their customer support team before you do so. They will provide you with an RMA (or return merchandise authorization) number, and give you the next steps you need to take to get your contacts back to them. Beyond that, they will even cover the shipping cost of your return, so that you don’t have to pay an extra dime to get your refund.
Everyone is looking for new ways to stretch their dollar when they’re purchasing contact lenses and eye care products, and we here at Coupon Surf want to help you do just that. Be sure to utilize the 1-800-GET-LENS coupons and promo codes that we have compiled for you. And use the tricks of the trade that our researchers have found for 1-800-GET-LENS savings, free shipping, referral bonuses, freebies and more. If you have any questions, or if you need some more help deciding which lens is right for you, feel free to contact the customer service department at 1-800-GET-LENS directly. They are ready, willing, and able to help you with whatever you need, so you can get clear vision and big savings on contacts you love.

Get More for Less at 1-800-GET-LENS

Our promo codes provide an excellent baseline for saving big on your next contact lens purchase, but do you know all the other ways you have to save at 1-800-GET-LENS? Money-back guarantees, Refer-a-Friend programs, and reminder emails can all be yours if you know where to find them. Curious to know more? Be sure to check out our “Tips and Tricks” buying guide below for all the details, and get ready to rake in the deals.

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A Word About 1-800-GET-LENS

Since 1994, 1-800-GET-LENS has been an easy and convenient way for customers to order discount contact lenses online from the comfort of their home. What started as a small phone-based company has evolved into a wildly popular website, meeting the needs of a varied clientele with all the top brands that they have come to trust. Whether you’ve got a new prescription or you’re just looking for a simpler way to get the contacts you love at great savings, 1-800-GET-LENS has the service and selection that you need.

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