Cyber Monday 2017: What’s Hot and How to Get it!


So, it’s Thanksgiving Day and you’re ready to enter a pleasant turkey and pie coma when your family suggests that you hit the Black Friday deals at your local big-box retailers. Why would you brave the cold and the crowds when you can score sweet sales without getting up off of the couch?

That’s right, we’re talking about Cyber Monday, the magical date (November 27th, to be exact) when all of your favorite online retailers drop their prices to all time season lows. We here at CouponSurf have nailed down all of the details for this years’ savings bonanza, so not only can you plan all of your holiday gift-giving without having to wait until the last minute, but you can rest easy in your sweats while everyone else wards off the masses. Is anyone else feeling like a mug of hot cocoa? We know we are.

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

Ah, Amazon, the web-based leader of all things savings. These guys have some of the lowest prices available all year round (we think they should change their name to “I bet I can find that cheaper on Amazon.”), but when the holidays roll around, that’s when you can really score some steals. Amazon’s Cyber Monday promotions go into effect days before and after the 27th, making “Cyber Week” a thing you’re going to want to mark down on your calendar.

Now, they like to keep you guessing until the very last minute, so some of their sales aren’t announced until the day they go live. However, we do know that you can plan to save big on their own wildly popular products, like the Fire TV, Echo, and Echo Dot smart home systems. These are known to be available at up to 30% off their regular prices, and as if that wasn’t enough, you could save up to $30 on your purchase of their Fire HD tablets for kiddos and adults alike. These presents are perfect for the tech junkie in your life, or for you if you want to stream Netflix in peace without having to share it with your little ones. Bonus: if you’re looking to save a little more on all of your Amazon shopping this year, be sure to check out our buying guide for even more tips.

Walmart Cyber Monday Sales

Another Cyber Monday heavy-hitter is Walmart, the one store that you can go to for..well..a little bit of everything! Their convenience and selection has made them a household name, and even their regular prices are some of the lowest you can find on home goods, toys, electronics, apparel, the list goes on and on. Black Friday is a huge deal for the retailer, and lucky for you, you can take advantage of some of their steals online starting on November 24th. According to the good folks over at, some of their hottest buys will be Black + Decker Robotic Vacuums and ProMark P70 VR Drones, all of which can be found at up to 35% off their normal prices starting on Black Friday.

Starting on November 27th will have deep discounts on Dell gaming laptops, Samsung 4K Ultra LED TVs, and Vizio 4K Smart TVs, all for up to 55% off. Plus, they’ve extended free shipping on all orders of $50 or more, so you don’t even have to pay to get it to you! Whether your loved ones like to binge watch or get their game on in their downtime, taking advantage of specials like these will make you a holiday hero. Now all you need is a cape!

Best Buy’s Best Bargains

Did somebody say Apple? Oh, that’s right, we did! The electronic device titan has set the bar for all of their competitors, but their gear is known to come with a hefty price tag, and generally speaking, they don’t run many sales. Even discount retailers that stock their items are bound by the pre-set prices that the corporation dictates, so what is an OS-loving gift-giver to do? This year, hit up Best Buy for their November deals that kick off well before Cyber Monday (if you’re impatient, you’re not alone, and this sale is for you).

Somehow, the electronics mega chain has managed to knock the prices of some top Apple goodies down, and according to the brilliant minds at New York magazine, you can save between $50-$200 off the cost of select products throughout the month of November (Cyber Month, anyone?). These aren’t just any old accessories, either—we’re talking the iPad Mini 4, the Series 1 Apple Watch, and the coveted 13-inch MacBook Pro, all for a fraction of what you’d normally pay for them. Give your friends and family what they really want, and have a camera handy to catch their eyes lighting up when they unwrap it. Kodak moment to the max.

Target Super Sale

If there’s anything you need to know about Target, it’s that you will walk into the store with a clear mission of buying 3 items you need, and you will walk out with 47 things that you don’t need but couldn’t pass up (and, if you’re anything like us, you will have forgotten to grab the items you did need). If there’s anything you need to know about Target at the holidays, however, it’s that the company has crafted their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales as well as they have their day-to-day impulse buys. We’re including some Black Friday deals on this one because, like the geniuses they are, they have extended their 11/24 deals to their online shoppers as well, so you can feel free to get a head start.

One item that’s sure to top your list this year is the Xbox One S, and we’re happy to report that Target is going to have one of the lowest Black Friday prices we’ve seen on this so far. For a 500GB hard drive and one wireless controller, you can treat yourself to $90 off, and you’ll get a $25 Target gift card to spend however you choose (likely on impulse buys—that can’t just be us!). Beyond that, they’ve got KitchenAid Professional 5QT Mixers for $150 off, and Beats Studio2 Wireless Headphones for $220 off to name a few. There’s bound to be more deals announced as the day draws near, so keep your eyes open for those, and don’t forget to check our buying guide for more ways to save money at Target every day.

Ebay Cyber Monday Savings

We know what you’re thinking—isn’t Ebay only for used goods, like all of the antiques you have hanging out in the garage that you never get around to selling there? In short, no. Ebay started out as the formative internet auction website, and a lot of sellers did utilize it for selling gently used household items. However, the company has had a facelift, and with it has come a whole slew of brand new products, as well as their entrance into the major savings race known as Black Friday. They’ve unleashed some of their lowest prices a little bit early, so we thought we’d let you know in case you wanted to get a jump start on scoring big names for less cash.

So, with an immense inventory like Ebay’s, you’re almost certainly going to find something you want to gift. For example, they have Fisher Price for your favorite tots, Adidas for the athletes in the family, and Versace perfume for the luxe lady, all for up to 66% off. Does anyone on your list want Hunter Boots or Uggs? What about an amazing new Asus laptop? They’ve got it all for up to 38% off, and that’s really the tip of the iceberg. Also, these are just their first-release steals, so that likely means that there are more to come. Stay tuned!

Well, there you have it, some of the best shopping that the internet has to offer you this holiday season. With discounts like these, you’ll get everyone you love all the things that they love, and you’ll have a little cash left over for the more important things in life. Our vote goes to more hot cocoa, but do with it what you will. You’ve earned it!