Caring for Your Pet on a Budget


Any animal-lover will tell you: their four-legged companion is more than just a pet—they’re a part of the family. And like any member of the crew, they’ve got specific needs that require your utmost attention. But keeping your best bud barking for joy doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Here are a few of the top ways to save on products for the furrier members of the fam.

Petco’s Repeat Delivery Service

Between shuttling the kids to soccer practice, swinging by the office to pick up paperwork, and, well, taking care of the million other things you have to do before noon, it can be tough to find the time to pick up your little buddy’s favorite food. That’s where Petco’s repeat delivery service comes in. Signing up is a cinch: just order your pet’s favorite food, select “repeat delivery,” set your delivery schedule, and start enjoying the convenience of having your pet food regularly delivered straight to your doorstep.

Not only does this process save you time, but it’s cost-effective too—all products purchased through Petco’s repeat delivery service ship at no extra cost to you. And this service doesn’t stop with food—Petco offers the same free, scheduled delivery service for vitamins, nutritious treats, and even pest control supplements.

Whether your furry friend flips for Fancy Feast or chows down on Blue Buffalo, you can rest easy knowing that Petco’s patented delivery service has got your back. There are only so many hours in the day—don’t waste the ones you could be spending playing fetch or snuggling up with your favorite feline. When you do happen to find an extra hour or so, be sure to keep CouponSurf’s buying guide in mind—after all, our coupon experts have put together a comprehensive list of ways to save big on goodies for your furry little one.

PetSmart Pharmacy

But a happy, healthy pooch—or kitty, of course—needs more than just their favorite nummies. Depending on your pet, you may need to dish out some extra dough for preventative medicines to keep your favorite furball in optimal health. PetSmart’s pharmacy stands out from the rest by offering competitive prices on both name brand and generic prescriptions.

What’s better than a great deal on your furry friend’s meds? The guarantee that your transaction will be easy, fast, and expertly handled, of course. PetSmart employs trusted pharmacists who work closely with your vet to fill your prescription—and to have it shipped straight to your doorstep on a regular basis. PetSmart even offers auto shipping services, ensuring that your pets always have the medicine they need when they need it most.

While the PetSmart pharmacy is incentive enough to shop there, this beloved pet supply store carries way more than just pills for your pup. So check out their excellent catalog of items and check back regularly for new pet supplies, tasty treats, and more!

Amazon Markdowns

If it exists, chances are you can find it on Amazon’s digital shelves. Pet supplies are no exception to this fact, with everything from chew toys to pet food to litter, dental hygiene products, and even Halloween costumes popping up after a quick search. And while the internet mega-store’s stock is typically cheap enough, only the savviest shoppers know where to find products with the best balance of affordability and quality: Amazon’s markdown section, a.k.a. your new pet supply paradise.

Amazon’s pet supplies markdown section boasts a ton of items, and this one-stop shop doesn’t skimp on variety. It offers goods for both common pets like cats and dogs as well as their less common counterparts—I’m talking reptiles, hermit crabs, and even toucans and other exotic birds. This selection of discounted pet supplies takes the cake when it comes to delivering discounted goods that don’t sacrifice the quality that Amazon and its many vendors have become famous for.

Whether you’re hunting for a brand new submersible heater for your home aquarium or scoping out the latest in puppy fashion, Amazon’s pet supplies markdown section is sure to have something that’ll get your tail wagging.

There’s nothing wrong with caring for a pet as if they were your child—but that doesn’t mean you need to blow through your savings to pamper your pup or care for your cat. By taking advantage of a few key resources, you could save a pretty penny while still providing for your family’s favorite feline, fish, reptile, or rodent.